Healthy Snacks For Energy – My Favorite Powerhouse Snacks!


Healthy Snacks For Energy – My Favorite Powerhouse Snacks – And YES!!!  These 2 items went into every single gift bag that left Round Knob Canyon this Christmas – along with other small gifts and surprises.   Even the mailman, trash man and our friendly UPS driver got little gift bags with this healthy power house snack.

We’re talking today about my 2 favorite powerhouse snacks of all time! Healthy Snacks for energy and more! I’m sure you have noticed and realize that so many snacks taste SO GOOD as we’re munching and as they’re going down – but they will zap your energy before you know what’s happened – instead of giving you an energy boost.  So we want to be very careful – at least up in the middle of our work day – to eat only those snacks and foods that will build us up instead of tear us down.
YES!!!  A candy bar will give us a quick spurt of energy and taste SO GOOD while we’re eating it.  And Hershey Bars are my all time favorite!!!  But about 15 minutes after we eat that delicious chocolate bar or whatever candy bar is our choice – we’re going to feel our sugar plummet and we’re going to feel like we need a nap.  Now you KNOW that’s TRUE!


My very favorite powerhouse snack for energy and to keep my sugar from plummeting in the middle of the day – is simply a handful of walnut halves  (and only about 4 or 5 halves)  and 4 ounces of Welch’s 100% Grape Juice.  Now that doesn’t sound like much – but you’ll be surprised at how filling that small snack is.

The reason it’s so filling and gives us lasting energy – is because it’s loaded with protein, fiber and a little good carb.  It is doing a balancing act on our insides and helping us – where the candy bar or sugary treat is only tasting good – but throwing things off kilter and hurting us.   The walnuts and grape juice are going to stick with us – where the candy will only make us crave more in just a few minutes AND zap our energy. 

Fischer’s Natural Walnuts and Welch’s 100% Grape Juice Make A VERY Healthy Snack!

A Healthy Snack – Fischer’s Natural Walnuts –

Walnuts are just almost a miracle food.  

Just 12-15 walnut halves a day – if eaten consistently over a period of about 3 months – will reduce the risk of a stroke and clogging arteries by a whopping 70%!

Now what more could one ask of a good and healthy snack?  THAT is MAJOR NEWS right there!

Walnuts are also good for lowering overall cholesterol and improving good cholesterol.  AND they’re good for memory.  Walnuts are loaded with good fats and fiber and will not only decrease your appetite, they’ll keep your blood sugar level and give you a quick energy boost to boot.

Walnuts are high in potassium, iron, zinc, protein and will improve depression, dementia and circulation.  COULD WE ASK MORE of any one food? I don’t think so!


Healthy Snacks For Energy - My Favorite Powerhouse Snacks! - Love, Home and Health

A Healthy Snack – Welch’s 100% Grape Juice –

We’ve all heard the stories about how just drinking a couple glasses of wine in the evening could prevent heart disease or even reverse damage we’ve already done to ourselves – right?   WELL – it turns out those findings were probably the birth child of wine ‘makers.’  I AM NOT SURPRISED!!!

WINE is made from grapes – which we all know.  And grapes are the health giving ingredient in these wines!   Grapes are loaded with flavonoids and Resversatrol.

Flavonoids prevent the oxidation of bad cholesterol – which leads to the formation of plaque in our artery walls.  Now not to get technical – so let me try to explain – OXIDATION rate is an important factor because oxidized cholesterol contributes to the build up of plaque in our arteries.  So the slower the onset of oxidation – the less likely oxidation will lead to Atherosclerosis.  Ok – You’ve got it now – right?

Reseveratrol has been shown through many studies to prevent heart disease and certain cancers and it’s found in grapes.

Grape juice reduces the risk of blood clots, helps maintain a healthy blood pressure, reduces bad cholesterol, and relaxes the blood vessels.  But now you need the dark purple grape juice.

A Cardiologist Did His Own Experiment – THIS IS IMPORTANT!!!

A Group of 15 patients who already showed signs of cardiovascular disease – including plaque constricted arteries, were asked to drink a tall glass of grape juice daily for 14 days.   After just 4 days, blood tests revealed that LDL oxidation in these patients was significantly reduced.  And an ultra sound on each one, showed changes in their artery walls indicating their blood was flowing more freely.

Does rejuvenating our arteries – get – any easier than that?  I don’t THINK so!

Most researchers recommend 12 oz of Welch’s Grape Juice a day.  But you can even drink that in little spurts of 4oz of the juice – 3 times a day – and along with that – have about 4 walnut halves.  If you want to add a REAL lift – add just 1/4 slice of any good cheese.  Now just 1/4 slice is all you need of that cheese.  We’re not at a Sunday buffet here – 3 times a day.  We are just snacking to make our bodies stronger and healthier – 

We are learning to eat to live – instead of living to eat!!!   THERE IS SUCH A DIFFERENCE!!!

HOW To Get It All In

SO how do we get in all these Walnuts and drink all this Grape Juice every day?  It’s SO easy!   Just mid morning and mid afternoon – and maybe even about 7pm – have about 4 or 5 walnut halves and about 6 ounces of Welch’s 100% Grape Juice.  Now it really needs to be Welch’s – and it really needs to be 100% and not one of those cheaper cocktail drinks – because this is  what was used in the study.

By doing just that one little thing – two but preferably three times a day – you’re giving your arteries more breathing room, giving yourself a little surge of energy and probably find that you can even think just a little more clearly.

Eating grapes as a snack is not quite as healthy as drinking the juice.  Concord grape juice is made by grinding the seeds in the grapes and adding that to the juice and it’s in those seeds – that’s where a lot of the nutrients are found.

Healthy Snacks:   People Are Always Asking Me “HOW Do You DO All You DO???

SO – NOW YOU KNOW  about my favorite power house snack and how I can go like a house a fire from 4am to 10pm.  I’m like the energizer bunny – I can take a licking all day long and keep on ticking – and you can too.   If I’d have a snack of a couple chocolate chip cookies and glass of milk twice a day … I wouldn’t even get to snack #2 because I would have crashed shortly after snack #1.

SO I start most of my days about 4am – with coffee with a little cream – at my desk.  And THEN about 8am I have the juice of 1 lemon in 4 ounces of water with a couple pinches of Celtic Sea Salt in it.  Mid morning or a little later – if I have anything I’ll have my 4 walnut halves and a little grape juice.  We usually skip lunch – because we don’t like to eat in the middle of our work day – but we’ll have the healthy snack here – and our meal of the day will be about 3-4 pm.    Now that’s not to say we don’t have ice cream or cake or pie and we eat way too many potato’s in all forms  🙂

But we don’t do without anything we love – we just make sure we get in the healthy stuff first.  And don’t knock it until you’ve tried it – because at 70 and 71 – this old Geezer and I could work circles around half a dozen of you that are half our age.   Having said that – we’ve also had WAY too much cake, candy and cookies over Christmas and it’s time to get our noses back to the grindstone.

But HEY – isn’t 2017 a brand new year?  With a brand new chance to make a few healthy resolutions?   We need to all put this one at the top of our “to do” list for 2017.

Now again – IT’S GOTTA BE – 100% Welch’s Grape JUICE – NOT the cocktail.   And we buy the Fischer’s Natural Walnuts at Walmart, but you can also get them from Amazon right here and they’ll come right to your door.

Give yourself a good Power House Snack twice a day and watch your energy and production sore!!!

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