Saturday, January 11, 2014

Together We CAN Make A Difference.....

From our house to yours...It's a Bird's Eye View

Look at that warm fire in our fireplace...doesn't that look cozy and inviting?  Kim and I are going to start using our own photos in the blog.  We're taking an online blogging class and we learned on Thursday that using photo's off the internet could get us a nice prison term...WHAT???  Well who knew?  SO NOW I have to go back through all my blogs over the last few months, since I've been adding photo's and take them OFF...WHAT FUN!!! 

But that will be easy...just time consuming...and Kim is so swamped with more technical blog chores...this little chore is going to fall on meeeeeeeee...and I'll get'er done.   So you'll be getting peeks into little nooks and crannies of our home and there will be photo's of my Uncle Remus

Tree and some of the wildlife I feed daily and we'll have photo's of the secret garden and telling what else...Now the photo's won't change 'daily'...I'm a little more than over swamped right now...but there will be lots of changing photo's in the coming weeks and beyond....

Well...I thought we'd just talk for a few minutes this morning...about the life we're living and our priorities and the lives we touch each day...We're all going to be doing things today...we're all going to MAKE something today...but do you know the best thing you can make today?  The best thing you can make "A DIFFERENCE!"  I run a very private little one woman organization that I just call "Through The Cracks" and I LOVE LOVE LOVE helping folks with little things...People that have just fallen through the cracks of the government agencies and all that red tape.  I can't do a LOT...but every little bit know it?

I can't even begin to tell you how many little private messages and email notes I received after we helped the little family find a frig yesterday.  And only those of you on my facebook page know about that.  But anyone can see my facebook's open to the world... and my friends and I right here in our own little corner of the world...have helped quite a few folks...right off of that little facebook page .  So if you want in on those little 'emergencies' and see what we do on can send a friends request so my news feed will run through yours....or maybe I have a follow button...I don't even know...

Helping others is really very important...did you know that?   It sure is to me.  Pampering this old Geezer and staying close to our kids and doing things for my church and helping someone that REALLY needs help...THOSE are the kinds of things that make me tick.  I want to make a difference in as many lives as I can.  Not everybody is born with a silver spoon in their mouth.  Neither of US were,  I can tell you that for a fact.  And Geezer and I have had to really work and work hard for everything we have.  But now here's the kicker....we were blessed that Geezer found a really good job at a local plant, right off the bat when he got out of the service in late fall of 1967...and we've always been very budget minded and we've done just fine. 

We've never ever been frivolous spenders.  I can remember one time when the kids were little and Geezer's mom called and they had been out to supper...and I got off the phone with her and I said "You know...your mom and dad really go out to supper often...and we haven't even as much as taken the kids to McDonald's in a couple of years...we should do that sometime soon"  hahahahaha   Geezer said, "Sure...we can do that"  :-)  And here in THIS day and time...families eat out 3 or 4 or 5 times a week and even then 2 of them will go at this time and 3 of them at that time....they don't even take the time to go together these days.

We went out last night and it's the first time we've gone out to eat since before our accident on August 11th last year.  But really...I'd just as soon eat at home...because I just don't trust folks these meat in this, salmonella in that...I like to do our own cooking right here and cook from scratch and then I know it's all fresh and what's IN there.  But once in a while going out is a treat.

We were laughing on our way to town last night because we had a long and busy day and it was getting dusky dark when we left AND it was raining.  But we had set our minds earlier in the day to go out for we did it anyway.  Now NORMALLY...we're never out after dark except just for church that's just 3 minutes up the road from our home...and we NEVER go out in bad weather...and we did BOTH last night...But supper was good...we had fun and then we came home and crashed on our couches...just bombed OUT from the MSG that was in our FOOD  :-0

But I'm getting away from the subject of being kind and wanting to help others.  It's just something that...IF WE HAVE A HEART...we should want to DO.  Geezer used to be just like a lot of folks...he'd say "If they want a better life, let'em get a better job..or 'A' job"  But he has come to realize that it isn't always that easy and he's turned into a pretty good giver on his own...

There was a local news story on during Christmas week and they said a lady had gone through one of our local 'thrift stores' handing out $100 bills to the moms shopping....Geezer immediately jerked his head towards me and gave me that look....and I said "IT WASN'T MEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!"   Although I'd LIKE to do that...and I even said to him ..."this wasn't me THIS year...but I LOVE that idea and I can't promise it won't be me NEXT year, but I can promise you this...if I do won't make the news."
 Not that we have money to throw away...but can you imagine being so poor you're in a thrift store trying to find your kids something for Christmas and someone just walks up and hands you $100?  That is right down my alley, folks.  Although with my 'trust issue'...I'd be more apt to say..."Let me meet you at Walmart and you pick out $100 worth for your family and I'll pay the bill"...Even if you just did that for 5 or 10 people...just think what a difference you could make to those families.

I like to leave my own pretty good tip on occasion when we're on the road.  And one day we were on the road and stopped in a tiny mom and pop diner and this older woman waited on us and she appeared to be in her 50's.  She really looked tired and was talking about how bad she felt that day but she had to come in because they were short handed and this and that....I was feeling SO SO sorry for we were about to leave and Geezer got out his regular tip and I was getting in my pocket for my emergency tip that I often carry in case I'm feeling drawn to 'give extra'...and Geezer said "What are you doing?"  I said "I'm going to leave her my emergency tip because I feel so sorry for her"  Geezer said "YOU DINGBAT!!! SHE"S THE OWNER...I HEARD HER TELL THAT MAN OVER THERE"  hahahahaha   Sooooooooooooo sometimes I mis-read or miss something....

 I DO have a tendency to get carried away and I know that and I try to really watch myself.  We were talking about a project at church one night in business meeting and it was going to be involving 'helping others' and they were talking about who to put in charge and Frances, an elderly lady in our church who I love dearly said, "Well whatever you do...don't put KAY in charge...she's a little over zealous at times"  hahahahaha   OH POOP and I was already sitting there with my mind spinning with what all I was going to DO as supervisor of that project....hahaha

Well...I was just overwhelmed with the lady calling yesterday morning and offering to buy that family a brand new frig.  I couldn't call Bro Shawn fast enough...

I've gotta get my dailies and other things....SO glad we got to have this little chat today, like always.  Let's all be looking for just one little way we can make a big difference today.  For ME...I'd like to donate a nice food basket to this little family with 4 kids that the lady bought the frig for.  I'll have to check with Bro Shawn and see when they're getting their frig delivered....But just like in all aspects of's the little things that make the big difference.

I'd Like To Make A Difference

God has given me a place on earth
to be here for a while
I hope that as I'm passing through
I will make somebody smile.
I want to make life easier
for all the ones I meet
I ask God for His blessings
to the strangers on the street
I hope I'll never fail a friend
if I can help somehow
I want to be as generous
as my resources will allow
And when my life on earth is done
it will be my final plea
Let someone, somewhere think or say
"You made a difference to me"

Peace and love from the canyon....I love you all gobs and thanks so SO much...for stopping by.  This has been a bird's eye view of the katydid and until next are loved...
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