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I’m getting many emails and facebook messages wanting to know if I had a list of apprentices of Solomon Wickey.  I have a short one and will share – although I can’t necessarily vouch for any of them.  But let’s get right down to brass tacks.

I’m sure you’ve heard by now that Amish healer Solomon Wickey passed away in the night last Sunday night.  I had an email from someone that said they followed my blog because I occasionally write about Solomon and they said they lived near him.   I knew he had been in ill health for a while and kept wondering to myself just why he couldn’t heal himself.   But I was finally told he passed because of complications that resulted from a brush fire where he had done irreparable damage to his lungs.


Many are wanting to know if there will be someone take over Solomon’s practice.   I have no idea if there will be anyone in his immediate area – but I do know he had many study under him over the last couple of decades.  Keep in mind though – that Solomon felt he was chosen by God to heal the sick.  He would pray over people that came to him – on top of all the other things he did.  I doubt that many – if any – of those listed below could be considered “faith healers.”


The first to come to mind is DAVID – and that’s all he’s known as  🙂  David was the one I would contact when I had someone wanting an appointment with Solomon.  David was the one that over saw most of Solomon’s appointments and other things.  David also studied under him for 12 years and he is now traveling parts of the country doing his own healing sessions.  You can contact DAVID through his facebook page – You can private message DAVID or post to him and tag him and he will answer you back fairly quickly.


Donna Perkinsons is another apprentice of Solomons to come to mind.  She has a real passion for healing and getting to the bottom of illnesses just like Solomon did and has always been interested in holistic health and wellness.  After Solomon healed Donna’s husband after conventional doctors couldn’t – Donna decided it was time to learn what she could from Solomon if he would teach her.  SO she approached him and he was more than willing to put his time into teaching her if she would put all she had into learning.  Solomon taught Donna …what Solomon

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One posted on facebook and a couple privately….about the Keystone Cop Girls…Some of you seem very concerned that they may possibly live alone…..And YES…they sure do…..Keystone Daughter…while a jabberbox out of this world….is really….pretty sharp….HER problem is….that she has that little kink in her brain and EVERYTHING gets repeated over and over and OVER…….like Rainman..She can cook…and she can clean if she HAS too….hahaha  And they’re always neat and tidy….Keystone Daughter’s biggest problem is her inability to handle money……They tried to get on food stamps…because they were always running out of money before the end of the month….but they continued to buy trinkets and junk and jewelry out the wazoo…..They could have a yard sale and make TONS of money…..hahaha   Now nothing they have is expensive….but they just have a LOT of stuff…Like Keystone Daughter….when she buys a new handbag….she likes it to be a poodle or kitty cat or something with fur and fluff and ruffles on it…..So if there are thieves reading this blog…don’t go risking your future over what they may have in their house….because it isn’t anything YOU could get any money out of…’s stuff that would sell at a yard sale….if moms or grandmas brought a lot of KIDS along…..hahahahaha