Monday, December 17, 2012

BE The Change...The Power Of One

BE The Change...The Power Of ONE

Ok.....Here's the thing...It's time for everybody to stop passing the buck and just say "Ok, HEY...I"VE had enough...WE'VE had the buck stops HERE!" 

Why is it everybody is always wanting some one to DO something about an issue....but THEY don't want to get involved?  What we have to REALIZE....IS....that if this old world is going to turn around....we can NOT count on our politicians to do ANYTHING....They're too busy popping Viagra pills and chasing women they don't even know...and hiding funds under the carpet that they found with their sticky fingers and arguing about the price of rice in do ANYTHING....

IF things are going to change....AND THEY CAN!!!   It's going to have to come from Uncle Fred and Aunt Mildred..and Grandpa Geezer and Granny Goose..and YOU!!!

Billy was just saying as we were watching the news over the weekend.....that things have just gone too far.....this old world is doomed and there's no turning back NOW.  Well....if we set here and LET that happen....that's probably true....OR if we count on our government to do something....we're up a creek without a boat TOO...beCAUSE if it doesn't benefit them or their own party financially....they have no time to listen to 'foo foo' about changing the world.

One person CAN make a difference AND there IS POWER in ONE!

Most of you know that we go to the Flat Track Motorcycle races twice a year in Springfield, Illinois...Billy was raised in a motorcycle shop in his childhood...and he just loves going to the races...We started going in about 1997 and have only missed 1 race in that time, I believe.

Now we're not 'biker people'....we don't wear leather or tattoos....we don't go in unfavorable places like bars or even Hooters and Show Me's...(2 places that Billy gets teased about often because we won't go there)...But when you cater to places like that...THAT MEANS you are approving of that lifestyle ENOUGH that you will frequent their establishments...If your kids or grandkids heard you had been to a 'classic bar'....that would say to all of them....that you approve of going to bars...If you go to a Hooters or Show Me's...that says to your kids and grandkids that you approve of catering to places that try to pull in their customers with women dressed in sleazy attire..So if it's true that we learn what we LIVE with..and I believe it IS...We are just adding fuel to the fire....of moving away FROM a wholesome world..Don't you understand that?

But any hoodie...Billy watches the races....and "I" watch the people and I set there and write my observations...or I'll take pics....or study or just whatever...I gab with him when the noise dies down and he can HEAR me..And I noticed early on....that the majority of the biker people...AND HEY...Now to you BIKER people....NO HATE MAIL OR DEATH THREATS THIS TIME...THIS IS MY OPINION...You just go write your OWN blog.....But the majority of the biker people at the races do NOT go there for the race.....they go there for the 'party' and in the stands are all the moms and dads and grandpas and grandmas that are really there...for the RACE...many MANY with their kids and grandkids.........And that announcer would come on and every 5 minutes...he'd tell everybody to run down and get a beer (GADS I HATE EVEN PUTTING THAT WORD IN MY BLOG) and there were signs all across the front of the track...advertising that horrific...mind altering drink....And the announcer would get tipsy....OH my goodness...There were just quite a few things about that race...that "I" felt...went AGAINST their advertising...that their race was a family oriented event...and bring the kiddies and let them grow up going to the races...SOOOOOOOOOOOO after one race....about 3-4 years ago...give or take..I came home and shot off an email to the IMDA....and the AMA and I told them that we had been going to the races since about 1997 and I was appalled at the talk of alcoholic drinking and encouraging it every 5 minutes...and the signs across the front of the track....and there were several other things that I won't take the time to go into here that I thought gave their races..a bad atmosphere..I also told them that we had seen this particular announcer just months a race in Indiana and he was in the grandstands as an observer that time...and he sat right in front of us and he was so obnoxious and drunk by the end of the race that he had to have a man on each side of him....helping him down the stairs.
I didn't get a huge great 'thank you' email from the IMDA or the AMA..I just got an email that said, "Thank you for the email and we appreciate your comments"...But at the VERY NEXT RACE....the huge alcoholic signs were GONE..there were 2 or 3 very small signs..but there had been 10 or more and HUGE....And when the announcer would speak of taking a break..he'd say "Go get you a big glass of ice water or soft drink" and no mention was made of alcohol...AND the old drunk announcer was gone..and in his place..was a very wholesome speaking and friendly...announcer..who was and is..the best they've ever had.
What I AND BILLY can tell you for a fact....IS....that every..EVERY SINGLE ISSUE that I complained about in my emails...was changed BY THE VERY NEXT RACE..I SAID in the emails.."How can you advertise a family friendly event..and then allow your announcers and advertisers to act and talk like they DO"
We were setting in the stands and talking about all the changes and Billy looked at me and said, "Well "I" just can't BELIEVE this"  :-)  

We have a local Harley Dealership....and they were running the most horrific and unfavorable commercials.....asking folks to come over to their weekend events and bring the family and they said..."Come on over for Bikes..Booze..Babes" and something else..I can't remember the 4th thing right now...and they even had women in sleazy attire in their commercials...Finally I had had I shot them off an email and I said..."DO YOU NOT REALIZE..that your television commercials are the VERY REASON....establishments just like yours....are looked down on by decent people?"  The commercial was changed..and I have NOT seen it since.

So let me tell ya folks..ONE PERSON...CAN..make a BIG difference..WE CAN change this old world in which we live...we CAN bring back the warm and fuzzy....and make it a safer and cleaner world in every respect..We start in our own homes...and then in our neighborhoods and our churches and schools..and then in our towns and our counties and before long....THAT COVERED.

We watched the Survivor Finals last night and one of the contestants said at the end...."We can WATCH the news OR We can MAKE the news".

IF WE DON"T STAND FOR SOMETHING....WE WILL FALL FOR ANYTHING!!!  AND it's happening every day......

I'm for changing this old world.   WE CAN DO THIS.   Will you join me?  PLEASE...PLEASE...Share toady's blog!!!  

Peace and love from the canyon.   BE THE CHANGE...STARTING TODAY

(ADSENSE:   PLEASE DO NOT...Put unfavorable pics or wording on my blog page today as a result of the things I mentioned in my blog)