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More Than You Ever Wanted To Know About Kim and I and Bird's Eye View

We have a new 'about us' page and I thought I'd share it today!

A Bit About Me

Well, let's see...You're probably wondering who in the world I am and why I think I should be writing this blog, right?

Truth is...I'm a nobody, just like most folks.  But I was born with a passion for learning and sharing that is just as strong today as it was 67 years ago when I came into this old world and Dr. Decker whacked me on my little bottom and I looked at him and said "Well WHAT was THAT don't even KNOW me yet"

I was born on November 10th, 1946...the oldest daughter of a fire and brimstone Baptist preacher.  I was a wallflower from day 1 by happenstance and I remain a wallflower today, but now by choice.

I have a super strong faith and I believe in miracles.  As you read along in days to come or even in the archives, you will read about my Mustard Seed Miracles that I feel sure I prayed into being with my little mustard seed faith.  FANTASTIC stories, you won't want to miss, I'm sure.

I'm a wife, mom of 3, grandma and great grand and I've been married to the same old Geezer for 47 years.  We dated 3 years and I prayed him into my life way back between 1962 and 1964 when he didn't even know I existed and I was too shy to try to get his attention.  So I did what I knew to do best...I turned it over to

God and He took care of it.  It really was a match made in Heaven and we continue to have a very loving, exciting and extremely close relationship after all these years. 

I've been a stay at home wife, mom and homemaker for most of our 47 years.  But I went to work just after our youngest married, just to work until Geezer retired in 2003.  I worked for 7 years. 
Geezer and I are both real homebodies and our favorite days are just spent foo fooing around the house and workshop and gardens.  I love researching, writing, pampering, cooking and cleaning and all things homemaking.  I've been church pianist for 59 years continually, starting at age 8 in my daddy's church.  I've played piano at Weaver Creek Baptist church in Metropolis for 44 years now.

I've studied natural healing/living since August of 1977.  And I began that intensive study when I realized that so many people were dying of cancer and other horrific diseases and it dawned on me that the answer wasn't in conventional medicine or so many wouldn't be dying.  The answer was going to be in strengthening up the whole body, inside and out, getting the PH balance where it needed to be and building up the immune system.  I believe God gave us all bodies that will heal themselves if we give our bodies the nutrients it needs to do so. 

I began  blogging quite by accident.  Our daughter came out on my birthday in November of 2009 and she had set me up a Facebook and blogger account.  I didn't even know what Facebook or a blog was at that time.  But she showed me the ropes and I was off and running. 

About the 2nd or 3rd day I set down to write a story in my blog draft and posted it to Facebook like Kim had showed me, I noticed that a friend had clicked 'like'.  I was so excited I called Kim at work.  It was so unusual for me to call her at work, that when she took the call her voice was in a panic asking what was wrong.  I said "Rachel read my blog and clicked like"  She laughed and laughed.  As the days passed, more and more read my blog and it's now read in all states and in many, many countries all over the world.

I call my blog a Lifestyle Blog.  We are just liable to talk about anything at Bird's Eye View.  Now nothing off color, mind you.  But we cover the basics of life and living. I guess the main things we talk about though are Natural Healing/Living, Home Remedies, De-cluttering and Getting Organized, Improving Relationships, Making Our Homes Warm and Fuzzy and Just Living Our Best Life Now!
I also love talking about growing up in the Baby Boomer generation and about how life was way back in the 1940's and 50's and 60's.  The Storybook Years, I call them.  Oh they were hard in some ways...but those years sure turned out some SUPER....real people with good solid moral standards and a vision that just wouldn't quit.

I love talking about stories in the news and just this or that or the other thing.  I love blogging to make people laugh and to feel warm and fuzzy and to open all of our eyes, if we need that just a bit too. 
I believe that life is pretty much what we make of it and it always has been and always will be.  Oh we all have our ups and downs and some of those downs can be pretty sad and scary.  But each new day opens up a whole new world of possibilities and a new chance to start all over.  Because you know what?  People that are feeling like they've wasted their lives when they get on down the road of life a ways....really wasted that day at a time.  SO a wasted life is just an accumulation of wasted days.  That's why I end many blogs by saying..."Let's all go out there and make this one of the best days we've ever had"

My desire with this blog is just to make a difference in as many lives as I can.  Whether that's putting a smile on a face or lifting someone up that's down and out or even helping and/or advising someone with a relationship problem or organizing project or worrisome health issue. 

I love and appreciate every single reader.  I pray for you all daily and I hope you will continue to pray for us and for this blog and that it will make a difference to as many as is possible.  I hope you will help the blog to reach out to others by sharing it as often as you can with your own friends.

That's about it about what about YOU?  What makes YOU tick?  What do YOU want to read about?  How can Bird's Eye YOU? 

Peace and love from Round Knob Canyon...I love you all gobs and gobs and thanks so much...for stopping by...

Another Contributor to my blog is our daughter, Kim! Here's a little about her:

Kim Comer Jackson or "KCoJax" as she has exhaustively branded her empire...
Without Kim, this blog would not even exist.  The Bird's Eye View offices open about 5am, 7 days a week.  The offices are located in Round Knob Canyon and House at Pooh Corner and Kim spends her very early mornings taking calls from me in a panic where I'm saying things like "HELP!!! I WAS TRYING TO POST A PICTURE OF A CUTE LITTLE MONKEY ON THE BLOG AND SOMEHOW I GOT A BAD REAR END VIEW OF A HIPPO!"  She'll laugh and say "Ok...Calm down mom...I'll have it fixed in 30 seconds"  She spends another 4 to 6 hours each day, working with me back and forth over the phone as we do the behind the scenes work of the blog...building traffic, working with the analytics, studying and doing this or that to continue the growth and improvement of the blog.
Kim is a thinker, photographer and blogger herself,  with a very busy noggin...She has created and is building Flawn Ocho, wherein she sells her photography, art and design...

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