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My Daily Journal: Monday Morning – 9-11-17 #kindnessrock #618rocks #paintingrocks #rocks #randomactsofkindness YUP – KINDNESS ROCKS!!!   Let’s Help KINDNESS – Rock The World!!! I wanted to talk again today…

I’m a huge supporter of Dr Christopher’s Black Drawing Salve and wouldn’t even consider being without it and I’m going to tell you why.  I’ve had more than miraculous results with it and I believe you can too.

I had a message recently from someone asking if I thought Black Drawing salve would be a good home remedy for their particular situation. I said “YES!!!”  Because I call Dr. Christopher’s Black Drawing Salve “Miracle in a Tin”!

I’m just going to tell you what the black drawing salve has done for us.  If you have a weak tummy, you’d better stop here.

Black Drawing Salve Removes Splinters Overnight

You can remove a splinter of any kind within a few hours by putting either of these black drawing salves over it and covering it with a band aid. 

Turpentine and bacon fat will do the very same thing but is very messy.

The black drawing salve and turpentine and bacon fat both take about 8 hours but are so much easier than digging and poking and pinching at a stubborn splinter.

Listen folks, Flu Season is upon us and Home Remedies for Flu are about to become very important to us all!  I was just told that one of our little local hospitals has had over 200 cases of this bad flu come in within the last 48 hours.

Flu Season Home Remedies Prevention Regimen

IF YOU WILL GET WITH IT, you should be able to prevent the flu from attacking your own body and that of other household members.
I ALSO read this morning that 9 people have died of this flu season in Barnes Hospital in St Louis… Now that’s a major hospital and they say the patients were between their 20’s and 60’s, that’s very scary.