Reversing Heart Disease Naturally

Let’s talk about reversing heart disease – because most of you know – heart disease is the leading cause of death in the U.S. right now.   My own cardiologist told ME – that in many instances – a patient can make themselves well and build a stronger heart and better arteries – just as easily as their cardiologist can – and without nearly as much danger and trauma to the body.  BECAUSE HE SAID – “You can literally help your body to build more heart bypasses – naturally.”  YES he SAID that!!!

Reversing Heart Disease:  Surgery vs Diet and Lifestyle

He said just walking daily and eating a very healthy diet – will do as much if not more for you – than the surgeries – AND will last longer BECAUSE – diet and lifestyle is the better answer between that and surgery – if you have the time to wait and work on your own health.  And most do!

There are many books out there on healing your own heart and arteries.

One of the best – although a slightly difficult program to follow because of its strictness is Dr Esselstyn’s book “Prevent and Reverse Heart Disease.

Reversing Heart Disease:  Dr Esselstyn Took 17 Unhealthy People And …

Reversing Heart Disease - Love, Home and HealthIn his book –  Prevent and Reverse Heart Disease,  Dr. Esselstyn, delivers just what the title promises.  

It was 21 years ago, that Dr. Esselstyn took 17 people who were very sick. They had had heart attacks, bypass operations, angioplasty, pills, you name it.

These people had by and large been sent home to die by their cardiologists, their heart disease so severe nothing further could be done.

Doctors told several they would be dead in “less than a year.”

But they didn’t die.  And do you know WHY?  Because each agreed to become part of Dr. Esselstyn’s study, and adopted a low-fat plant-based diet as their medicine.

Even 21 years later every one of these patients is alive, free of heart disease, and living full, active lives. Even those originally given a death sentence of “one year to live” are alive today – a whopping 21 years later; and all thank Dr. Esselstyn for giving them knowledge, inspiration — and recipes — to save their lives.

Their experiences as well as the many in his ongoing counseling, are documented in this amazing, highly readable book and backed up by 20 years of rock hard, peer reviewed science. 

Preventing and Reversing Heart Disease And MORE

This is not a book just for people with heart disease (one out of every two Americans will die of heart disease). This is a book for anyone wanting to regain or preserve their health, anyone wanting to enjoy great health throughout their entire life. 

The information in Dr. Esselstyn’s book can save your life!”

Heart Health
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Eat light – watch your carbs and sugar – lean towards lean protein – walk 10 minutes at least 3 times today – and if we do this – the book says we will lose about 9 lbs in one week.

There is so much more to life and living – than eating Twinkie’s, folks.  And your own life’s experiences – could be better than any movie you’ve ever seen!

Peace and lots of love – from me to all of you.

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