Your LIVER is your LIFELINE!   No matter what else you do to be healthy, if you don’t have a healthy liver, you never WILL be healthy!

AND – DID YOU KNOW that our liver is so good at rebounding that if 80% of it is taken out it would still reboot within 3 months?  Yup!!!

Our bodies can function on as little as 1/16 of our livers!

 Fatty and Congested Liver


So many of us have a congested or fatty liver and that comes about from too much junk food, meds, poisons in our water and air, alcohol and other things. Everything filters through the liver! It’s the duty of the liver to eliminate poisons and toxins from our bodies.   It’s also responsible for metabolizing fats and carbs and it aids in digestion and the absorption of fats.  Our liver is a busy little rascal!

We accidentally overload our livers every single day. YES WE DO!!!

A fatty or congested liver is just where junk and fats have accumulated in the liver and it just gets overloaded because it just can’t work as fast as we’re poisoning it to keep the bad filtered on through.

The liver has to remove poisons and toxins from absolutely every single thing we ingest. It helps to regulate our blood sugar and just keeps us healthy in general.

A Healthy Liver is CRUCIAL to Good Health

It is absolutely IMPOSSIBLE to be really healthy with a fatty or congested liver.  AND with an unhealthy liver, it’s almost impossible for our bodies to absorb the supplements and foods and even medicines that we put into our bodies to try and make us better.  SO doesn’t it stand to reason that no matter what we have going on today – the first thing we need to do is make sure we have a healthy liver?

Non Alcoholic fatty liver is now the most common cause of liver disease in the United States.  So many folks think if they hear of someone with Cirrhosis of the liver,  “Oh GADS!  What a DRUNK”   But no Cirrhosis can come about from a very poor diet OR even too many meds.

I could be diagnosed with Cirrhosis of the liver myself and I’ve never had a drop of alcohol in my life.


SO MANY of us Are Being Over Medicated

Now this is very true that many of us are being over medicated.  But NEVER EVER leave off medicines without working along WITH your own personal doctor.

Your LIVER is your LIFELINE - Love, home and Health
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I had a close friend that appeared to be on her death bed.  Even our pastor was having us pray for her because he said she probably only had weeks, if that.  FINALLY out of desperation her daughter took her to a doctor that is educated in how one medicine can conflict with another.  She was on 28 medicines, I believe it was – DAILY.  The new doctor took her down to about 8 and she was up and walking and as spry as any of us in 2 weeks.  SHE WAS BEING OVER MEDICATED and those medicines … some working against the other … was slowly poisoning her body.

I have a friend who take one medication DAILY (we see it on tv commercials) so she doesn’t have to run to the bathroom so much.  THEN she take another one DAILY to make her GO (Lasix) … SO WHAT is going on here? Am I MISSING SOMETHING?  Because it seems to me you would either take one to NOT go so much or take one to make you GO MORE.

I can name 2 people right off the top of my head – one was on her death bed and family was standing by waiting.  And the other was in a nursing home, diagnosed with late stage Alzheimer’s and come to find out she didn’t even have Alzheimer’s.   They were BOTH just being over medicated.  And when that fact came to light because of smart/nosey family members asking the right questions and getting to the bottom of things, they both snapped right out of it.  CAN YOU IMAGINE THAT?

I’m telling you.  We MUST take control of our own lives and health and any illnesses we come down with, we MUST stay alert and ask questions if we have family in the hospital or even going down hill too fast at home.  Ask “HEY!!!  What IS that medicine she’s taking 4 times a day?  Write that name down for me because “I” want to do my own RESEARCH!”

I’ve had people call me in a panic and say “I’ve just come from the doctor and I have a fatty liver -HELP”  And I say “Ok, calm down – because most of us have a fatty liver on and off and I’ve had it myself, just change your diet and lifestyle and add a good Milk Thistle and BINGO!  You’ll be better in days.

Fatty and Congested Liver is Very Common

Research says 24% of adults have fatty liver.”I” think a lot more than that do!  I think it’s probably closer to about 60 or more % because we all eat too much junk food and we eat too fast and we have too much sugar and dairy in our diets.  We’re feeding our faces too much junk!  We’re all taking way too many meds.  And we’re taking in more toxins and poisons – even in medicines – than our liver can filter OUT.

To reverse a fatty or congested liver – it’s really very simple.

Just take a good Milk Thistle and eat healthy.

Eat little or no sugar or high carbs – not even a lot of fruit for a few days, because to reverse a congested liver – fruits just have too much natural sugar.  So they need to be left off until you get the job done and THEN add them back slowly and reasonably.

Eat LOTS of raw veggies.

Drink LOTS of water with lemon. Fresh lemon in water – first thing in the morning, helps to jump start the action of the liver and get it awake and on the job.

I’ve told this story before….but we’ll be out and about and I’ll see someone with a protruding tummy that looks very hard – and not saggy like from fat – but protruding and hard like they swallowed a beach ball.  THAT is a person in immediate DANGER!  And they need to be cleansing their liver ASAP.  Like starting YESTERDAY.  I’ll see someone like that and I’ll say to Billy, “I feel like I need to go tell them their life is in danger from their diet and about their liver and they’re a walking time bomb.”   Billy will say “Go ahead – Let’s see how that works out for ya”

Friends Who Have Overcome Cirrhosis with Milk Thistle

I had 2 ‘friends of friends’ that came down with Cirrhosis and one was given 2 months to live, one was given days.

Each of them had family that contacted me so I told the family “Go to Golden Carrot and get the best and strongest form of Milk Thistle you can get and double whatever the dosage is on the bottle and don’t let them miss a dose.  To that add warm water with lemon a few times a day.

BOTH of those men are out and about today.   One, I know personally and he just recently told me when he went for his last check up, his doctor said “WHAT in the WORLD did you DO.  You’re supposed to be DEAD by now”

It is so true!  We must get in the habit of learning to eat to live instead of living to eat.  And listen, I love fried chicken more than most folks.  And I love homemade ice cream.  And I love fried anything.  But we are trying our best to get in the habit of eating to live … and making that homemade ice cream a treat instead of an every night television snack.

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My Health Library – Favorite Books and Videos

I have a sign that hangs over my computer and it says “There is so much more to life than having everything”  And that is so true.  Is smoking worth giving 25 years of your life for?  Is having Twinkies and cookies and 4-5 cokes a day – worth giving 15-20 years of your life for?   If you go to the doctor next week for just a check up and he says “I’m sorry, but your blood work doesn’t look good – I’m almost sure you have terminal cancer – we’ll know more in a couple days”  Would you sit back and pat yourself on the head and say “Oh well … Everybody’s gotta die sometime!”  Or would you just be crushed beyond words because you had the option of creating a healthy body with your very own diet and lifestyle plan – and you chose the wrong road?

There is life saving information in this blog.  Please share it with those you love!

YOU CAN BE HEALTHIER SOON – starting today.  If you need specific help, never hesitate to message me.

Peace and love from the canyon.  I love you all gobs and thanks so much, for stopping by!

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