Divinity Candy Recipes

Divinity Candy Recipes – Does a homemade candy get any better than Divinity?

Just the mention of Divinity Candy sends my mind spinning with memories.  One of my first memories of mom in the kitchen after we moved from our Walton’s type family homestead where we lived with grandparents and aunts and uncles, was of mom making Divinity Candy in our own little kitchen on East 5th Street.   Mom LOVED making Divinity Candy and she was one of the best at it.

What Is Divinity Candy?

Divinity Candy is a meringue type candy that – in the olden days was also known as white divinity fudge.  It was believed to have first come on the scene in about 1907 and that recipe included milk, believe it or not.  But the milk was later dropped for some reason and the ingredients were just pure and simple.

Origin of Divinity Candy

Divinity Candy has been traced to the ancient Turkish and 17th Century Europe.  But it’s really known as an early 20th Century American recipe because of it’s use of corn syrup.  Just about this time, corn syrup was beginning to be used as a big sugar substitute and people were at work in lab kitchens everywhere trying to come up with new ways to use corn syrup.  Divinity is believe to have been one of those inventions and it’s said that it got it’s name because the first person that tried it said “Oh this is so divine!”

Divinity Candy is kind of known as a Southern Candy and it’s believe that is because for so many decades almost everybody made Divinity with a pecan half in the middle.  AND to me it just ‘seems’ like a ‘down home southern recipe’

Secret to Good Divinity Candy

Flirty Aprons


Divinity Candy is a very easy candy to make IF you follow directions to the letter and cook and stir until you get the little line flying out from the spoon (directions in my recipes below) and it has to make a little ball when a drop is dropped in a cup of cold water.
Humidity is very important when making Divinity.

You can’t make it on very humid days and expect it to ‘set’.  Because of it’s ingredients … it is capable of absorbing moisture right out of the air and instead of a soft crisp divinity, you’ll have a rubbery, gooey divinity.


 Divinity Candy Recipe and The Secret to Getting it Right Every Time!

Green Divinity Candy for Saint Patrick’s Day

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