My Daily Journal: February 13, 2018

This is My Daily Journal and today is Tuesday, February 13, 2018 – and GUESS WHAT?   We are 24 hours away from the early morning hours of Valentine’s Day.   Do you have your plans made for Valentine’s Day?  Do you know what you’re going to do or give?

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Actually – our plans have changed just over night – and that’s because of the weather predictions for tomorrow.   We had planned on a day of junking – possibly in the Murray, Ky area – and a meal at one of our favorite buffets there.  But now that old weather man is calling for 70% chance of rain – and you can call us crazy if you want – but we just don’t get out on the roads in bad weather or even rain – if we don’t need to.  SO – we had a back up plan – and we’re on it.  🙂

But let’s all start today – to kind of set the scene and set up the pace for how our tomorrow is going to go.  Would you like to do that?  Plan today – for how smoothly your tomorrow is going to run?

I’ll be doing that – even though I’m pretty good at keeping things tidy already – but I’ll be extra careful today – to do a little deeper cleaning and tidying – so that when tomorrow ‘does’ come – we’ll be stuck in a very tidy – and warm and fuzzy home.  🙂   And I already have my now “homemade’ meal planned and my surprise for Geezer – so I’m set there.

But to me – nothing says “I love you” – more than giving your family a tidy and warm and cozy home and a good meal at the end of the dayeven IF – that meal is soup and sandwiches – OR even one or the other.  The secret IS – setting down to a pretty tidy home and a relaxing meal together – at the end of everybody’s busy day and sharing the fun and challenging occurrences OF everybody’s day.  And YES!!! I make messes – and Lordy as a cottage crafter – I make LOTS OF them – But I clean them up when I’m done.

feeling overwhelmed by clutter - love home and health

I’ve talked about how I’m working on these junk book journals to open my etsy shop soon – and yesterday I had our kitchen table loaded down with all my junk jewelry and laces and rick rack and fabric swatches.  I had my pile of coffee dyed paper on that table and all my little images that had been coffee dyed and ironed and then I had several stacks of muted colors I’m using and coffee dyed newspaper to cut or tear from and GADS – just this and that and the other thing – on that table.  I HAD SUCH A MESS in fact – that I had to move to the stove top to use that for my work area – oh UGG!

I was tearing and cutting and gluing and dreaming away standing there at that old stove – and I could feel my BP rising – And here’s a hint on BP – when you can feel your heart beating in your ears and gums – you are probably spiking near stroke level – so SET DOWN and do some deep breathing.

After several runs to the ER over the years with spiking BP to stroke level – Dr Patel finally told me if it spiked that high again – to chew up at least 1/2 of an extra BP pill and SET DOWN AND RELAX – and I’ve done that in the past – but boy – this deep breathing works wonders AND a hot shower will take it down even faster – Deep breathing and letting your body relax – in a hot shower.  But I opted for the dry run and a quick prayer because I still had tons of work to do – and boy – down she went – back to normal.

So – when this happened yesterday – I went into the living room and set down on the love seat.  Geezer immediately said “What’s WRONG?  YOU don’t sit down during the day.”   I said “I was getting so involved and excited about that junk book I’m working on – I’ve spiked my BP.”  LoL  And I HAD – just from getting so involved and excited over that goofy book made out of JUNK.  :8)

SO I set there a bit and did the deep breathing – and calmed myself down and then we took my BP and it was still – after 20 minutes of relaxing – 156/94 – so no TELLING what it was before I calmed myself down.  I set there another 20 minutes doing the deep breathing – and yup – sure nuff – it went on down to 123/74 – now that was with no extra meds – nothing but deep and slow breathing – – so back to the kitchen stove I went and continued on with my book – trying to work at a slower and more relaxed pace this time.

But just knowing the work I still had ahead of me on this book – and the looks of that kitchen table and the kitchen stove – just spiked my BP.
BECAUSE – CLUTTER – clutters our minds – and keeps our bodies from being in a relaxed state!

SO – let’s tidy today – make our plans for tomorrow – and set the pace – the scene and the mood – for tomorrow – Valentine’s Day.  That special day set aside each year to show more love and kindness towards those we love the most.

Even if you’re going out in this treacherous weather  🙂 and having your meal out – you should want your home to be tidy and warm and fuzzy all day long on this very special day.   At least – that’s MY opinion – but you know what they say about opinions – they’re like noses – and we all have one – lol

Lasting love doesn’t happen by accident!  It takes work!   It lasts because you want it to more than anything else in the world.  BUT – “It’s intentional – purposeful and in the end – it’s OH so WORTH it”!!!

Peace and lots of love – coming to you from Round Knob Canyon –

And here’s a peek at the journal I’m working on right now – it won’t mean much to many of you – but that’s ok – it will to junk journal enthusiasts  🙂

Even these 2 pages are not done – and there are surprises hidden under 3-4 of the flaps on this page – I LOVE making Junk Book Journals!!!


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  1. Lovely journals so vintage and if you find that you need a button to your favorite blouse, well there it is! pasted on the journal in plain sight!

    February 13, 2018
    • Kay Comer said:

      I’m a vintage button fanatic Barbara 🙂 My journals are always full of vintage buttons …. Thank you for stopping by and I hope you stop by again soon. Kay

      February 13, 2018

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