Vitamin B Complex: What You Need To Know

Vitamin B Complex is like a wonder drug in my opinion and is without a doubt the supplement that I get the most emails about.   People ask “Is it REALLY as needed as you let on?”  Or “If it’s so important, why don’t our doctors tell us about it”  Well to be perfectly honest, medical doctors know very little about nutrition as a general rule.  They are taught how to treat symptoms.  And the way to heal the body is not to treat symptoms – but to keep digging until you find out what’s causing those symptoms and heal that situation.

What Does Vitamin B Complex Do for Us?

Lack of B vitamins can affect the whole body… B Vitamins are just crucial for the proper functioning of almost every cell and process in the body.  They help the nervous system, they help prevent birth defects, colon cancer and help to lower risk of heart disease (folic acid)  They speed wound healing (Pantothenic Acid)  I believe that Pantothenic Acid is the main healer in my Dermatitis remedy which has healed many raw and oozing hands over the years.  B12 helps with memory and mental fogginess … we also use the liquid B 12 that goes under the tongue, I LOVE THAT STUFF!
When we take it regularly out here at the Canyon, our hair begins to darken again … our skin gets better all over … we feel better in general, more alert and energetic.
The B’s help with anxiety and depression, they help regulate blood sugar so that will help with cravings.  When I’m having a chocolate binge all I have to do is get on the B Complex and in a day I’m over the binge.

Vitamin B Complex twice a day and zinc SHOULD line you right out in just about a week if you have the dermatitis problem and you will even notice a bump in energy. If you’re getting the cracks in the corners of your mouth you’re probably low in your B’s … or if you have a raw/sore/burning in your mouth, just a couple days of B’s will fix you right up.

I’ve given Folic Acid alone or in the complex to women who have had bad pap tests and Folic Acid turned their bad paps around in 4 to 6 weeks – or by the time they went for their burning or freezing techniques, whatever those things are called.  I’ve given Folic Acid FOR that to Kim and several of her friends and even recommended it to folks I don’t even know.

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How Much Vitamin B Complex Should I Take?

 “I” recommend the Twin Labs Vitamin B Complex.  Twin Labs brand because it’s in a veggie cap and is assimilated into your system very fast. I HIGHLY recommend Twin Labs Vit B Complex STRESS TABS twice a day for a week and then you can go to once a day.  NEVER take the B Complex on an empty tummy because it will make you woozie – so always have it after breakfast and supper.  It will also make your urine REALLY bright yellow but that’s normal and expected so no worries there. This stuff is not only DYNOMITE – you body NEEDS it and with our fast food and junk food diets these days we just don’t get enough of the B Vitamins which are so crucial to good health.
So do your own research and see what YOU think and then get on Twin Labs Vit B Complex.

I had been emailing back and forth with a friend to help her and her husband and I talked so much about Twin Labs B Complex her husband wanted to know if I was affiliated with B Complex – but no I’m not.  When I find good news or something easy that will make a big difference I just love to share and I LOVE Vitamin B Complex!


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