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My Daily Journal: Monday Morning – 9-11-17
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YUP – KINDNESS ROCKS!!!   Let’s Help KINDNESS – Rock The World!!!

I wanted to talk again today about this Kindness Rock Movement. Or maybe better known as – the painted rocks.

I just don’t think most people realize – the magnitude of what’s going on – with these painted rocks. EVEN the one’s that are being painted by 2 year olds!!!

There is a very powerful and positive movement going on – across the whole United States – for the first time in my 70 year old memory. And more people need to be aware of it.

I had the absolute pleasure of changing the summer decor over to fall at church the end of this past week. I worked many hours on changing the bouquets and this and that and my old back was ready to quit when I was done. But what an absolute glorious time I had – cleaning and foo fooing. One of my favorite things to do.
And YUP – I added a Kindness Rock Display.  I’m a rebel without a cause!!! See photo Below – 


But let me tell you a little about this Kindness Rock Movement that I have become almost obsessively passionate about.

Most people are gung ho on the kindness rocks – but a few people have said to me “YOU paint ROCKS? I thought you were so busy”  Or they’ll say “Well lucky you – cause “I” sure don’t have time to paint rocks.” 

Those little painted rocks – that some folks may feel are so foolish and a waste of time? Those little rocks are changing lives!!!


I get messages from people that have found my rocks – clicked my name on 618 Rocks and pm’d me – that are so heart warming – I’m blubbering trying to read their messages to Billy.

I’ve had messages from people in hospital beds – that have been brought a rock from someone that’s found it around the hospital entrance way.

I’ve had messages from people going through this and that – that said the rock just spoke to them – and with the words they needed to hear at that moment.

I’ve had messages from people that said they thought the rock they found was a “Sign from God” … and HEY – MAYBE it WAS!!! MAYBE – JUST MAYBE – God had ME put it there – and then He saw to it that YOU were the one that picked up – that particular message.

I’ve had SO SO MANY – thank you’s from people who love the inspirational rocks … how can you not find time – to inspire others?

What “I” don’t have time for – is mall shopping! Or soap operas! Or playing on facebook all day long! OR pedicures or manicures at a salon. I have a scrub brush and soap – ( AND NOW CETAPHIL soap – blog coming!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 
I don’t need a lot of foo foo in my life – but what I DO need – is to know that I’ve made a day or even a few minutes – better for someone else. THAT is where my priorities lie.

CORNY??? Yup – I’ve been called that too!!! And much worse. LoL



But these rocks are changing family relationships by drawing families closer together. Families are out hunting rocks to paint. They are painting rocks around the kitchen table while they share each of their thoughts and events of the day. They are hiding those rocks together with the excited anticipation of them being found. AND many are out hunting other people’s rocks – so they can re-hide them and they can travel on and on and on.

These rocks are lifting folks up that – many times – are in hospital beds – or just out running errands and they’re already so burdened – or troubled for this reason or that – and they’re picking up rocks that really look like ‘nothing’ and was probably painted by a 2 year old. But even just ‘that’ thought – that a tiny young child painted a rock for them to find – is giving them hope and inspiring them in this way or that.

These rocks are priceless in my book!!! I get requests every few days – wanting to know what I would charge to send painted rocks to this state or that – and even from local folks. But you can’t put a price on rocks like this – and it’s the act of ‘giving’ that adds to their value.

If you don’t like them – or you think you don’t have time to bother with them – just pass on by –

Pass on by on the opportunity to pick one up and give it or place it – to inspire someone else.

Pass on by on the opportunity to paint one yourself and do the same with your own rocks.

Pass on by on the opportunity to be a life changer – because that’s what the painters of most of these rocks are – they are LIFE CHANGERS!!!


It all began in the summer of 2015 and a young mom was struggling with some personal issues and just walking on the beach one day in Cape Cod. During her walk – she picked up 2 rocks and took them home with her.

She painted those rocks and put an inspiring quote on each one and the next day on her walk she just left them lay in the sand at random – on the beach.

ANOTHER young mom and neighbor was walking on the beach later that day and found one of the inspirational rocks and suspected her neighbor had painted that rock – and she called her to thank her.
She said the rock had lifted her up so and just when she needed it. She said that kindness rock spoke to her in such a way that she just wanted to thank her neighbor for that random act of kindness.

WELL – –  The two ladies then started painting rocks with inspiring quotes on them and leaving them on the beach – and then around town – and since Cape Cod was a tourist town – the kindness rock project started spreading and it spread like wildfire.

What scientists have spent a billion gazillion dollars to try to do – find a way to spread peace and love and kindness – a simple painted creek rock has done.

It is now in almost every little and big town in every state in the U.S. and in many countries.

I put 75 rocks in this tray on our church information table Saturday afternoon. Last night – they were over half gone – so I’ll add more in a day or two.
And a couple people asked me how they can get involved in the painted kindness rock movement.
AND I’ve already seen a few of these very rocks – posted on our 618 ROCKS page on fb – and they’ve been placed out in the community and waiting for someone to find them.

I believe we can grace the doors of our local churches every Sunday of the world and we can take our spots in our own special pews that everyone there –
knows belongs to us –
I believe we can read all the books and all the bibles we can stack in front of us –
But I BELIEVE – we are spinning our wheels UNTIL we put one foot in front of the other and start LIVING the word – and THAT’S when good things begin to happen.

The little wooden sign in front of the rocks simply says:
One word or phrase at the right time can change a day, an attitude or even a life. Take one at any time to give or leave at random for someone to find that may need a little inspiration.
Love One Another – And Live To Give –

I invite you all to join us in the Kindness Rock Movement.


Our facebook page in 618 ROCKS – just click to join and jump right in.

Peace and lots of love – from Round Knob Canyon ….

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  1. Celeste Nichole said:

    I LOVE LOVE LOVE this!!! Thank you for sharing my 6 year old daughter is going to have a blast!!!

    Peace & Love Celeste Nichole

    September 25, 2017
    • Kay Comer said:

      Celeste – This Kindness Rock movement is all over the U.S. and in many countries. It just hit our area in June of this year and it has changed the lives of many, many families. I jsut can’t even begin to recommend it enough. I place many of my rocks at the Welcome Center/Rest Area just outside of our little town on the Interstate and I just heard from a man that found one of my rocks in IRELAND. 🙂 Check out 618 Rocks on facebook and look at the faces of the kids just from our area that are finding rocks and also painting them. It’s amazing – that something so simple – has touched the lives of so many 🙂 Thanks for stopping by … I hope you’ll stop by again soon ..

      September 30, 2017

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