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Thursday, June 13, 2013

THIS DIET WILL Change Your Life:

THIS DIET WILL Change Your Life...

I had a totally different subject I was going to talk about this morning...but I saw a few testimonials run through my news feed this morning from Hallelujah Acres and I thought we should talk about this instead.

I talk about a lot of different weight loss and healing diets now and then...but I'm telling you the truth...I AM SOLD on the Hallelujah Acres program because I've seen it first hand and even experienced it myself and I know it can and will work miracles.

I first heard of the Hallelujah Acres program in my first 15 minutes on my first day at work at the Golden Carrot Health Food Store.  There were 3 men in the store early that Monday morning and all 3 of them were in there to buy Hallelujah Acres books and videos and not a one of them...knew the other one.  SOOOOOOOOOO I asked them what this Hallelujah Acres program WAS and they each told me their healing stories.  I had already been into studying natural healing for 20 plus years and I was thrilled with what I was hearing.  That the end of my first day on the job...I SPENT $80 to take all of the Hallelujah Acres books and videos home with me and Billy was intrigued by what I told HIM the men said so we watched the videos together and decided it would be fun to try the diet ourselves for a short time just to see if we could feel a difference.

At that time...and even now...we had no major health issues that we knew of...But we had the normal sluggish...achy...getting older syndrome that all baby boomers our age have. 
We dropped all sugar immediately...all high carb foods...juiced every single day...and by the end of that first week...I had left the house and got all the way to town before I realized I hadn't put my glasses on that morning.  My normal every day 'blurry vision' had cleared up beyond belief and I was feeling tons younger than my then....55 plus years..
We stuck to the Hallelujah Acres program for 3 weeks.  And then one day Billy said "You know...I can honestly say I DO feel tons better...but we have no major health issues and I'm really missing my steak and ice cream"  So we went back to our normal diet.
I was just flabbergasted at how good "I" was brain fog had lifted...I was feeling so vision was super without glasses....but we went back and it didn't take but a couple days...for the poo poo to hit the got blurry....brain fog was back....we were tired all the time...but we kept going at our normal pace...because we're just busy bodies  :-)  and that's what we do....We are NOT content to sit around and watch television for hours a day...we like to be 'productive' as the geezer calls it.

But I've put so many people on this program and helped them along the way and I've seen so many horrific diseases turned around. 

We had planned on taking me to Shelby, NC fact possibly leaving tomorrow...we had just planned on leaving as soon as we could after Kims birthday today....until Kev's flood ...and now that has been put off a couple weeks or so until I can help him get his home kind of put back in a fairly livable order...But the geezer was wanting to just go investigate the Smokies and I was wanting to spend the night in our little love nest in room 457 at the Twin Islands Best Western Resort in downtown Gatlinburg....and then as we headed on up towards the Blueridge Parkway...another area the geezer was wanting to check out....we were going to take me through Shelby to see Hallelujah Acres first hand and eat in their whole foods/raw foods café...I just wanted to SEE for myself....what kinds of things would BE on their healing foods buffet...and I was SO SO SO excited....But now instead of being on the brink of going and having that behind me...I now still have it AHEAD of me to look forward to very soon....shall we pray...

But I saw some testimonials scroll through facebook this morning from Hallelujah Acres and I just wanted to share them with you.  THIS YOU CAN TAKE TO THE BANK folks....THIS DIET WILL DO exactly what it says it will do...Now you can't do it half have to jump in cold turkey with both feet....and follow it to the letter...and after you're feeling better...make that steak or Coca Cola or ice cream a treat instead of your normal daily fare.....

I HIGHLY RECOMMEND you surf their website  and read tons of testimonials....and just see what this diet entails.....

Below is what I found on my facebook newsfeed this morning:
For over 20 years, testimonies have been the lifeblood of Hallelujah Acres. When people adopt the Hallelujah Diet, in most instances they see their physical and often psychological problems simply disappear. Then, rejoicing in their new found health, they send in their testimony of improved health! These testimonies become the inspiration for others to give the Hallelujah Diet a try. Here are just a few examples:

Testimony #1:  Multiple Sclerosis HEALED
“When I was finally diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis (MS) a year ago I was actually relieved to finally know what had been the cause of my ill health for so many years. Upon receiving the diagnosis, my husband immediately began researching MS, the drugs used to suppress it, the prognosis, and thankfully he included The Hallelujah Diet in his research.
Prior to the diagnosis I had numb hands, feet, face, and tongue. I also had vertigo, severe vision issues, ringing in my ears, cloudy thinking, couldn’t complete my sentences, severe weakness, no energy, severe neck and body pain, crippling headaches, and couldn’t hold my infant grandson.
Because I had such severe exacerbations, I was put on two short-term medications – the first was $20,000 for 5 shots – and resulted in my being free of symptoms for 2 weeks – then all my symptoms returned with a vengeance. The second exacerbation followed just a week later and it was worse than the first. I knew I couldn’t continue like this.
One month after diagnosis I went to The Hallelujah Acres Lifestyle Center in Plant City, Florida and fully adopted The Hallelujah Diet. Within the first week at the Lifestyle Center and on The Hallelujah Diet, I was able to get out of bed without stumbling or falling. It had been over 2-years since I had last been able to do that. The Hallelujah Diet has been my diet ever since and will continue to be my diet for the rest of my life.
I recently visited my MS doctor and he told me that I didn’t need to come back anymore because my immune system was now working properly. In other words, he was telling me that my MS is no longer an issue that needs to be reckoned with. I currently have a very stressful job as a special education teacher at the high school level and The Hallelujah Diet has better equipped me to deal with the stress that comes with that job, while at the same time helped me remain symptom free of MS. Hallelujah!”
Karen P.


“I met the woman who was later to become my wife in 2005 after spending the night in the hospital, in the emergency room thinking I was having a heart attack. I learned later that my problem was my body reacting to the all the animal products I had been eating as a result of following the Atkins Diet.
My cholesterol was over 300 and I weighed 185 pounds when proper weight for my height and frame should have been 140. My wife-to-be was a vegetarian and so the very day I met her I stopped eating meat.
After we were married we discovered on the internet Hallelujah Acres and we both became vegans. As a result of adopting The Hallelujah Diet, in less than six months I had lost 30 pounds, my blood pressure and cholesterol dropped to normal, my heartburn was gone, my sinus problems were gone, and my energy had increased dramatically.
My wife and I came to Health Minister training because we both have a calling from God to share this lifestyle with as many people as we can.”
Health Minister Dale W., Putnam Hall, Florida

And here's one more:  Cancer and general health

“Rev. Malkmus, I attended your seminar there in Shelby, North Carolina the first Saturday of March 2012 and immediately adopted The Hallelujah Diet.
After only one month on the diet I had routine blood work done as I take cholesterol lowering medicine and my doctor wants me to keep tabs on my cholesterol levels. After my most recent blood work my doctor said there has been a dramatic improvement in my numbers! My triglycerides went from 223 to 126; cholesterol went from 180 to 125, LDL (bad cholesterol) dropped from 99 to 58 while my HDL (good cholesterol) went from 43 to 46, and my blood pressure went from 132/82 to 129/64.
My doctor asked what I was doing different to cause such incredible improvements and I told her about The Hallelujah Diet. She said she hadn’t heard about the plan but wanted to look into it. After these most recent improved cholesterol readings my doctor halved my cholesterol medication and said if my cholesterol readings remain positive she will take me completely off the medication.
More important than the improvements in my personal health, my husband who also adopted The Hallelujah Diet with me a month ago because he is dealing with liver cancer, recently had two biopsies and both came back negative. Thank you for helping us both become healthier. God Bless you!”
Mary Alice F., Augusta, Georgia