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I’m a huge supporter of Dr Christopher’s Black Drawing Salve and wouldn’t even consider being without it and I’m going to tell you why.  I’ve had more than miraculous results with it and I believe you can too.

I had a message recently from someone asking if I thought Black Drawing salve would be a good home remedy for their particular situation. I said “YES!!!”  Because I call Dr. Christopher’s Black Drawing Salve “Miracle in a Tin”!

I’m just going to tell you what the black drawing salve has done for us.  If you have a weak tummy, you’d better stop here.

Black Drawing Salve Removes Splinters Overnight

You can remove a splinter of any kind within a few hours by putting either of these black drawing salves over it and covering it with a band aid. 

Turpentine and bacon fat will do the very same thing but is very messy.

The black drawing salve and turpentine and bacon fat both take about 8 hours but are so much easier than digging and poking and pinching at a stubborn splinter.

Often someone will email me and ask if I’m a real doctor or nurse or if I’m licensed in Natural Healing. The answer is “No” I’m none of the above.  Although Dr Patel has told Geezer and me both many times that I would have made a super doctor and it sometimes boggles his mind the things I can turn around with my home remedies…