Get Healthy: 31 Days of Health Tips and Healthy Foods – Day 12

It’s the Get Healthy: 31 Day Challenge and we’re talking all this month about very simple changes we can make in our daily life that will bring about BIG changes in the way we feel AND even look.

I’m sharing simple health tips and will be covering many of our healthiest foods and I’ll tell you just how they affect the way your body works and the way you feel.

Following just a very few of these simple health tips will show you an improvement in the way you feel within just a very few days.

As I said at the beginning of this challenge – I’m about to turn 71 yrs old in November.  I’ve been a devoted holistic health and wellness advocate since 1977 – a juicer for over 35 years and a health and wellness blogger/researcher for 9 years – Both myself and my husband – who is 72 – can work circles around most 40 year olds on any given day – and we do.

Now we all know that to splurge once in a while on junk food or old fashioned cooking is not going to hurt us – it’s just going to ruin the way we feel ‘tomorrow’ – so to speak.  But anything to the extreme can be harmful. You can die from drinking too much water – and people have.  Most of us are committing a slow suicide by fork.   NOTHING in excess – is healthy!


If you wake up in the morning and feel worse than you did when you went to bed – you body is desperately lacking healthy nutrition.  And it is telling you on that sluggish morning – that what you had to eat the day before was not making your healthier and stronger – but instead is slowly weakening every cell in your body.

Is that what you’re after?  To get weaker and sicker as times goes on – instead of healthier and stronger?  I mean GOSH – we have to die of SOMETHING – don’t we?

We’ve all heard the old saying “Health nuts are going to look pretty stupid laying on their death bed dying of nothing.”   But even the best of everything – eventually wears out.

One simple test I give – takes 3 days for you to know how your own diet is affecting your own body and your health.  We started with this test on Day one of our 31 day challenge – but let’s re-cap it here.

Re-Capping The Feel Good/Feel Bad Test 3 Day Test

When you get up in the morning – make a note about how you feel EXACTLY – the minute you get up. Did you wake up feeling perky and raring to go? Is your mind sharp from the minute you open your eyes?  Are you pretty much free of any aches and pains.  Or did you get up off the side of the bed just over come with aches and pains and you feel like you’ve been run down by a pickup truck and your day hasn’t even started yet? WRITE THAT DOWN  

NOW on this first day – do not put anything into your body that isn’t healthy and nourishing.  No sugar – white flour – high carbs of any kind. Eat only healthy and light – ALL DAY LONG! Now by light I don’t mean foods that SAY “light” on them – because those contain POISON and they’re loaded with artificial sweeteners.  AVOID ALL FOODS THAT HAVE ‘LIGHT’ on the label!!!

Drink at least 1-2 waters with the juice of one lemon and one pinch of sea salt in it.  You’re giving your body a breather on day one – and giving it a chance to show you just what you’re doing to it and to your health. 

On day 2 – write down how you felt from the minute you opened your eyes. How did you feel when you set up on the side of the bed? Was there already a little better mental clarity? Did you have a little more perk in your step in the early hours of day 2?  You should have a noticeable difference in the way you feel from most morning – after you’ve enjoyed a night of binge eating from supper to bedtime. 

NOW ON DAY 2 and this is the fun part   EAT JUNK FOOD ALL DAY LONG. Drink colas … eat pizza – a burger and fries from your favorite eatery – eat any fast food you want. Have a big old fashioned supper with something fried and lots of gravy and potatoes and corn   YUM YUM!!! RIGHT??? You can even have cake and ice cream while watching TV that night.

NOW ON DAY 3 – write down how you feel again – when you open your eyes … when you first set up on the side of the bed.  How is your mental clarity after your day of eating too much and all the wrong foods? How is your energy level?

Do you get it now?   Do you know exactly what I’m talking about  and have you felt the difference in eating heavy junk foods and eating to nourish your body?

What we put into our bodies on any given day – will determine how we are going to feel the rest of that day and tomorrow … without exception. Case closed.


Everybody is always looking for the quickest way to lose 5 or 6 pounds.  But that’s SO easy!   Leave off all sugar, dairy and high carbs and you will quickly drop that much weight in just about 4-5 days or less – because your body will be releasing that much fluid that those unhealthy foods are making your body hold in.

Let’s talk tomorrow – if I don’t forget …  :8)  about some of the healthiest foods and why they are the healthiest.

I’ve stuck pretty close to this for 11 days now – today is day 12 – and I’m feeling a very noticeable difference and even lost a little of the puffiness in my face.  YOU can do this TOO!!!

See ya right back here tomorrow morning – Lord willin’ and the creek don’t rise … And hey listen – share this blog with some of your own friends – let’s ALL get healthy and have more energy …





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