Sunday, February 24, 2013

From The Grill Of Grandpa Geezer

Barbecued Raccoon for sale....starting Monday, February 25th....6pm......Round Knob Canyon by Grandpa Geezer and Granny Goose....FREE BARBECUED COON !!!

GADS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!   Some days you're the BUG and some're the WINDSHIELD!!!

We have a family of raccoons that have moved into the canyon and THEY ARE DRIVING US BONKERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

They will eat all the food we put out for the cats and other critters under the Uncle Remus tree...and THEN they'll come and knock on our back DOOR....I"M TELLING YOU THE TRUTH!!! 

We kept hearing a knocking this past Friday night and I went to the back door...KNOWing it had to be a raccoon because nobody comes to our back door and I keep porch lamps going 24/7 anyway and it was about 9pm....and I looked out the back door window and there was a raccoon on it's hind legs...looking up at ME in the back door WINDOW and knocking with his front paw as if to say..."Uuuuuuummmm ma'am...we've run out of food out get off of your lazy keister and bring me something good to eat..and do you have any canned Salmon?"  ggggrrrrrrrr

This morning...daylight broke to the sight of trash strewn EVERYWHERE...out of our 3 big trash bins on the North side of the house in the I've been out there in the freezing up that mess while Billy got out the raccoon traps.

SOOOOOOOOOO if you want LIVE raccoons..or know where to come..

NOW I'm very late doing my dailies and getting ready for today is the shortest blog in the history of "Bird's Eye View"  but I just have so much to do before church this is going to have to be it for today....
We went out with friends Friday night for supper and they were talking about my blog and Tommy said "I TRY to read your blog...but it's so doggone LONG..I usually give up about 1/3 of the way through" ..hahahahaha   I said, "Kim is ALWAYS telling me my blog is way to long...people are way too busy for 3 page blogs"  hahahahaha

But joking on the barbecue...they will be trapped and hauled off to a woods WAY away from our neighborhood....but if you'd like them as pets...they're very friendly and cute as buttons..we just do NOT have time for raccoon mess...we are busy people...hahahahaha

It's going to be a BIG week at Bird's Eye I hope you can check back all next week...I'm starting Monday with the story of my real life internet stalker and now our lives were actually threatened by this lunatic...

Peace and love...and thanks so much for stopping by....This has been a bird's eye view of the katydid and until next time you are loved!