Friday Evening Update on Missing Mom Chrissy Williams

Ok here’s the scoop.  After sending what they thought was skeletal bones and acrylic fingernails to a lab today to be tested.  They found that the supposed acrylic nails were large fish scales…GADS I wouldn’t want to get THAT fish on my hook….and the bones were not human.

Just another HUGE disappointment in the case of missing Shawneetown, Illinois mom, Chrissy Williams who went missing on December 2, 2013 and neither she nor her car has been seen since.

I am SO saddened for her son Dusty…who was only able to get a 3 day pass to help search for his mom and he will have to go back Sunday morning.

The search continues tomorrow and if you live in our area you can help with that search by meeting at the Golconda Marina at 10am.

I’ll update if any other information becomes available.
I was SO in hopes the family was about to find closure…shall we pray!


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