31 Day Get Healthy Challenge – Day 5

It’s the Get Healthy: 31 Day Challenge and this is day 5.  SO how are you all feeling?

Have many of you done the 3 day test to see how foods are affecting your body and the way you feel?   You really can’t understand the impact of what eating lots of junk food – does – until you do that test.

I’m feeling so much better – and we alaready eat fairly healthy in Round Knob Canyon.  But Geezer is down with a bad ankle again – so we’re eating more than normal – and snacking on the wrong things occasionally.   He – much more than ME  🙂

Today – on day 5 –  is the first day that I’ve felt a difference in the fluid retention in my face.  I have a tendency to hold way too much fluid and seems like it all settles in my eyes and cheeks.  UGG!!!   And my eyes are still puffy and my face still feels full – but I can at least feel a slight improvement.

Healthy Eating Tips

We’re just going to go over a few healthy eating tips today – that should speed our weight loss along. SO let’s get started –

1 – NEVER eat after 7pm – if you get really hungry – have a few slices of                 cucumber and/or some water with fresh lemon squeezed in it.  Two slices       of apple with 1/2 tsp of peanut butter should do it.  Now I’m just not a             night time snacker – so this isn’t a problem for me at all.

2 – Drink a big glass of lemon water – 20 minutes before each meal.

3 – NO added sweeteners – even artificial ones.  Those artificial sweeteners are just as bad for your liver as the real sugar – and are much more deadly.

4 – Eat a very light breakfast of mainly clean protein – (boiled eggs and a                little cheese is good) – And DRASTICALLY cut the carbs.

5 – Eat only lean and clean all day every day.  NO processed foods at all.  A            big salad for lunch or supper – with very little salad dressing.  No one can        really use that oil and vinegar – or lemon juice on salad – so just put a              little of the real thing on there and be done with it.  You’ll be surprised            what a difference just one tablespoon of a good dressing – stirred into              your salad – will do.  NO LIGHT DRESSINGS – if it says light – it means it’s compensated by artificial sweetener … and that’s much worse than having the fat stay in it.

6 – If hungry – eat 4-5 Walnut halves and a small piece of cheese – OR a bowl        of cucumbers/tomatoes – or similar low, low carb food.


And that’s a rap for today.  I’m sticking to this and I’m feeling better already – I hope you’re still on this with me – and we’ll meet right back here tomorrow – Lord willing and the creek don’t rise.






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