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Friday, February 15, 2013


The Value Of Love's a grand and groovy..warm and fuzzy..zippity doo dah day in the canyon this morning..we've had our big date and just had a wonderful day..I'm feeling better..spring is just around the corner..miracles are happening because I believe and I'm just very excited about everything again..

I have to be kind of quick this morning because I have an early morning appointment...but let me tell you about our adventure really quick. 
We started out right after Geezer breakfast on a day trip...and we were going to spend it junking down in Ky and maybe Tenn.. and come back through Paducah and eat at El Chico's...our favorite local restaurant.  We always get the Mixed Grill and we stuff our faces and still have tons of food left over to bring home...
But in our first stop at the Country Shed or whatever it is in Murray...I was half way through the store when I realized...there was going to be no all day of junking for this old back just yet...and I was so SO glad we were not on our way to Florida just I had told Billy I thought I was now READY for. :-/  
I was very disappointed in the Shed yesterday...there were some empty booths and way too many socks and said "Under New Management" in the front window...but they either took over too late..or they took it and immediately started down hill WITH it..because it was the PITS yesterday...We were about through the store and Billy asked where to next and I said "Well I HATE to do this and it Valentine's Day...but my back isn't up to an all day adventure..we'd better head back to Paducah and eat and go on back home..but this was fun and thanks SO SO much for bringing me down here" 
We were laughing on the way back to Paducah because on our all day adventure which was going to end with a late romantic supper at El Chicos about dusk....was now ending with a late LUNCH...hahaha  But this old back will come's just taking time...We had our To GO boxes and headed to the canyon where he plopped in his recliner and I plopped on the love seat with the heating pad...hahahahaha  But we had a great 1/2 day and then a great evening at home....All I bought was a bag of Hershey's Chocolate with Almonds and the new Flea Market Gardening magazine at the Fred's next door...and I'm giving that Flea Market magazine to Kim today...because this summer she will have her first big garden with nooks and crannies and little hideaways to plant in and she's on cloud 9 and I'm so sooo SOOOOOOOO excited for her....She's going to LOVE this magazine...and after she looks it over..we'll have to tie her down because she'll be trying to fix up and plant too early...hahaha

I have to get to a doctors let's wrap it up with a story about LOVE....ok?

"An old lady came out of her home to find 3 men with long white beards sitting in her front yard.  She didn't recognize the old men but spoke kindly to them and asked if they were hungry and if they would like to come in and have a little something to eat. 
"Is the man of the house home?"  One of the old men asked. "No" the old lady replied, "He's out in the fields working, but he'll be home soon."  "Then we cannot come in until he's back" Another old man said.
A little later, the husband returned from the field and the elderly wife told him what had happened.  "Go tell them I'm home and invite them to come in and eat with us" The husband said.  "But when the old woman invited them to supper, one of the old men said, "We cannon go into a home together, you will have to pick one of us to come in."  "Why is that?" The old woman asked.  And one of the men began to explain..."His name is Wealth" he said, 'pointing to his friend..."And His name is Success"  He said, pointing to the other man..."And my name is LOVE"  We cannot enter a home together so go in and discuss with your husband which one of us you want in your home."
The old woman went inside and told her husband what the man said and he was overjoyed. "How WONDERFUL!" The old husband exclaimed.  "Since that's the case, let's invite Wealth in.  Let him come in and fill our home with wealth."  A farm hand who had come to supper also, said, "I think you should invite Success in..." ..."NO" the old woman chimed in..."I'd rather have LOVE in if we can only have one"  "That's a wonderful idea," the husband said, "Let him come in and fill our home with LOVE"  So the old woman went out on the porch and said, "We've decided to invite Love into our home..which one did you say is Love?"  But when Love got up to go inside..the other 2 got up and followed him.  Surprised, the old lady said, "I thought you said we could only have one of you in and we invited Love into our home."  One of the old men said, "If you had invited Success or Wealth into your home the other two would have had to stay outside, but you invited LOVE and where ever there is LOVE you will find...success and wealth"

Well WOW...what a story and how true...

A couple of quick things:  I saw Journey To Hope post last night on facebook..that they have an 18 year old foster boy in their area that came home..on his 18th birthday 2 days ago.. in a down pour rain to find his belongings on the front porch with a note that said, "You're 18 now and we get no money for keeping you so you're on your own"  An elderly man found him walking down the road carrying his backpack in that downpour rain...he is DESPERATELY needing someone to take him in until he can figure out something...He needs a caring adult or help him get his feet on the ground...He's in the Alma/Baxley area of South Georgia...IF YOU ARE IN THAT AREA and know of a church or pastor or even a facility that helps homeless people...PLEASE let me know ASAP. 
If this was in Metropolis...Weaver Creek would see to him while helping him find housing...I can't IMAGINE why there are not people standing in line in South Georgia to help this poor boy...SO SEE...this is what happens when you read my blog....I GET IN TONS OF MESSES...but sometimes..if you're connected TO ME...YOU could be dragged in WITH me...hahaha  No this boy needs help and support and a roof over his head and someone to help him get his bearings...PLEASE HELP if you're in South Georgia or even Northern Florida..or within an hour or two of the Alma/Baxley area....Let me know if you can help or know of someone who can...the story is on my fb page and please share that link if you live in that part of the country...

Well...we've had a great week...talking bout favorite subject...and believe it or not I've had a couple of emails saying they wished we could talk about this all the time....hahahahaha  GOODNESS that's like others wanting to talk about making our homes warm and fuzzy every can only say so much and then it's time for action  :-)

Love is only good for the young...and the middle aged...and the old if you fit into one of these categories...fill your life and your home with love and about it?  ;-)

When your heart is filled with're going to find that your whole world is filled with beauty...You'll find beauty in squirrels scammering across the tree trunks...You'll be walking along and pick up an acorn and say "OH ISN'T THIS A GORGEOUS ACORN?"  That's what "I" do... hahaha  You'll notice the grass is greener and the sky more blue and even the clouds will take shapes and forms that make you go 'Aaaaaaaaahhh"

Life's experiences can be better than any movie you've ever seen...and there is so SO much more to life...than having everything....If you have everything but no have nothing...if you have nothing..but you have love...then you still have EVERYTHING....think about it!

Peace and love and thanks so SO much for stopping by...this has been a bird's eye view of the katydid and until next are loved

The very best love stories have no ending..we have one...I hope you do too