How To Improve Liver Function with Milk Thistle!

What is Milk Thistle?

Well Milk Thistle is an herb that grows naturally in the wild and if you live in the country, you may have it growing all around you.  In the warm months, Geezer is always saying “If you want some of that Milk Thistle in the field for your bouquets, you’d better get it because I’m cutting it down.

But I’m not one of these old herb ladies that will go out in the wild and pick something to ingest for health reasons and hope I’ve picked the right thing and used the right part of it.  I’ll get my herbs online or at the health food store.

Finding Milk Thistle in the Wild – But I Wouldn’t

Milk Thistle is that tall flowering plant you see when you’re riding in the country and you may find it along the roadside or out in the fields.  It has a very thorny tall stem and a bright purple/hot pink flower on top.  And it’s one of those herbs that has been around since ancient times.

Learn How to Improve Liver Function with Milk Thistle! Milk Thistle taken faithfully can REVERSE many Liver Problems!

It’s also one of the most used medicinal plants on earth!

If you have almost destroyed your liver with alcohol or a bad diet – find yourself a good Milk Thistle and take it several times a day, DAILY!

Your liver will bounce back like it’s a little tennis ball being used to play Seven Up on the side of a house on a warm summer afternoon.

Benefits of Milk Thistle - Have you almost destroyed your liver with alcohol or a bad diet? Milk Thistle can make your liver bounce back like it's a little tennis ball being used to play Seven Up on the side of a house on a warm summer afternoon.

Benefits of Taking Milk Thistle

Milk Thistle WILL … if you take it faithfully and adhere to a healthy diet – do the following;

Reverse Cirrhosis of the Liver even in later stages

Reverse Chronic Hepatitis

Rejuvenate drug and alcohol induced liver damage

Reverse a Fatty or congested liver

It protects us from environmental toxins that are all around us daily.

And it will DO all of these things fairly quickly if you take it like recommended above while eating a healthy diet.

Milk Thistle’s Quick Rejuvenating Effect on the Liver

We NEED a healthy liver if we want the rest of our body to be healthy.  We NEED a healthy liver to be able to lower our cholesterol and triglycerides.  We NEED a healthy liver to be able to reduce the risk of cancer cells growing and multiplying.  We NEED a healthy liver before our body can absorb any nutrients that we put into it to make us or keep us healthy.

In all cases of diabetes and anemia and gall bladder problems and more, you will find – if you look deeply into your health situation … that your liver is fatty or congested and faulty for sure.  And a good and healthy liver is absolutely crucial if you want to be healthy yourself.

Even the healthiest liver that is given the very best diet day after day – has a tremendous job to do all day every single day.  Because it’s so easy for the liver to be overwhelmed by the tremendous load of junk food and even every day poisons in our environment.  DO YOU REALIZE we probably breath IN almost as many poisons from our polluted air around us … as we take in by eating and drinking?

The main ingredient in Milk Thistle is called silymarin and it’s really important to do your research and read reviews when choosing a Milk Thistle to restore your health.

WHY We Recommend Liver Smart by Naturenetics

Well that’s an easy one to answer.  You can take any old Milk Thistle and kind of play Russian Roulette with your money and your liver – some will work fairly well – others you won’t notice a difference at all – but WE like to use products with a proven track record and that’s just what Liver Smart by Naturenetics has.

This product if you were to take 3 a day – will literally detox your liver if you do a good healthy diet along with it.  By healthy diet I simply mean – back off on the junk food – no sugar, little or no dairy – just eat clean while you do this ‘liver cleanse.’

In a short period of time – even just a couple days of you take 3 a day  – you will notice a detox effect beginning.  Possibly enough that you’ll want to back off to 1 a day until you’re well into your liver cleanse – but just play it by ear.  If you’re feeling fairly well when you start taking this – but just want a liver cleanse – and then you start feeling a little draggy-yucky after you start taking it – you are DETOXING  🙂

Liver Smart will regulate your sugar level in your body – so it’s very good for people who are type 2 diabetic or their sugar just runs too high.  It will rejuvenate drug or alcohol induced liver damage. It will protect you from environmental toxins and we come in contact with those all day every day.  It will reverse Cirrhosis even in advanced stages.  It will reverse chronic Hepatitis and I could go on and on.

Taking only one a day – it will work not as a cleanse necessarily – if you’re very sluggish – but it will protect your liver – and that’s good too.

SO while there are many out there and you’re free, of course to buy the one of your choice – you just can’t go wrong with Liver Smart if you’re looking to rejuvenate your liver.

I’ve Seen Miracles with Milk Thistle

I have literally given Milk Thistle to people whose livers were in such horrific conditions they were given 2 months or less to live and virtually no hope.   And after taking the Milk Thistle for a couple of weeks and getting on a good diet with no junk food or alcohol, they had their doctors do more testing to update and the doctors would say “Well WHAT in the WORLD did you DO?”

We take Milk Thistle on and off just on general principal.  As I’ve said before … we don’t take many things daily … we know what to take when and why and that’s how we judge what supplements we’ll take “this week” or for a few days, etc.

But now keep in mind.  THIS BLOG IS NOT intended to diagnose or treat your symptoms.  IF YOU HAVE a health issue it is strongly recommended that you use supplements to treat your issue ONLY under the supervision of your own family doctor.  I’ve been studying this for almost 40 years … so I know pretty well what’s safe for Geezer and I and even our family to use for this or that. But everybody is different and you need to seek professional medical assistance for any major health issues.

Liver Health

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