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Thursday, July 4, 2013

Thanks For The Memories: Songs of Yesteryear

 Till Then  ... The Mills Brothers                                                                                                                                                                  Today starts a new "short" feature on Bird's Eye View and I hope I can do it almost daily...but time will tell.  Kim has suggested that in keeping with the love theme that I am so drawn to for my blog...and my life in general... that I begin posting some of my favorite love songs from yesteryear and maybe tell a little about them or why they're important to me...

This song was playing in the old vintage Annex ( in Herrin, Illinois yesterday when Kim and I stopped in with Grandma Geezerette for a chicken salad sandwich after Grandma's appointment at the dermatology office upstairs in the Annex...I was swooning over this song...leading Kim to comment on how I'm so naturally drawn to all things vintage and love and one thing led to another and the next thing we knew...Kim had drummed me up a 2nd Avenue for my blog pages....Kim's so talented in that way...God love her little socks off   :-)

I found that this song was supposedly written by a soldier going off to war and he was telling his girlfriend in the song that he WILL return and to wait for him....Til Then...

That story really struck a chord with me because Billy was in the army for 2 years of our courtship back in the mid 1960's and that's exactly what I did...I waited for him...Til Then......And I counted the months and weeks and days and hours and minutes until he'd be back home...because my favorite place to spend time in the whole wide world...was inside his hug...and it still is.    To say that if you're really in love...absence makes the heart grow a beyond drastic...understatement. 

After Kim gave me that little 'boss talk' about strolling down a 2nd avenue with our blog pages...I got to thinking about it and I thought..."You know....what better way to start our day than with a warm and fuzzy song that takes us back to a much simpler time when love and priorities were top of the line and back to the memories of songs that just wrap their arms around us in a big tight hug and fills our hearts with love and lots of promise."  And who knows...maybe that lovey feeling that we get from these songs each morning...will stick around all day and make for a better day for not only ourselves...but for all those we come in contact with throughout our day...and wouldn't that be grand?

This 2nd blog avenue will feature a different song each morning from long ago...a song that had meaning way back when and that has the power to give our lives meaning now...if we'll just open up our hearts and let the sun shine in....

Thanks For The Memories:  Songs Of Yesteryear
 will be posted before the blog some, many or most mornings  ... hahaha
I can't get more honest than that...
But here's the matter what I talk about in my blog each morning...By posting a daily love song from yesteryear and talking a little about it...there will always be a little love coming daily from you

The very best love stories just have no ending...and I'm so blessed to be living one of those love stories.

Till then, my darling, please wait for me
Till then, no matter when it may be
One day I know I'll be home again
Please wait (till) till then
Our dreams will live though we are apart
Our love will always stay in our hearts
Till then, when of the world will be free
Please wait for me
Although there are oceans we must cross and mountains that we must climb
I know every gain must have a loss, so pray that our loss is nothing but time
Till then, we'll dream of what there will be
Till then, we'll call on each memory
Till then, when I will hold you again
Please wait till then (ooh)

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