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*This post was originally published in 2014 This is day 2 of our gluten free – or maybe grain free, trip down the weight loss road to good…

Fat Sick and Nearly Dead Documentary

Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead – it’s the documentary that will be life changing IF you really want to change your life.   You will find this documentary both very informative and extremely interesting and entertaining.   AND it can take you from overweight and very sickly – to the picture of health in almost all instances – IF you will let it.

Well this should get me some hate mail and people telling me how it’s all over snopes and truth or fiction…but don’t bother because when you’ve seen something with your own eyes…you don’t get rattles too easily by pessimists and their own thoughts and actions.

One of the things I’ve been giving a lot of thought to over these last 4 weeks of recuperating from this broken leg, is the health of those in my family that will listen to me.

I’ve studied natural healing and living since 1977 and I have probably 10 or 12 of the best videos ever made ON healing the body naturally, but I have never EVER seen one other video that has made the impact on me that Fat Sick & Nearly Dead has.



"Fat Sick and Nearly Dead and Juicing in Round Knob Canyon - love, home and health"
Now this video has a hideous name … but it’s supposed to be a wake up call for us.  Most of us ARE -FAT -SICK -and nearly dead or quickly working our way in that direction.

I hope you will watch this trailer for the video.  I saw this trailer about a year ago and

 YES!!! There are only 3 simple steps to begin correcting your Diabetes TODAY!

I’ve learned a lot studying and researching natural healing through the years and one of the biggest things I’ve learned is that Diabetes doesn’t have to be like a good marriage (you and it be together forever after and until death you do part)!

While studying Holistic Healing, I learned that many people have reversed their very own diabetes and regained their health and they did it with 3 simple steps.

You have to be very disciplined to do that … but for most, it can be done.  And Geezer and I even reversed our own Type 2 Diabetes in just a few weeks using this very same program.

"Diabetes - 3 Steps to Begin Correcting it TODAY! - Love, Home and Health"
I was told in Summer of ’09 … just on my regular checkup with Dr. Patel – that I had full blown diabetes and would have to go on insulin immediately.
I said I just wouldn’t do it!  I said “I’ll heal my body naturally and you can supervise as I go along.”
Dr. Patel first said my sugar was too high and with my heart and thyroid not in the healthiest of conditions it was just too risky.
I said, “Give me 8 weeks!” Finally, he chuckled and said, “I’ll give you SIX weeks.”

Everybody is looking for a solution to the HUGE problem of how to lose weight fast.  We’re well on our way into the new year…