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Saturday, June 22, 2013

A Problem to Solve :-(

This is a Mustard Seed
  And I have a gazillion TONS more than that!  Needing and expecting a THIRD Mustard Seed Miracle....Stay tuned!

We all carry burdens, you know it?  Some of us are carrying heavier burdens than others.  I was upset when I came home from church the other night because someone at church said a young friend that went to school with our kids was terminal and expected to go any time from cancer.  I was even asking myself....WHY?  WHYYYYYYY?  And then I did some investigating on my own and found that THAT particular story was just a rumor and this young woman does have cancer...but she's actually doing much better than expected...and that came right from her mom.  WHY do people tell things unless they' re sure?

We have found ourselves in the throngs of a really heavy burden.  But do you know what?  The good thing about "WE" found ourselves in this situation.. is the fact that "I" am one of the 'we' under the load and I WILL FIND a solution to this medical problem. 

I'm going to ask today if I can share the specific medical problem with you tomorrow without telling you who it is.  OR maybe I can even tell you who in our family is dealing with this situation that's needing and going to receive a miracle.

But life goes on ... and we are all standing as solid as a rock behind one of our very favorite people and we will pray them through this.  But today is the birthday party for our great grandson and then I have to decorate for bible school at some point today which will take about 2 hours..give or take.  So it's a full day.  And I'm already finding information that has given us all great hope.  We are ON THIS and we would appreciate your prayers for this .... as for now...unspoken prayer request. 

Here is the post I posted last night...just to get the prayers going.  IF I can tell you more tomorrow I sure will...If this was ME I'd be saying ...everybody stop what you're doing and pray for me and tell all your friends and use my name AND ADDRESS in your prayers so God doesn't get me confused with another Kay Comer that may be having problems....Lord help us all....if there's two of us out there.  :-/  But I have to get permission to share this and I think I'll be able to do that ... I'll just have to see.....But here's the post I posted on my profile page last night...and I'll give you more as soon as possible.  All I can tell you is that if YOU are suffering from this so called untreatable condition when you find out what it is....stay tuned...because I WILL find a solution.

Prayer Request: HOW do I say this without sounding like a drama queen? I have an immediate need for all of you prayer warriors to pray and agree with me on a very grave situation involving someone very close to me. It's medical/physical...and if I can I'll give you more later. But just please pray...if you will... and tell God that you are agreeing together with Kay Comer for a mustard seed mi...racle and that you're asking for a rapid healing in this very serious condition concerning someone very close to me.

"I" believe that we were all given bodies by God that will heal themselves if we give our bodies the natural nutrients it needs to do that healing. And I believe that God is the greatest physician and it doesn't matter what a measly medical doctor says when you have God on your side. I believe that miracles happen for those who believe...and I absolutely believe in miracles....."All things are possible....Only Believe"

Peace and love.  Please pray and agree with us

This has been a bird's eye view of the katydid and until next are loved...