My Daily Journal: February 16, 2018

This is My Daily Journal and today is Friday, February 16, 2018 and today we’re going to talk just a bit about depressionanxiety and insomnia and I want to share a remedy I’ve found for myself that is working like a charm – and no one is more surprised than me.

Now don’t run off if none of these are a problem for YOU – because there’s not a doubt in my mind that you know SOMEONE – who is dealing with one or all three of these and they are desperate for help – and you could BE – that help they so desperately need – by sharing with them – what you learn right here today.

Our articles on Depression and Anxiety are our most read articles – and there’s rarely a day goes by that I don’t hear from people dealing with these issues.  AND THEY DO almost always report back – to tell me how this has worked for THEM.

80% of U.S. Population is Depressed – According to NBC Nightly News

DID YOU KNOW – they just said on the national news just earlier this week – that 80 % of the population in the United States is depressed?  AND they said it’s more common in women than men – but that’s just a horrific percent – and we need to first determine the cause – then find a home remedy that works – and THEN – take time to be consistent in treating ‘ourselves’.

A Day in My Life at

Now I hope if you’re suffering from any of these – you’re not feeling ashamed of that fact – and feel like you don’t want others to know.  It really doesn’t matter what others think – the thing that matters is that anyone suffering from any of these and many other things – finds help – and the more natural means of help you can find – the better.

I’m not the least bit ashamed of the predicament I’ve found myself in – and I’ve been shouting it to the world – through this website. Because I know there’s a natural cure’s answer – and I want to find it for myself and then share it with YOU – AND I WILL heal my own mind and body!!!  And you can TOO!

Depression and anxiety and even insomnia – are rarely a form of a true mental illness!   And speaking of mental illness – no one is born mean or depressed – UNLESS something happened during the time mom was carrying baby – that brought about some kind of defect at birth …

WHATEVER you have found yourself dealing with physically – is almost always a direct result of your diet and lifestyle.  AND just as your diet and lifestyle has made you SICK – those same 2 things can make you WELL!!!

Depression, anxiety and insomnia are usually the conglomeration of many thingsLiving WAY too ‘out loud’ – living way too fast – over spending – over working – too many errands on too many days – feeling smothered by all of your own responsibilities and not having enough or even any – time just to relax and ‘be in the moment.’   And there are a gazillion other things that we have control OVER – IF WE WILL – TAKE CONTROL of our own lives.

Now this isn’t a sales pitch.  I don’t do those!  I would never ever promote anything that didn’t work for myself or that I saw first hand – work for someone in our immediate family or close friends circle.  And I’ve given more creams and supplements and healthy foods away – trying to help someone – than many folks would even consider buying for themselves – BECAUSE – way too many people are into the superficial aspect of life and living and they’d rather have the newest make up foundation for $45 – than spend $15 on something that will make a huge and tremendous difference in their life and quality of living.

Depression and Anxiety:  I’m rambling on – let me get to the point!

I’ve tried many things over the winter to try to come up with a natural cures remedy for this predicament I’ve found myself in.  This is NOT me!  I’m a worrier – but I’m not one to get depressed and Billy used to tease me about sleeping – because I’ve always worked so many long hours – even right here at home – that I’ve literally dozed off sitting up talking to him on the couch – and I’ve even dozed off in church – and in the car when we were just running errands together – but that’s not the case now.  The closer it gets to bedtime – the wider awake I GET – and just how horrific is THAT?  I’m not only missing snuggle time with this old geezer – I’m wearing this old body OUT.   AND NOW – I have my BP spiking!!!  Well the fun just never stops – does it?  UGG  And I’m trying to get that under control naturally TOO – so stay tuned …

SO I’ve tried many things and I won’t go into what hasn’t worked for me … lol  Because there’s been a lot!

Depression – Anxiety – Insomnia: THIS IS – what is working for me NOW!

The first thing I do when my feet hit the floor each morning – is head to the kitchen and pick up that little bottle that says B Total – and that’s a B12 sublingual.  You need to put one dropper of that under your tongue – and not have anything to eat or drink for 15 minute before or after – that’s why I do that very first thing.   Then I do a few dailies – get the coffee going – log our website stats in my log book – and a few other things and by then 20-30 minutes have passed and I have my coffee.

I don’t take any of these on an empty tummy – NEVER – and don’t you either!!!  SO I have a little bit of cheese grits or slice of toast about 7am now – and then I take the D3, Cal/Mag/Zinc and one of the added zinc’s in the little homemade bottle – One Solaray Mega B Stress Complex Capsule, one Nature’s Bounty Turmeric and one Doctor’s Best CoQ10 (neither of those are shown) and again at noon I take another Turmeric and CoQ10 – and at Supper I take another Mega B, Turmeric and CoQ10.  AND on top of this I’ll often take 4-6 Nature’s Bounty Fish Oil –

Now this sounds like a LOT – but if you knew how bad I was just 2 months ago – you’d realize why I’m saying – taking these is just like having a piece of chocolate cake.  ALL of these can be found on amazon and I get most of our supplements FROM amazon – because I just don’t like to run here and there for this and that.  Check these out – read the reviews of each one.  They are all working wonders for MANY!!!
Natural Treatment for Depression and Anxiety - Love Home and Health


This is our amazon affiliate link below and you can click on it and type in any one of these supplements and go from one to the other.  BY DOING SO – our website will make just a few cents off of your purchase – but it does not affect the cost of what you’re buying AT ALL.

I DO usually get the Nature’s Bounty supplements at our local Walgreens – and I do that when they’re on sale – 2 for the price of 1.

You can click this link and type in any of the supplements above starting with their brand name –

NOW – WHY have we all become so depressed and anxious?   For many reasons, really.  But I’m about to find out for myself – just WHY this has happened to ME.  And I’m about to start working – next week – with one of the associates of Amish Healer Solomon Wickey – because I want to find the ROOT cause of all of this in my own body.

Kim used to say “MOM – GOOD GRIEF – you always act and sound like you have sunshine coming out of every crevice in your body – CHILL!”  Lately she’s been saying “MOM – Take time for FUN!  DO SOMETHING for YOURSELF!  Where did your GOOFY go?” LoL
Well – my goofy has taken a hike for now … lol  But I’m going to FIND that goofy – and bring it BACK – and I’m so excited to get a chance to start working – next week – with one of  Solomon Wickey’s protege – Shauna Brastock of Brastock Chiropractic in Indiana.   She worked under Solomon Wickey  for 25 years – so she absolutely – knows his stuff.

This is going to be a very exciting journey working with Shauna and I’m going to take YOU – right along with me –

There is a REASON this has happened to me AND to YOU – and for me I DO KNOW – it’s either because of my blinky thyroid that I’ve been mis-medicated for since 1973 – OR it’s from a hormonal imbalance.  I had a total hysterectomy in 1995 and have never taken hormones of any kind.  Never had a hot flash – mood swings – nothing – until now.  SO I’M GUESSING this has finally caught up with me.  But I’m about to let Shauna help me get to the bottom of it and I will absolutely – keep you posted.

But for NOW – if you’re dealing with these issues TOO – get these supplements above – and get yourself started on the path to happier days.

Monday – I’ll have another ‘feel good’ story for you – but this was important and I wanted to share this today for those suffering from the same as I have been.

Peace and lots of love – coming to you from Round Knob Canyon

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