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Today is day #2 of the #write31days bloggy challenge and I have chosen “Home Remedies” for my subject for this challenge.  And I’m not talking about home remedies in general – I’m talking about home remedies – that WORK!  Today’s blog is Home Remedy: Flu Prevention!

And YES!!!  We have a home remedy that works for flu prevention.  My doctor tells me that I haven’t had a cold or the flu since 2003.  Now that’s 14 years and counting, folks.  A pretty good track record for anybody!

And let me take that a step further and tell you that I can’t remember the last headache or sore throat or tummy bug I’ve had either.  And the same goes for this old Geezer.  And I give God all the glory – for giving me this love and passion for studying – holistic health and wellness.

But here’s the deal.  You can take a flu shot full of all those poisons and get a mild case of the flu anyway – as a reaction to the shot – OR you can keep a couple onions on your kitchen counter at all times and eat 2-3 Kiwi a day and take a Vitamin D gel cap a day and it is extremely unlikely that you’re going to have the flu.  Sounds a little crazy to those that don’t believe in home remedies or natural cures, I know – but this is just a fact.

Onion and Garlic Flu Remedies @ Love, Home and Health

I absolutely understand how quirky it sounds for me to tell you to keep a couple onions in their peel – on your kitchen counter at

all times.   But we’ve done this for over a decade.  Just keep them there until they start going in the wrong direction ( 2-3-4 weeks ) and then just dispose of them and put 2 fresh onions back in that same bowl.  The onion will purify the air in your house.   YES IT WILL!!!

I’m told by many who have tried this – that their onions turn very dark to black within just a week or two.  But I’m guessing that’s because the air in their home is filled with germs and bacteria just from all the bugs that have attached themselves to the residents of that home – as they are out and about.

I can honestly say I’ve never had even one onion turn black or even dark.  They do get kinda soft after about 8 weeks and I replace them with fresh onions just to make sure they’re packing the wallop I need them to pack on their prevention end.

Many people proudly display a bowl of fruit in their kitchens.  I proudly display a bowl of onions and garlic in mine.

There is a home remedy for pretty much everything and we use tons of home remedies in Round Knob Canyon.  I’ve said many time that I’ve been a holistic health and wellness advocate since 1977 and our pharmacy IS in our kitchen.  And it truly is and our kitchen door is busier than some doctors offices – from people traipsing in and out to get a home remedy for this or that.

This Old Home Remedy Granny Drew A Crowd

A couple years ago we were on our way to Reelfoot Lake Craft Show and there’s a 20 mile stretch from Union City, Tennessee to Tiptonville where the craft show is and that stretch of road is LOADED with yard sales … dozens and dozens of them and they’re all SO GOOD.

We had stopped at one yard sale and I overheard the lady setting at the pay table and she said she had a splinter and it wouldn’t come out and it was so painful and it was driving her crazy.

I walked over to her and told her a couple home remedies for splinters (bacon fat dipped in turpentine and wrapped over the splinter with a band-aid or tape)   I said “Now I know you may have to drive all the way to Union City to get the bacon or Turpentine – but it will pull that splinter out within 8 hours”

She said “HONEY!!!  YOU are in the hills of TENNESSEE – We have bacon and turpentine in the house and would you mind waiting right here and let me go get it and put it on so I know I’m doing it right?”  lol

WELL she went right in the house and got her concoction and came out and put it on.  Mean time people started gathering and asking me for home remedies for this and that and Geezer was standing over – leaning up against a tree and just grinning from ear to ear.   But HE KNOWS I believe in home remedies and HE does TOO.

But people were gathered around asking questions about home remedies for this and that – and some were taking notes.  Geezer said it looked like one of those impromptu press questionings we see on TV when a lawyer or someone comes out of a court house after a newsy trial day.

Flu Prevention is Simple

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My Health Library – Favorite Books and Videos

Flu Prevention is really very simple.  You just build up your immune system and back off on some of the junk food and add the onions to your kitchen counter in a bowl, the kiwi and Vitamin D to your daily routine and YOU WILL NOT get the flu even if you set beside old Grandpa Smith at Sunday morning worship and he has the worst flu or chest cold you’ve ever been in the presence of in your entire life.  Grandpa Smith will be taking that nasty cold back home with HIM – but YOU WILL NOT be taking the germs home with YOU.   Those germs will smell Kiwi on your breath and say “YIKES – THIS HUMAN HAS KIWI in their system – RUN!!!”  Because Kiwi will KILL cold and flu germs before they can even take hold of you.  Mark my word!  🙂

SO it’s easy peasy to avoid winter colds and flu and this is the home remedy health tip of the day for Flu Prevention.

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