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I’m a huge supporter of Dr Christopher’s Black Drawing Salve and wouldn’t even consider being without it and I’m going to tell you why.  I’ve had more than miraculous results with it and I believe you can too.

I had a message recently from someone asking if I thought Black Drawing salve would be a good home remedy for their particular situation. I said “YES!!!”  Because I call Dr. Christopher’s Black Drawing Salve “Miracle in a Tin”!

I’m just going to tell you what the black drawing salve has done for us.  If you have a weak tummy, you’d better stop here.

Black Drawing Salve Removes Splinters Overnight

You can remove a splinter of any kind within a few hours by putting either of these black drawing salves over it and covering it with a band aid. 

Turpentine and bacon fat will do the very same thing but is very messy.

The black drawing salve and turpentine and bacon fat both take about 8 hours but are so much easier than digging and poking and pinching at a stubborn splinter.

Often someone will email me and ask if I’m a real doctor or nurse or if I’m licensed in Natural Healing. The answer is “No” I’m none of the above.  Although Dr Patel has told Geezer and me both many times that I would have made a super doctor and it sometimes boggles his mind the things I can turn around with my home remedies…

I did this same thing for myself 2 years ago this summer and mine was much worse than his.  But I am a stickler for following rules and Geezer thinks you can fudge just a little on diet and exercise even when battling disease. 
He says “Now just a little ice cream can’t hurt, can it?” 
I say…”On day TWO? YES!!!   Let’s get a grip on this before we throw a party, please”

When I was diagnosed in July of

2012 my sugar was 259.  Geezers was only 152 I think it was but they said he had been that high for 4 years.  I guess they just failed to get our attention but they have it now  🙂
On the day I was diagnosed.  Dr Patel started scrambling around when the nurse came in with that report like I had just gone into cardiac arrest.  He was telling her to bring me a shot and do this and do that and I said “HEY!!! HOLD THE PHONE!!!  I don’t take meds unless it’s an immediate life or death situation and I’m trying diet first.”  He just had a fit and said it was way too high to try diet first. 
I said “Give me 8 weeks to see what I can do”

Well I told you all day before yesterday that Geezer has just been diagnosed with full blown diabetes and he refused treatment by a doctor.  He said he had a personal quack at home and he wanted to have me explore the options and try to reverse diabetes naturally.
SO I spent the rest of Monday, researching reversing diabetes naturally and found a reference to a book written in 2011 by a lay person just like most of you and I.  This man didn’t want to take medication either…so he began researching to find a way to cure himself.  I believe his sugar was so high that he had to take something for a short time but was then able to get off of it quickly because of his diet and lifestyle changes.
He said he tried many things in the beginning but
didn’t have the success he was looking for so he started studying just how the diet affects the liver and pancreas and how sugar and high carb foods affect our bodies.

Panic and Anxiety Attacks – the Search for a Natural Cure

I’ve had several wanting to know if there’s a natural remedy for Panic and Anxiety Attacks lately.  It’s a troubling world right now isn’t it?  Troubling times?  Lots of things to feel depressed and panicky about if you allow yourself to stop and think for 2 minutes on any given day.

Panic Attack and Anxiety Attack Home Remedies @
I don’t have a sure fire remedy to make you stop worrying about wars and bad things happening to good people.  And I can’t recommend a supplement that will make you stop fearing the possibility of cancer or a heart attack in your near future.  But I can give you some preventative measures on those if you like.  🙂

I guess I’ve read or skimmed just about all the main or most popular diet books ever written.  But I can honestly say…I’ve never read one that…

Listen folks, Flu Season is upon us and Home Remedies for Flu are about to become very important to us all!  I was just told that one of our little local hospitals has had over 200 cases of this bad flu come in within the last 48 hours.

Flu Season Home Remedies Prevention Regimen

IF YOU WILL GET WITH IT, you should be able to prevent the flu from attacking your own body and that of other household members.
I ALSO read this morning that 9 people have died of this flu season in Barnes Hospital in St Louis… Now that’s a major hospital and they say the patients were between their 20’s and 60’s, that’s very scary.

Without a doubt in the world…the thing most people are searching for that find my blog by accident…is information on Amish Healer Solomon Wickey from Auburn, Indiana.  I first heard of Solomon about 9 or so years ago when I worked for a natural healing website and I just couldn’t learn enough about him fast enough! I was told by people that had been to see him, that he was an older man of very strong faith and felt his healing ability was a gift from God. And because of that he wanted to do all the good he could, for as many as he could, and for as long as he could and he wasn’t going to charge a dime. He had the ability to look into people’s
eyes (iridology) and determine what was going on in their body. And then he knew

exactly what to do to help them bring about a healing about 95% of the time. HE WAS AMAZING…I was told that he would let folks come and just sit through a day or two in his home office and ‘observe’ if they were into natural healing and I was just absolutely gung ho…to go…it was one of my biggest dreams…to go to Auburn, Indiana just to meet Solomon.