Is It A Brown Recluse Spider Bite? Do YOU Know What To Look For?

Brown Recluse Spider Bite – WHAT To Look For

Is it a brown recluse spider bite?  Do YOU know what to look for?   Let’s say you’ve got a new insect bite and something about it just seems a little different.  Instead of getting better after a few hours – it seems to be looking a little worse.  And there’s pain there – what’s that all about?  The redness seems to be spreading and the bite area seems to be hardening – so you watch it.

After about a day – you’re just not feeling your spunky self and you wonder if you’re coming down with the flu.  And then you realize your new bite area is kind of itching or burning – so you scratch or brush at it – but then you notice it even looks a little worse today than it did yesterday.  WHAT is going ON with this little BITE?   It should be healing but it’s going the wrong direction on it’s healing journey and getting worse.

SO you watch your bite for another couple days and continues to get worse looking instead of better and instead of healing up – it’s now taking on kind of a volcano look.  You decide you’d better go to Redi Care or your doctor – and they say “Yup – you’ve got some kind of insect bite!!!  Just put this cream on it for a few days and I’ll give you a weak antibiotic – just in case –  and you should be fine in no time.  But you go home and start applying the cream as directed and you take the weak antibiotic and the volcano bite just keeps looking worse and worse and you notice you’re still not feeling well either and now you think you have a little fever.

IT IS TIME TO GO to a good ER and do that asap!!!   Because if it’s a brown recluse spider bite – that bit has released poisonous enzymes into your body and a little cream and a weak antibiotic are not going to touch it.  You need to be on an IV and some strong meds and you need that NOW!!!

Below are photo’s of the usual progression of a Brown Recluse Spider bite.    Now they don’t all do this!!!   It depends mainly on the person and the strength of their immune system.    Even some Brown Recluse Spider bites can heal on their own in just a couple weeks with no lasting effects. Others require surgery to remove the damaged tissue around the bite area – so those poisonous enzymes so common to the brown recluse don’t spread throughout your body.  Because they will if they’re not stopped.   And sometimes it takes 2 surgeries to get all that poison out.

Girl's Brown Recluse Spider Bite Turns Into Open Wound

Where Spiders Hide

Well – spiders hide everywhere.  In dark places – in piles of newspapers and magazines – in piles of clothes on a chair or bed or the floor. They’re going to crawl in and hide – any old place they think they can go and not be found.

Spiders are not aggressive – but when cornered – they’re going to bite you.   Never ever put on clothes that have been laying in a pile.  And GADS – even our clothes hanging in our closets and folded neatly in our drawers – could become hiding places for scary creatures like dangerous spiders and more.

You will find spiders hiding in the absolute cleanest of homes.   This has nothing to do with not being a good housekeeper.   We have spiders in our home and you have spiders in your home – right now.  IN FACT – we probably all have a few brown recluse hiding in our midst.  And you can spray and treat till the cows come home – but eventually – that treatment is going to lose it’s power.

So we need to know how to avoid these creatures as much as possible and we need to know what to look for if we get a bite – to know if it’s going to give us a serious problem or not.

Insect And Spider Bites – BE PREPARED –  A FIRST STEP – Home Remedy

If someone in our family was to get a bite that I was even the least bit suspicious of – I’d immediately wet a folded paper towel under very hot running water and hold over bite area for about 30 seconds to open those pores and then I’d do that again.

THEN I’d run hot water over that folded paper towel and sprinkle Adolph’s Meat Tenderizer on the hot towel and hold it over the bite area for about 2 minutes.   I’d do that again in about an hour.   This will work even for bee stings and other things and we’ve actually used this remedy for insect bites and bee stings many times.

It will immediately draw a lot of the poisons out from the bite and take the pain and swelling out of even a bee or wasp sting in less than one minute.   It can also work wonders on spider and other insect bites.

THEN I’d cover that bite area with Dr Christopher’s Drawing Salve – mixed with equal part of PRID.  For a spider bite – I wouldn’t take chances and I’d go for the double whammy remedy.  We HIGHLY recommend Dr Christopher’s and Prid drawing salves and our family uses them often.  And I can honestly say – you would never find our kitchen NOT stocked with all 3 of these – Dr Christopher’s Black Drawing Salve – Prid – and Adolph’s Original Meat Tenderizer have all saved the day many a time in the Comer family.  THEY ARE AMAZING for drawing out poisons and the 2 drawing salves will even draw out splinters, glass shards and more – without any digging at all with a needle.  Just put either or both of them over the splinter and cover with a bandaid and in 8 hours or less – your splinter is gone.

This Is A Must Share Post – We ALL Need This Info

It’s spring and everything is crawling and buzzing … we ALL need this info handy.  A spider bite can be almost nothing – or it can cause you weeks of discomfort and worry.  Don’t take chances!!!  Please share this post with your own friends and family – it could save hundreds of dollars and tons of heartache – just by knowing and being prepared.

Home Remedies

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