My Daily Journal: February 6, 2018

This is My Daily Journal and today is Tuesday, February 6, 2018 and as I promised a few days ago – I wanted to tell you a little about the gifts/cards Geezer used to give me for Valentine’s Day.

A Day in My Life at

Most all of us have seen the husbands in the card aisle of Walmart on Valentine’s Day or just the day before – Or even at our local drug store.  And I’m sure many of you locals have seen my old Geezer there – in years past.

He’d come prancing in on Valentine’s Day like he was James Bond and had just single handedly taken down the biggest mafia ring this side of Detroit – and he’d be all rared back with a big box of candy in one hand and a big card in the other and hand them to me with that big priceless smile.

I was usually in the kitchen – because he was usually coming in from work – and I always tried to have the table set when he got home and ready to put the hot food on the table – because he didn’t want the evening meal at 5 or 6pm – he wanted it when he got home from work – so the whole family could have supper early and wind down together … SO before he retired – we always did that.

Billy always went all out on Valentine Cards.  I’d get the biggest and the most beautiful and romantic cards you ever saw.  But on this particular day – the day of my last big beautiful Valentine Card  :8)  I opened it and read it while he stood there and it was all full of mush and fairy tales … lol

It was a store bought card – all shiny and fluffy from Humma’s Drug Store – and I’m sure it was probably one of the last one’s they had left – because I know good and well he had picked it up on his way home from work that day … lol  And it talked about my breath taking beauty and how perfect I was – it said something to the effect of “Your eyes how they twinkle and your dimples – how merry. And I said “Billy – did you really even read this card before you got it?  Because this sounds like you’re talking about a beauty queen and Santa Claus – THIS is not ME!

He started laughing and said “Well they ALL talk like that – and isn’t it the thought that counts?  I said “It IS the thought that counts – but this card cost you $5.95 and it’s full of baloney – now next year – just make me a card on a simple piece of paper and say something like “Even though your hair always looks like you just stepped out of a wind tunnel – and you move like the Roadrunner – and jabber like a magpie – and you burn the toast – and your chocolate pies are always too thin  – I just wanted to reassure you – that I love you in spite of yourself and I always will!”  🙂  THAT’S what I want to hear and read – the TRUTH.    He said “OK – I can do that!”

We had many laughs over that last card – but he didn’t forget – and the next year he came in with a card he had bought – and he didn’t make it – but he had gone shopping early to find a card that really fit – and this one was a good one – it said “The thing about you is – you’re fun! You make me laugh and laugh a lot.  You make me feel more alive  and okay – you also make me a little crazy sometimes with your goofiness. But I also know that we have a connection that goes beyond anything I or anyone else could ever explain.”  And it goes on and on – but in a truthful way –

I LOVED that CARD – and it’s stands on display in the spare bedroom upstairs!!!

I’m NOT perfect – HE’s not perfect – NOBODY IS PERFECT!   So let’s get REAL this Valentine’s Day!

Love Dare Challenge

But what I’m trying to get at here IS – we have 8 days till Valentine’s Day – DON’T fall for commercial MARKETING and a bunch of phony baloney – let’s put on our thinking caps – and make that day special – but do it – in a way that really fits who we all are as couples.

Plan a pallet picnic in front of the television – OR with no television in front of the fireplace if you have one.

Have a candle light supper at the kitchen table – even if you’re having bologna sandwiches!

Weather permitting – have a homemade sign waiting for your husband in your drive way – and another homemade sign or card at the door.   Put a homemade card on his steering wheel so he finds it that morning as he’s leaving for work.  Put a note or homemade card in his lunch box.

Plan a scavenger hunt – and leave notes taking him from one location – even in your home or yard – to another.

One Valentine’s Day – the weather was extremely nice and I planned a twilight picnic in the Secret Garden – it was heavenly!!!

Good grief – there are so many things – and I’ve done all of the above and tons – tons more.  SO MUCH SO – that if Geezer ever leaves me and his complaint is boredom – I will immediately have him declared mentally incompetent … lol

My Daily Journal:  Let’s Do A LOVE DARE For Valentine’s Day

A year or so ago I was doing a study on the book Love Dare and it’s a book that teaches unconditional love.  It says that LOVE is something we promise so quickly and freely before and at the wedding – but then we rarely continue that practice in real life ‘after’ the new begins to wear off.

“The Love Dare is a 40 day challenge to husbands and wives to understand and practice – unconditional love.  And that is whether your marriage is hanging by a thread or healthy and strong.”

The Love Dare is just a challenge every couple needs to take on.  And if you will just do even a quick study of this very thin and readable book – it will change your life.  I got my first book from amazon – and then bought a few to give away …

I found a used copy of Love Dare when we went on the 400 mile yard sale last summer – for 25 cents – and this particular copy had been owned by a woman trying to restore her own marriage.  I KNEW that – because she had written notes – all through the book.  It was amazing to read what she had written – and it was a lot – and how she was seeing where the real problem in her marriage – was HER.

Page after page I read her notes – as the light bulb moments began to come on for her.

She was quick tempered – by her own account.  She was impatient and expected way too much from a busy husband working many over time shifts.  He’d come home after a 12 hour day to find a home in disarray – no supper even in the planning stages – and ask what SHE had been doing all day – She’d immediately take offense – and then the poo poo would hit the fan.  Now after studying Love Dare – she realizes – he was right!   I thought of her many times after reading her notes – and wondered if her marriage had improved.

SOMETIMES – we’re pointing our fingers at the reason for so many of our problems – when really – all we need to do is go look in the bathroom mirror.

SO my challenge for you – between now and Valentine’s Day IS – Start working to restore the relationship you’re in right now.  If it’s bad – make it good.  If it’s already pretty good – make it BETTER!

What are 3 changes you’d like to see in your relationship?  And whatever they ARE – YOU make those changes from YOU end.  🙂

To tell you the truth – I don’t know what we’ll be doing for Valentine’s Day AND I haven’t even planned what I will be doing for Geezer myself.  Valentine’s Day falls on prayer meeting night this year – and on top of that – it’s business meeting night and we’re working on church growth – and you know me – I always have an opinion on everything – so I’d hate to miss business meeting.  But we’ll see …

But you can bet your boots I’ll come up with SOMETHING – that doesn’t cost much of anything – and he will be tucking away that memory in his overflowing memory bank after the fact …

Well – that’s it for today – I don’t know what we’ll talk about tomorrow – I’m so full of stories I could write a book that you’d have to pull in a little red wagon  🙂  Life is definitely never dull – in Round Knob Canyon.  We’ve had 2 more coyotes – just in the last 4 days – trying to get to Lucy Lou (my pet chicken) on her bedtime perch on top of that old cabinet on the back porch – and then there’s this – that and the other thing – so it’s always something.

But the thing about Round Knob Canyon IS – whatever is going on – whether it’s scary or worrisome – good or bad – it’s being handled by a team of two – that has ‘working together’ down to a science.

I’ll share another page out of one of my junk book journals below –

Production for my etsy shop is going slow – with Geezer in his recliner during these cold and bitter days – and wanting me on my love seat beside him so we can gab – but I made a TON of headway yesterday while he was in the workshop for an hour – cracking more of his walnuts that we gathered last fall – YES!!! We still do things like gather walnuts – pecans – rocks and more   🙂

Peace and lots of love – coming to you from Round Knob Canyon –

kitchen witch junk journal - love home and health


Junk Book Journal page –

These books are priceless – you start first – by making your own book cover – and then you make each page personally – by coffee dying the paper – baking it in the oven – OR even making your OWN PAPER by soaking different forms of different kinds of paper (newspaper, copy paper, scrapbook paper – etc) in warm water over night and then blending it in the blender and pouring it out very thinly on a cookie sheet to ‘dry’ … LOVE LOVE LOVE – coffee dyed homemade paper –

Photos of my progress – daily – right here – 🙂




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  1. Garvin Okere said:

    Thanks for an explanation. All ingenious is simple

    February 11, 2018
    • Kay Comer said:

      Are you being sarcastic – or serious? LoL Life is what we make out of it – always has been – and always will be 🙂
      Thanks so much for reading and I hope you stop by often …

      February 13, 2018

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