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Solomon Wickey’s Specific Healing Plan

Solomon Wickey’s Specific Healing Plan – It has been known to bring about miracles!  Even in people that had been given no hope and only a short time – by their doctors.  This plan isn’t a walk in the park – but then if you’ve been given no hope but want to live and be healthy – is it worth it?  YES!!!

I had followed Solomon very closely for about 13 years – when he passed away in 2013 as a result of a fire – But thankfully – he left behind the Solomon Wickey Specific Healing Plan.  Sol could work miracles even doctors couldn’t pull off.  He could look deep into your eyes (iridology) and tell you exactly what was going on with you and your mysterious symptoms that no doctor could diagnose – even with their big MRIs and body scans.  And then he could set you on a path of natural healing – that would make your doctors look like Ned in the first reader.   To say he was amazing – was a drastic understatement.

Solomon always said it was crucial to leave all junk food out of your diet when you were healing your body.

ACTUALLY he didn’t think junk food had a place IN our diets if we wanted to be healthy.

Solomon Wickey’s Thoughts on the
Benefits of Juicing

To bring about your healing under his instruction you were to eat and drink ONLY the things listed on his diet and do it for the amount of time he said.
He recommended lots of carrot and celery juice and they both have miraculous healing abilities.  Most of us know about carrot juice and why it is so powerful.  And because of the high beta carotene in the carrots –  carrot juice is in most all of the cancer fighting diets.  Carrots are so powerful – it’s said that just one carrot a day – will even correct a hormonal imbalance – and who of  us couldn’t use a little of THAT?  
Solomon Wickey’s Specific Healing Plan Contains ONE WHOLE PINT a day – of Celery Juice!   WHAT???

When I saw ONE WHOLE PINT of CELERY juice a day – I thought “WHAT in the DICKENS?  SOMEBODY take Sol’s TEMPERATURE – because THAT stuff is YUCKY!”  
We’ve added celery to our juices many times to help with our blood pressure but it’s so tart I just never add much.  So I was wondering why in the world Solomon would want us drinking a PINT of celery juice a day …

I thought THAT STUFF must pack a HUGE  healing wallop and I need to check that out.  SO I looked celery juice and the healing benefits UP and found to my surprise that celery juice has tremendous healing abilities and is said to be one of the most powerful healing juices there is.   And I found SUPER crucial information on celery juice!

Without a doubt in the world…the thing most people are searching for that find my blog by accident…is information on Amish Healer Solomon Wickey from Auburn, Indiana.  I first heard of Solomon about 9 or so years ago when I worked for a natural healing website and I just couldn’t learn enough about him fast enough! I was told by people that had been to see him, that he was an older man of very strong faith and felt his healing ability was a gift from God. And because of that he wanted to do all the good he could, for as many as he could, and for as long as he could and he wasn’t going to charge a dime. He had the ability to look into people’s yes (iridology) and determine what was going on in their body. And then he knew exactly what to do to help them bring about a healing about 95% of the time. HE WAS AMAZING…I was told that he would let folks come and just sit through a day or two in his home office and ‘observe’ if they were into natural healing and I was just absolutely gung ho…to go…it was one of my biggest dreams…to go to Auburn, Indiana just to meet Solomon.