My Daily Journal: February 7, 2018

This is My Daily Journal and today is Tuesday, February 7, 2018 and since it’s the month of Valentine’s Day and the month known most for “LOVE” – that’s kinda what we’re talking about this month – on and off.

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And what is it that most want to know the most – about LOVE?  Most want to know how to know it’s real and how to make it last.

How To Know The Love Is Real

SO – let’s start with how to know that love is real and lasting.

Let’s say you’re in a bank and it’s bombarded by 3 bank robbers.  The only people in that bank are the employees – and you and your significant other when those robbers come in.  Bad goes to worse and they have to take a hostage and they tell you right up front – that the hostage probably isn’t going to survive to have a story to tell.

They inch towards your significant other and they say “YOU!!!  We’re taking YOU!!!”

IF that love is real – you’re going to be doing every thing you can – to put yourself in the place of that so called love of your life.

You will be willing to GO in his or her place – without question.  AND WITHOUT question – you will be willing to lay down your life – so your significant other can live.

OK – THAT is true LOVE!

If on the other hand – you think “Wheeewww – I was afraid he was going to pick ME to shoot.”  LoL  Then you can rest assured you’re spinning your wheels in a relationship that isn’t going to last no matter what you do –

How To Make Love Last

This one is easy too!   Remember all those little sweet and thoughtful things you did when you were dating?  Just keep doing them! It’s that simple!

For some reason – way too many folks just stop all the little sweet gestures way too soon after they marry.

We’ve been married 51+ years now – and we both still DO – all those sweet little things for each other – that we did almost one hundred years ago.

I believe a man AND a whole family – needs and deserves a tidy home and good meals. AND I believe it is the wife/mom that is responsible for setting the pace for the day – because she’s usually up and going first – and it’s just a responsibility that sets on her shoulders.

I’m a very set in stone 1950’s wife and wouldn’t want to be anything else.  And I LIVE by that rule – 24/7.

But you say “OH but the wives WORK now days”  Oh DO they?   You mean they didn’t work before they went ‘outside the home’ and started getting a paycheck?

After our kids were all grown and in their own homes – Geezer still had 7 years left before he could retire and I was climbing the walls in this big old home alone – even though I’m almost a fanatic about homemaking and cooking and I stayed busy – but I just wanted to try my hand at working out in the real world – so I did that for 7 years.

But not one time in those 7 years did Geezer come home to an untidy home.  And not one time in those 7 years did he come home and not find a good hot meal ready even if he got home before ME – BECAUSE – THAT is what ovens and CROCK pots are for  🙂

You see?   There really are excuses for everything – but there are also answers if you look for them.



My Love and Relationship Library

I’ve studied being the perfect spouse for over 51 years – like I was studying for a college degree.  And there are books out there that I wouldn’t want if they were giving them away – but there are some that are priceless too.

My love and relationship library is probably worth a fortune.  My whole LIBRARY is worth no telling what.  I was just telling Kim recently that when I croak – DO NOT let anyone throw my books away – they need to be sold on ebay or where ever.  I have old health books that I bought new – that are now very sought after – BECAUSE of the authors and because people are just now seeing and understanding – that the old ways – even in life, medicine and miracles – is still the best.  I have many books that I gave less than $10 for – that are now selling on ebay for over $100.

But it’s my love and relationship books that we’re talking about here and my all time favorite author for those is Marabel Morgan.  Marabel wrote “Total Woman” and “Total Joy” back in the 1970’s and she’d probably be stoned today if she went on tour with her books – because she talked about how important it is – to make your husband know he is king of his castle.  I just absolutely LOVE her books and she has others too.

Well I accidently messed up this article big time today and now I’m OUT of time and had to quickly re-do part of it and it’s not what it was 30 minutes ago …. but it’s breaking day and I have a ‘to do’ list as long as my arm.

Peace and just tons of love – coming to you – from Round Knob Canyon …

Another peek inside one of my junk book journals – sorry for the distorted color – a photographer I am not … ugg


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