Facts to Keep Your Heart Healthy

I truly believe the state of our HEART HEALTH is up to us!  I absolutely DO believe we can prevent heart disease and keep ourselves pretty healthy for decades and beyond.I believe if it sneaks up on us because we were slacking in our diet and lifestyle – that we can turn it around.

I believe we can improve our heart and artery health greatly with the right diet and supplements.

I believe we can do the same with our sugar, cholesterol and triglycerides and more.

It’s as simple as diet, exercise and supplementation.

I can’t remember if it was Dr Phil or Dr Oz but one of them had their sister one their show once.  And that sister was in such bad health, just overweight and already had heart disease and couldn’t do much walking or work.  She was so bad, in fact that when she started the program her brother put her on … she had to start out just walking for 3 minutes … several times a day.  Because that’s all her body and heart would let her do.  THEN the good doctor brought her on his show at the end of her renewal of health regime and it was amazing to see how she looked before and after and to hear her story.  She said in the beginning she was so out of breath after walking in place for just 3 minutes, she thought she was already too bad to do her brothers program.  But she kept it up … at the pace SHE could do it … and she came out a miraculous winner.  WE CAN ALL DO THAT SAME THING!!!

SO – what sounds better to you today?

Would you rather have a Twinkle and Coca Cola or maybe a little lean protein and some fresh raw veggies and feel better by tomorrow?

I’ve almost become addicted to red bell peppers lately and I like the green peppers TOO.  But we are so used to cooking and oiling and putting gravy on things we don’t even know what a good raw veggie actually tastes like any more.

So what’s it going to be for YOU today?

Let’s all start now to see what a difference we can make in just a few days … and I’ll just go ahead and tell you … I tried walking on the treadmill before doing this blog … and I could only do 10 minutes and that’s not good.  And I only weigh 125 pounds.  So it isn’t what size you are on the outside! It’s WHAT is going on … on your INSIDE?   SO I’m on it!!!

Who’s with me?If YOU have a question about Heart Health, please leave it in the comments below … If you have that question, others do too and we’d love to help you find the solution you’re looking for …


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