Sunday, March 10, 2013

I like To Talk About The Good Old Days - Old Timey Sunday Mornings and Dottie Rambo's a cold and gloomy....but yet grand and groovy...zippity doo dah ding dong day in the canyon this morning and I'm HOPING for a little sunshine before the rain.....This yucky weather is like walking across the desert...and you're so dry and thirsty...and you find this little bottle with a half ounce of cool water in it...and ooooooooooooh myyyyyyyy it's so good...that little bit of water to wet your whistle when you're so dry and thirsty....and you grab it and gulp it down..but in a split second...seems like it's gone...and you need more sooooooooooo you've walked and stumbled through that desert until you're almost down to a crawl now and you're thinking "I HAVE GOT to find more WATER"....That's the way it's been this winter with this weather....and I'm feeling like I HAVE GOT to have some SUNSHINE...I think next week is going to be good...I sure HOPE so...

I was just thinking I foo foo'd around the house...running in my circles....about Sundays in the olden days...when we were kids.....Our Sunday morning would start with mom shampooing each of sisters and I and she'd put in 'pin curls' at least for me..because I always loved curls....and she'd use that gooey 'wave set' on my hair...and Oooooooooooooh was yucky...but boy I felt like the queen of sheba when she was done.....hahaha 

I can remember one particular had just fixed my hair and I was about 10 years old...and my Aunt Helen stopped by and she and mom were setting in the kitchen and I was in the bedroom that was just next to the kitchen....and I heard Aunt Helen tell mom..."Boy that Kay is a beautiful little girl...she's going to grow up to be a real beauty".....hahahahahahaha  Well WHAT HAPPENED???  hahahahaha   I think my beauty growing...sprung a LEAK or SOMETHING...but when I heard her say that...I went to our big mirror in that bedroom and was looking at myself in the mirror and I was thinking..."Well WHERE???   WHERE am I 'beautiful'....that just looks like a plain old meeeeeeeeeeeee"   And then.......OH GADS....I hate to tell you all this...but this is the honest truth......THEN it dawned on me that I'd never be walking down the street or anywhere and see myself in PERSON...and I got upset and started crying....and mom came running in the bedroom asking what was wrong...and I said, "I just realized I'll never be able to see myself in PERSON"....hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha  And she and Aunt Helen were doubled over laughing because of what I had said.... Now I've REALLY matured since then....I don't WANT to see myself in person any MORE.....hahaha HEAVENLY DAY!!!

But Sunday mornings were all about would get us ready one at a time and then set us on the couch to watch "Gospel Singing Jubilee" so we'd stay neat and tidy until she got us all 3 ready....then we'd go to church....and have a relaxing afternoon and go back that night...then after church it was chocolate malts, Ponderosa...Loretta Young and family time  :-)

I'm going to post the words to a song that Dottie Rambo wrote years ago...and I hope you'll read it all the way through....if you're not a christian or into 'churchie' things...don't worry...this song won't save your soul by accident or's just talking about Sundays in "The Good Old Days ... and here we go........


Well....I like to talk about the good old days
It thrills me...I confess
Walkin' to church down a country road
bout 4-5 miles I guess

Folks got there early and stayed there late
And all thru the day they prayed...
While the little ones slept on the old church pews...
THOSE were the good old days

Come Sunday mornin' in the old log cabin
you could hear the patter of little feet...
just a headin' for the kitchen cause
Mom was callin' "Kids, get ready to eat"

Then Pa would pray and bless the food
and then he'd turn around and say...
"Better eat all you want so you won't get hungry
cause 'meetin' might last...all day"

Oh and that song goes on and on....But I'm late and rushed...but oh my...what warm and fuzzy memories I have of growing up a preacher's kid :-)

Tomorrow, I think I'm going to tell you a story about a VERY EASY weight loss program that worked for someone...and it's one any of us can do..and spring is it's time to start thinking about gettin' a little healthier and losin' a little weight...I know I'd sure love to lose 15-20 Lord willin' and the creek don't rise....I'll meet you right back here in the mornin'...

Peace and love from the canyon....and thanks so much..for stoppin' by...this has been a bird's eye view of the katydid and until next are loved