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My Daily Journal: Monday Morning – 9-11-17 #kindnessrock #618rocks #paintingrocks #rocks #randomactsofkindness YUP – KINDNESS ROCKS!!!   Let’s Help KINDNESS – Rock The World!!! I wanted to talk again today…

Attitude is Everything! YES it absolutely IS!   Attitude – according to my dictionary – is the way a person thinks or acts that is…

We’re going to talk about kindness quotes today.  I like to promote kindness and I even like to go out of my way to be…

One thing about it, Love is always in the air in Round Knob Canyon so today I’m sharing some of my favorite love quotes.
It’s so important that we always keep a heart full of love.  

Love Quotes, Relationship Advice and More

You may make me so frustrated that I just want to rip your throat out because of crazy or even vicious things you do…but there’s going to be a little spark of something way down deep inside of me that’s going to love you ANYWAY for some reason that just drives me right up the wall.  :8)
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I love warm and fuzzy and I strive to make most everything about my life and the geezer’s life and our home warm and fuzzy.  So today I’m sharing some of my very favorite love quotes.

Love Quotes
Now don’t just zip past these quotes to hurry and get done.  Read each one, take it deep inside you, give it thought.  Compare it to your own way of thinking…


If you’re not a person just oozing with love for everything or everybody, maybe you soon will BE.  And what better thing could we possibly be than a person oozing with love for everything and everybody?  Huh?
SOOOOOOO … here we go!

Leaving a legacy!

I guess that’s something all of us should think about kind of early in life. But that’s only IF we care about how people will think of us after we’re gone.  Way too many of us, I’m afraid – are always a day late and a dollar short. That’s me anyway.

I’m in pursuit of a lot more happiness in 2015!  To be perfectly honest, even though it’s still the beginning of a brand new year,…

 “How Full is Your Bucket” is the first lesson we’re studying in Kid’s Club at Weaver Creek.  We had planned on just studying that the month of October, but we got a late start getting the club going, so we’re going to let that run through November.

How full is YOUR Bucket? @

But the idea behind this story goes like this.

We all have invisible buckets that go with us throughout our day each and every day.
Those buckets just hang in mid air over our heads.
As we say and do good things … drops of water go in our buckets.
And as we say and do bad things, drops of water fall out of our bucket.