Juicing for Blood Circulation

I’ve been studying lately about the best ways to improve blood circulation – not only that, but  naturally improve blood circulation!  I’ve been having some numbness and tingling when I sit in one place for too long and often that can be a problem with poor circulation.

SO where do I go to do that? Where would I find this very valuable information on how to improve circulation?   My books and the internet and only relying on very reputable resources!   And when I did that – WHAT to my WONDERING EYES should APPEAR? Juicing for Blood Circulation!



Improve Circulation at www.LoveHomeandHealth.com

Juicing for Blood Circulation

Carrot Juice Will Improve Blood Circulation

Carrot juice is just better for you than eating raw carrots and really it’s tons more delicious than a raw carrot.  Carrot juice is smooth and frothy and sweet … OH my goodness.  Geezer has often said – after drinking his glass of carrot juice “If this stuff was sold at the Dairy Queen – we’d have to stand in line to get it”

Carrot juice will not only improve circulation – it’s also loaded with potassium, manganese, copper and iron.  Vitamin A, K, B6, C, Folate and more.

Drinking just 7 oz of carrot juice a day for 3 weeks will lower your cholesterol by 11% in just 3 weeks.  Now really … do you need to know any more than THAT?

Dr John Christopher – one of the greatest naturopathic doctors in history – called our blood stream – “The River of Life” and boy it IS!  Because if that blood can’t flow through our little arteries freely … or if that blood runs into an area that’s just too narrow for it to flow through freely … that’s probably all she wrote for THAT person.

I was just so excited and encouraged by what I read.  Most all of us would benefit by doing a little to improve circulation in our own bodies. Life has been been so hectic in Round Knob Canyon lately – we’re only juicing a couple times a  week and we really need to juice a lot more often.

We have a Champion juicer which is about 35 years old and still works just like new and I love that old juicer.   And just this year we’ve bought the Breville Juice Fountain and I love that one even more BECAUSE it’s just so quick and easy from juice to clean up.  And so is the Champion – but I DO PREFER the Breville Fountain .

If you don’t have a juicer, I hope you’ll consider getting one.  It’s the absolute best thing you can do for your health and well being.


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