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Mother Teresa said "Spread love - everywhere you go.  First of all in your own homes, give unconditional love to your spouse and your children."  Then on into the world around you - be the shining example of God's love towards everyone you meet.  And always leave everyone a little better and a little happier than you found them!   SO we're sharing tips to help you live your best and most loving life - starting NOW! 


If a relationship isn't tended, it WILL go stale - that's just all there is to it.  SO we're going to be sharing ways to reignite the spark and make love last.  And if we've caught you early enough, we can even show you how to keep that love alive that you have right now.

Because it really is true - "It doesn't matter where you go in life or even what you have ... it's who you have beside you" and I want to add TO that quote "and not just who you have beside you but what kind of shape your relationships stays in through the years.  THAT IS - what matters!!!

You may wonder what makes me an authority on love.   WHY do I feel I can give advice to someone else on the subject of love?

Well let me just tell you.  I've been married to the same old geezer for 50 years.  And even after 3 kids and 5 decades - there's still a lot of love and laughter in this old canyon.

We didn't come into this marriage thinking we were each marrying someone we could probably live with for the rest of our lives.  We came into it KNOWING we were each marrying someone we could never ever live WITHOUT.

Our love was true and it ran deeper than the deepest ocean and it still does.

It's that love that has kept us going through the good times and the bad times.

NO relationship is perfect!

There will always be good AND bad in every marriage.

But you make the best of the good times and stay strong and loving through the bad times and if you'll just do that ... the sun will always come out ... tomorrow!

I believe a lot of marriages fail because one or other or both thinks that it will be moonlight and butterflies to the end of their days.  But that's not going to happen folks.

The love should and can grow deeper - but in a different and more mature way.

We found this quote a while back and it tells it like it really is.  If you can go into a marriage knowing this is the way it's going to be ... if your love was real in the first place - your love will last a lifetime.

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A good marriage or relationship NEVER EVER - just happens!   It takes work and lots of it.

If you set that love on the back burner and get busy with other things ... even for a few days ... that relationship ... just like that food scooted to the back of the stove till later, is going to start to spoil.

It takes daily work to make a good marriage/relationship and one that will last through the ages.

Mother Teresa once said "Love is a priceless fruit that is in season all year long.  And it's within the reach of every single hand." That's exactly what we're going to be talking about in the pages of "Love is in the Air".

We're going to be talking about improving all relationship and making love last through the ages.  We've done that - and so can YOU!


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