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Saturday, August 10, 2013

Solomon Wickey Apprentices...Here's The List

Donna Perkinson: Solomon apprentice
I've had so many emails since Solomon Wickey passed away in the night last Sunday night...And most of those emails were from people wanting to know if I knew who would be taking over for him if any one....AND how soon these people would be seeing patients.

I knew there were several...Donna Perkinson's is the first to come to mind because I have read so much about her too...She had a real passion for healing and getting to the bottom of illnesses just like Solomon did and Solomon taught Donna ...what Solomon called "The release method" of healing and that's a little woo woo for me to try to explain but it worked for it's ooooooooook with ME.....But I've heard Donna is extremely good and accurate and if "I" was needing anyone for this type of natural healing....I'd probably go to Donna....I believe North Vernon, midway or just below...the middle of the state and towards the east side a bit....

Someone who knew Solomon and his family through going to him themselves....has also been emailing me and has sent me a list of people who have studied under him and who will be following in his footsteps.....

I've already had several emails today....of people looking for an alternative natural healing since Solomon is no longer with us....SO I was going to post this next week and research each of these...but I'm just going to go ahead and post it and YOU can research.....I plan to research several of them....and I'm asking that anyone reading this blog that goes TO any of these people who studied under Solomon to please let me know how it went with their appointments with any of these other people.....I'll keep YOU posted as "I" hear back...if I do...

Soooooooooo here's the is NOT an endorsement of any kind of any of these people....I know nothing really...about any of them....but I sure wouldn't hesitate to look into one or two of them if I needed this kind of assistance....

Solomon Wickey - Apprentices

Contact Information as of August 2013


Grabill, Indiana

                Sam Schwartz (Solomon's son-in-law and trained by him)
                Contact by mail ... include SASE
                15931 Rupert Road - Grabill, IN 46741

Gas City, Indiana

                Jill Mast, C.H., PDMT
                (765) 677-0070 - Natural Wellness

Madison, Indiana

                Gigi Straub, LPN
                (812) 273-8991 - Complementary Health Therapeutic Massage

Noblesville, Indiana

                Katherine Lehman, ND, CNHP, DTR
                (317) 773-5286 - Rivers Edge Natural Health

North Vernon, Indiana

                Donna Perkinson
                (812) 346-1213 - Nature's Health [previously Open Minds]       

Waveland, Indiana

                Jacque Hudson, CNHP
                (765) 435-3040 - His Glory Herb Shop


Florence, Kentucky

                Tracy Dozier, LMT & Herbal Consultant
                (859)-586-0111 - Go Beyond Medicine TM


Clemmons, North Carolina

                Bill Burnham, NES Practitioner
                (336) 778-1950 - Integrative Life Solutions

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