Dr Christopher’s Black Drawing Salve: Miracle in a Tin

Let me tell you my own little personal story about my experience using Dr. Christopher’s Black Drawing Salvefor a huge cyst I had on my back a couple years ago.   That old cyst had been there for probably 20 years.  But about 8 years or so ago – it began to grow and had grown into a cyst the size of a jawbreaker or larger.  IT WAS SO HUGE – people would tap me on the back in check out lines and say “I don’t mean to be nosy – but did you know you have a big knot on your back?”  It was ok – that didn’t bother me much – because we’re all cancer conscious these days and thank goodness – many of us are in the business for looking out for our friends and neighbors.  But it was when that began happening that I knew it was time to do something about my aging but mysterious monstrous knot on my back.   This is exactly what I did and this story is absolutely true from beginning to end.  But I must warn you – it’s pretty gross.  

My Own Mysterious Lump And How We Healed It

First I had Billy take a close look at it and see if there was a tiny hole.  Was it possibly a huge white head that we could work out?  OH MY GOODNESS!  We’d apply hot/wet cloths and do this and that – but nothing!  He picked and worked at it many times.  It’s so nice to have such a close bond that you can work on each others very ugly problems. lol

One day we had a big family get together here and as everybody was about to go their separate ways – I asked Kim and Beth (sister) if they’d take a look at my knot and give me their opinions.   If you know Beth well – you’ll remember she was a Candy Striper as a teenager and still feels she acquired some kind of degree in the medical field during those months.  And Kim?  Well she’s just her mom’s daughter and like me – she feels she usually has the answer for everything.  SO we excused ourselves to another room and they were both just sure they had the answer and we’d all be singing praises and giving God all the glory in just a few minutes.  But no – not a budge from anything in that old mysterious ‘knot.’

As Usual – An Old Preacher Had The Answer

Time went on as time is prone to do and we had a revival at the old Weaver Creek and the Evangelist was talking about faith and miracles and told us of a big ‘lump’ he had – and the doctor said it was ‘suspicious’ for cancer and needed to come out.  He had no insurance and couldn’t afford the surgery – but his mother in law bought him some Dr Christopher’s Black Drawing Salve and they began to use that salve on his ‘lump’ and pray for his healing.   He said in no time – that lump that was as hard as any stone you ever felt – began to soften and before long it was totally gone.

Of course – my light bulb moment had already gone on and I couldn’t wait to get out of there and get home to my own Dr Christipher’s Black Drawing Salve which we already kept on hand for splinters and other things and try it on my own knot.

Billy was not at all excited about the idea at first – about the possibility of the two of us removing a mysterious knot from my back that could possibly have cancer cells in it.  He feared it was something bad and we’d make it worse. But after threatening to enlist the assistance of Kim and/or Beth – I finally talked him into it.

Each night after a hot shower – he’d rub the Dr Christopher’s Salve into my big old knot and make sure it was saturated and then put more of the salve on the bandage that was going on top the knot.  We’d keep it covered until shower time the next night.

Dr Christophers Black Drawing Salve and What It Can Do

After about 2 weeks he said “It’s beginning to look red and get soft – we need to stop this.”  But I insisted on continuing.  Another week went by and one night when I went to him for my bandage – he said “It’s FESTERED – I TOLD you we needed to leave this alone and let the doctor cut it out.”   I said “Well if it’s festered – let’s go to the bathroom and you squeeze it and let’s see what happens.”  To say he was perturbed with me would be an understatement – but I told him WE could do it here or I’d go to Kim’s and let HER do it.

SO he began to gently squeeze and goo began to come out.  (now if you need to exit here that’s fine – cause the story gets much worse) For a big strong man that I call my great american hunter – Billy was almost hysterical .. lol He thought he was squeezing cancer goo out of my body and now air would hit the spot and no telling what would happen to me.
I urged him to keep squeezing and in about 5 minutes that place just literally exploded.  And it oozed and bled and oozed and bled for literally 20 minutes.  Billy was dabbing and washing it and pacing the floor saying it was all his fault.  I was saying “THIS IS WHAT WE WERE WANTING!!!  For it to EMPTY!!!”

Next morning I was still bleeding from that spot – SO we stopped the salve for a few days and started using coconut oil mixed with Neosporin.  In a few days it had healed up – flat as a flitter and to this day you cant even see where my jawbreaker size mysterious lump – was.  NO lump – NO indication at all – anything had gone on there – ever.

I had been told by my dermatologist that it was a common cyst but would eventually have to come out because it would just keep growing.  SO I wasn’t too worried and not interested in going ‘under the knife’ for THIS thing.



Dr Christopher's Black Drawing Salve Miracle in a Tin 2


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2 pack of Dr. Christophers Formula Black Drawing Ointment 2 Oz2 pack of Dr. Christophers Formula Black Drawing Ointment 2 Oz

Now I know this is a gross story – but I also knew some of you out there may need to hear about the power of Dr. Christopher’s Black Drawing Salve so I wanted to share this story.

We use Dr Christophers salve for splinters and to heal cuts, etc over night.  This stuff is just miraculous.  It will pull out glass chards, and pieces of metal.  If you have the problem with the ends of your finger tips splitting in winter – it will heal that overnight and take the pain out within 5 minutes.  Just put it on at night and cover with a bandaid.  If fact for splinters and other things – you need to cover it with a bandaid – because it really is messy AND BLACK   🙂

We would NEVER go a day without this in our medicine cabinet.  It’s worth it’s weight in gold.  If you don’t already have this – you need it on the way NOW!

Peace and Love….thanks so much for stopping by….

DISCLAIMER:   WE ARE NOT doctors at Love, Home and Health.  We only share stories and experiences that pertain to us personally.  We only use products with a proven track record and that we trust.  IF YOU have any kind of medical problem – we strongly urge you to go to your own family doctor and let him work with you – even if you want to try a home remedy.  We’ve studied this for 40 years – so we feel confident in what WE do – but you have to do what’s best for YOU and that’s get assistance if you’re not familiar.

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