Sunday, February 3, 2013

My Years On The Cherokee Indian Reservation

All the time I was growing up, I kept hearing stories about my Granny Anderson being part Cherokee Indian.  Well this absolutely fascinated me beCAUSE I was a follower of Roy Rogers and Dale Evans and I had seen the Indians on THEIR program...but I didn't know any personally mySELF...and wanted to know more about my Granny being Cherokee.
My Daddy and Mom didn't have the imagination I was blessed I just got the bare facts..."Your Granny is 1/4 Cherokee Indian and that's pretty much the story"   But through the years the idea of Granny being part Cherokee just fascinated me and I'd dream of it often.  She actually looked a little like an Indian..looooooooong braid that often went into a bun on her head and the high cheek bones...

When I married and our kids started coming on the scene we were into story telling big time and as soon as Kevin was old enough, I started telling him stories of me being a Cherokee Indian and he was fascinated and just lapped the stories up...When Brian came along 2 years later..I now had an audience of TWO and I was having as big a time with my stories as THEY were...I'd be so busy and they'd come to me and say "Tell us a story about when you were an Indian mom..and lived on the reservation"  So I'd tell them a big tall tale about what life was like on my reservation  :-)  And how we lived in Indian Tee Pee's and how we didn't have television back in those days, but we'd set around the campfire at night with all the other Indian families and we'd tell stories and stay warm by the fire...OOOOOOHHH how the boys loved those stories.....and the more stories I told...the bigger the stretch of my imagination and the more detailed the stories got. hahaha

Sometimes I'd be working away and they'd scream for me and say "MOM...THERE'S AN INDIAN ON TELEVISION!!!!!  DO YOU KNOW HIM?"  I'd go look real quick and I'd say, "Well THAT'S old CHIEF RUNNING Bear..or this and that...I didn't even know he was still around"  And OH how they loved seeing one of my Indian chief's on television....hahahahahaha  Oooooooooooooohhh meeeeeeeee..Boy was I a story teller.

The boys came to me one day when they were a little older...and we lived out here so I'm thinking they were about 4 and 6 or 5 and 7...and they wanted to know if my reservation was around here close....I said "OH YES!!!  There are no Tee Pee's on it NOW...but the ground is still there...but most of the Indians have moved into homes like me and your granny and grandpa did....
I said, "Well I'll ask your daddy if he'll take us sometime...because we can't go there alone...just you guys and's too dangerous"

So when Billy got home from work...and we were alone...I said, "Ok me and my big mouth has got me in a problem."  Billy said, 'Well NO DUH BUCKWHEAT!"   I said, "NOOOOO TODAY!!!!"  The boys and I were talking about my life on the reservation and NOW they want us to TAKE them to the RESERVATION!!!!!!"  
Billy laughed and said "I kept tellin' ya they were getting too old to keep up these stories...I knew you were going to be caught in a lie and they'd know you'd been filling them full of hooey for years"

A little later that evening, Billy came to me and he said, "Tell ya what...I know some guys at work that hunt arrowheads and some of them hunt up on the old Hemphill Farm near Big we'll just load the boys up and take them up there and let them hunt arrow heads...but be CAREFUL with your STORIES"  :-/

So the weekend came and I told the boys daddy was taking us to my old reservation site and they could take their sand pails and they could look for arrow heads...Well you would have thought I told them we were taking them to Fort KNOX and they could bring home all the treasures they could get in their little buckets..They screamed and jumped up and down..

So we loaded them in our old Toyota Land Cruiser and headed for the Hemphill Farm at Big Bay...and the boys walked and dug and they even found a couple of arrow heads....they were just absolutely beside themselves....AND they wanted to know exactly where my reservation SET and where MY Tee Pee set...SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO what did I DO???   I SHOWED THEM...and I showed them where the campfire was and how big the circles of Tee Pee's was and I shared a couple more stories with them...and I'm telling you the truth...they were in HOG HEAVEN...
No TELLIN' the stories they went to school with after that....and their teachers were thinkin' "These poor little boys are being raised by a bare faced LIAR"  hahahahaha

But oh my goodness..the memories.

If Kim ever gets some free time..I'm going to have her do a little research on Granny Anderson and her Cherokee heritage..That will be FASCINATING...

Well it's Sunday morning and how did I start my day letting you in on probably my biggest lie..hahahahaha

Tomorrow...I think we're going to talk about dysfunctional relationships and why they happen and how to avoid them...and how to live happily ever after....and this idea came to me because of a ridiculous situation a friend is in..but don't get so excited..because NO names will be mentioned  :-)

Peace and love from the canyon..I love you all gobs and thanks SO SO much...for stopping by...This has been a bird's eye view of the katydid and until next are loved!!!

This is how we used to entertain ourselves on the reservation..I guess this is why I love the out of doors and nature so much today..I was born and raised in the wilderness, you know...hahaha

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