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Today is day #2 of the #write31days bloggy challenge and I have chosen for my subject for October – Home Remedies.  Today’s blog is Home…

Improve Circulation to relieve “Pins and Needles”

I’ve been thinking a lot lately about the best way to improve circulation because I’m having some pins and needles and even numbness if I stay in one position too long.  SO where do I go to do that? Where would I find this very valuable information on how to improve circulation?   My books and the internet and only relying on very reputable resources!   And when I did that – WHAT to my WANDERING EYES should APPEAR? CARROT JUICE!!!

Well I’ll be jiggers … that stuff is just almost good for EVERYTHING, isn’t it?  And to top it all off, it’s absolutely delicious to boot.  SO I’ve done some studying and these are just a few of the things I’ve come up with.

Improve Circulation, Build Up Immune System and Lots More with Carrot Juice

Not only is carrot juice good to build up the immune system and to help ward off cancer, it turns out it’s good for digestion, high blood pressure, lowers your risk of macular degeneration, lowers your risk of heart attack and stroke.

It IMPROVES your vision and if you drink it daily, you should see an improvement fairly rapidly … we did.  It reverses gum disease and stimulates the white blood cells, increases blood circulation and relaxes those little blood vessels so that blood can just flow through there as smooth as silk.

Improve Circulation at

Gout Home Remedy

We’ve talked several times about Gout at Love, Home and Health! Today we’re sharing a Gout Home Remedy that the Geezer swears by!

What is Gout?

What is this gout we hear so much about?  What are the symptoms?  What causes it?  And what do we do about it if we get it?

Well very simply … gout is kind of like arthritis but it’s usually in the foot area and especially the big toe.  It’s such a painful ailment that folks with really bad gout can’t even stand for the bed sheet to lay across their toe when it’s inflamed.

I know about Gout first hand, because my old Geezer has had more than his share of problems with Gout.  He has been so bad a couple of times that it was all he could do to get up and get ON his crutches to hobble to the bathroom.  SO I hit my books and the internet and found him a home remedy.  Yup, it’s true … there’s a home remedy for almost everything.

I’m a huge supporter of Dr Christopher’s Black Drawing Salve and wouldn’t even consider being without it and I’m going to tell you why.  I’ve had more than miraculous results with it and I believe you can too.

I had a message recently from someone asking if I thought Black Drawing salve would be a good home remedy for their particular situation. I said “YES!!!”  Because I call Dr. Christopher’s Black Drawing Salve “Miracle in a Tin”!

I’m just going to tell you what the black drawing salve has done for us.  If you have a weak tummy, you’d better stop here.

Black Drawing Salve Removes Splinters Overnight

You can remove a splinter of any kind within a few hours by putting either of these black drawing salves over it and covering it with a band aid. 

Turpentine and bacon fat will do the very same thing but is very messy.

The black drawing salve and turpentine and bacon fat both take about 8 hours but are so much easier than digging and poking and pinching at a stubborn splinter.