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Friday, January 25, 2013

Making Our Homes Warm And Fuzzy...Part 88 :-)

Making Our Homes Warm and Fuzzy...Part 88  :-)

Well as I said a few days ago, I had another email asking if we could talk about making our houses more homey and warm and fuzzy.  I replied to the reader and said we would talk about that this week, but we've talked about it so much, I just wasn't sure how much more we could say about it.  But then thoughts started spinning through my mind like they're so prone to do and I was writing another blog in my mind just as I was replying to her email telling her I didn't know if I could DO that or NOT...hahaha

So buckle up your seat belts and here we go...

We all want our homes to be a reflection of who we are and we want them to be inviting and welcoming and warm and fuzzy to all who enter and especially to our family that lives there...or at least we SHOULD. 

A warm and fuzzy home just takes 3 things, it needs to be filled with love and it needs to be neat and tidy AND it needs to reflect the personality of the people that live there.  You need absolutely NO fancy/expensive furniture and you don't need a lot of any one specific thing.  Now this is just my opinion, mind you.  I have NO degrees in "Warm and fuzzy homemaking"  In fact, I have no degrees at all...AND if you'd see our upstairs den right now you'd think "WHO in the DEVIL does she think she IS telling US about HOMEMAKING when this DEN looks like it was hit by a CYCLONE?"   But hey....I have the best of intentions and I was just telling Kim earlier this week I had the solution and I could wrap that den up and make it look just like new in about 2-3 hours...and had planned on doing that this week...but then I was working wood and my lower back started acting it's age and I've had to put that project on hold for a couple days....but I'm feeling SO SO good about it now...because I have the solution...

Let's just pretend for a minute....that it's a warm and breezy spring day and we're working in the yard and we go in at the end of the day and look in the mirror and we're scroungy dirty and we have twigs and leaves in our hair and our face and hands and arms are so dirty, just like we're 10 years old and we've been playing in the yard all day. 
So we immediately think to ourselves..."GADS A MIGHTY!!!  I LOOK HORRIFIC...I NEED TO GO TO PENNEY'S DEPARTMENT STORE AND BUY ME A NEW BLOUSE!!!"  So we head to Penney's all scroungy dirty and get us a new blouse and we just go as we shower or scrubbing up or combing our hair...we don't even get the leaves and mess out of our hair...we just get something pretty to make us look better.

We come home and we head for the bedroom to put ON this beautiful new and crispy clean blouse and head back to the bathroom and look in the mirror and WALLA....NOW we look like a scroungy dirty a new blouse...Nothing has changed but we've now added a new and crispy clean blouse to the mix of the disorder all over out bodies....SO does that help the looks of our bodies any at all....NOOOOOOOOOOOOO it just makes the blouse look out of place and who in the world would put on a crispy clean blouse when they were scroungy dirty ANYWAY....

The trick to having a warm and fuzzy home to die for is NOT buying lots of new things.  You don't NEED a new couch or new dining room suite or bedroom suite to make your home look better if the problem is that you're not a housekeeper ANYWAY....You FIRST need to CLEAN UP that mess from front door to back and see where you are from the get go with a clean house...Just doing THAT should make your home look a little warm and fuzzy....NOTHING beats 'clean and neat'. 

I've mentioned my old brown love seat many times and that love seat was bought when Kim was 12 years old...she's now that old love seat is 26 years old...but it's a warm cocoa brown and so soft and warm and fuzzy in spite of it's age...I JUST LOVE my LOVE seat....
So the other sprung a spring...right in the middle where you would touch it when you set down and right smack dab between the 2 pillow on the seat of the love seat.....Billy said, "No big deal we'll head up to Bennett's above Dixon Springs and get you a new one this week."  I said, "WE ABSOLUTELY WILL NOT...I LOVE this love seat."  So I remembered I had a brown blanket stuck up in the closet and I went to the closet and got that big thick brown blanket and folded it to fit under the cushions of my love seat and WALLA...springs hidden and they can't be felt...NO big DEAL...and I get to keep the love seat I LOVE...Billy gets to keep his few hundred dollars another one would COST and we're both happy and not one single solitary person that comes in that door will know I have a blanket covering a spring in my love seat except folks that come out that have read this blog...

SOOOOOOOOO I guess what I'm saying IS...if you want to make your home warm and don't need a lot of new things...or ANY new things for that matter....But it's hard to make an empty and stark home...warm and fuzzy too...To ME...a warm and fuzzy home will have rugs and throw pillows and little lamps and lights that stay pics on the walls and just things that say "THIS HOME BELONGS TO SO AND SO and their personality radiates from ever nook and cranny"  I've even put a little tiny night light outside our front door on that little table and that little light stays on day and night...and so many people have commented on that little lamp and how cute it is out there.  I say "I love the commercial from Motel 6 where they say they always keep the light on for ya...and that's why I did that...a welcoming light to all who come down our lane...24/7"  I like our curtains straight and the porch neat and tidy...and I LOVE CLEAN WINDOWS..although they're hard to keep clean and we have soooooooooo many of them.

So it's the little things that matter....A big new couch and chair won't do squat for your living room...if you need a shovel or rake to get across the floor from one side to the's going to be like that new blouse you put on...with that dirty face and hands and those leaves in your's going to be like a joke.....If you have specific questions...always feel free to email and ask....I don't have all the answers...but I love to help...I had lots more I could have said but my back is KILLING me so we'll save that for blog #89 on Making Our Homes Warm and Fuzzy  :-)

OK now to EMAILS  :-)  When I get a super warm and fuzzy email I always read it to Billy and call Kim and read it to her...I LOVE warm and fuzzy emails and get many of them from all around the world....And Kim is always saying "MOM you NEED to share some of your emails on your blog"  But I don't want people hesitant to email me..afraid it will end up in my blog.....But I had one of the nastiest emails this morning I think I've had since the Biker fiasco....and this is PART of what the reader SAID:

  1. You make me sick- you are ignorant, self-satisfied and a liar to boot. And I would like to boot you. All of this cornball sunniness of yours is the kind of thing usually calculated to obscure a soul and mind equally devoid of substance.
           *****  (I deleted this part..don't want anything really bad in my blogs)*****
    Personally I think you're actually bullshitting about being in contact with this Palmer woman. There's something here that just reeks of freely spun lies.
  3.  And here's my reply:
    1. Oh well hello there Anonymous and aren't you a bundle of sunshine today.

      People like you, who write with such hate in your messages have to be one miserable person and we will surely be praying for you.

      May your obviously opposed to yesterday, be filled with rainbows, sunshine and lollipops..because trust me...the only way "I" want to go through life is filled with those things....if you LOOK for will FIND good....peace and love from the katydid
    I'm going to get off here....I've sprung a spring in my back now...working wood day before yesterday and it's not good this morning so I need to get out of this chair....boy getting old is NOT for sissies, is it? 

  • Sorry about yesterdays blog...I got up at 4am and headed right for the computer after I made the coffee...because Kim had some extra work for me to do...and I'll be switched...Hughes Net had crashed at THEIR end...and I was without a computer until about noon....Just know that any time I miss blogging....that means there's a problem...because I normally at least come on and tell you WHY I can't blog that day ... if I have to miss...but I couldn't even get on to do THAT....
    Peace and love and I love you all gobs....thanks so much for stopping by...this has been a bird's eye view of the katydid and until next are loved....

    To ME...THIS room says "I love life and I love love and I love warm and cozy...WELCOME to our home"

    To me...THIS room says, "I don't care about much of anything and I'm SURE too busy being ME to mess with this doggone house....hahaha"


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