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I’m researching ways natural ways to prevent blood clots.  I’m wanting to become my own authority on preventing and treating blood clots BECAUSE it seems like every time we log onto fb – someone is in the hospital with one or more blood clots.

I KNOW preventing blood clots can be done because my own cardiologist told me so.  So WHY is it so hard to find information on them?  HOW are we going to understand them – prevent them or treat them if we have them – if we can’t find any information on them?

I’ve finally researched enough in reliable places and found this information – or enough to satisfy my own curiosity – and let me tell ya – it was like panning for gold.  Just almost impossible to find just what I wanted and needed to find.

I don’t know about YOU, but I’d like to know what we can do to even prevent their occurrence.  OR if we can dissolve blood clots naturally ourselves – at home – maybe with diet or exercise or maybe there’s even a magic wand we could get to wave over our hands and arms and legs.

Our necks would probably need a good wave with that wand too, and oh GOODNESS!!!

There is no stopping the waving of the wand because we have blood vessels that run from head to foot and front to back.

The condition of all of these is critical to Heart Health




Natural Ways to Prevent Blood Clots

Blood Clotting Factors

Knowing your blood clotting factor could save your life!  The way your blood clots will determine if you are going to have a heart attack or stroke!

How our blood flows through our arteries,  it’s thickness and stickiness – are the main things that will determine if you are prone to blood clots or not.  That thickness or stickiness is what’s going to determine if your blood is going to clot or the clots even enlarge.

I’ve been studying lately about the best ways to improve blood circulation – not only that, but  naturally improve blood circulation!  I’ve been having some numbness and tingling when I sit in one place for too long and often that can be a problem with poor circulation.

SO where do I go to do that? Where would I find this very valuable information on how to improve circulation?   My books and the internet and only relying on very reputable resources!   And when I did that – WHAT to my WONDERING EYES should APPEAR? Juicing for Blood Circulation!



Improve Circulation at www.LoveHomeandHealth.com

Cholesterol Lowering Foods Welch’s 100% Grape Juice is said to prevent dangerous blood clots even more effectively than aspirin because the flavonoids in the juice reduce platelet ‘stickiness’…