My Daily Journal: February 12, 2018

This is My Daily Journal and today is Monday – February 12, 2018 and we have just 2 days till Valentine’s Day!  :-0  Do YOU know what YOU’RE going to do for YOUR spouse for Valentine’s Day?   It doesn’t have to be anything big at all.  In FACT – a simple homemade card – can often mean more than the most expensive gift – depending on the recipient  🙂

We’ve done things as simple as a pallet picnic with favorite foods – and we’ve roasted hot dogs in the fireplace – and we’ve even had a couple of very romantic picnics in the secret garden late in the evening since we’ve been ‘on our own’.  😉  The sky’s the limit really – if you put on your thinking cap.

But I’m ready and waiting.  Valentine’s Day is one of my very favorite holidays and it’s almost here once again.

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In FACT I’m so crazy about Valentine’s Day – that I’ve collected vintage valentine’s from the 1950’s for 2 decades – and I’ll share a few photo’s below – There’s just nothing even today – to compare to the vintage valentine’s of the 1950’s.  Those chubby cheeked kids with the big eye – and turnips that could talk – and the big yellow ducks and big red hearts – and so much more.  The creativity of that era – OH MY!!!

If you’re my age or in the vicinity – you remember those valentines.  And how we’d decorate a paper sack for school and the teacher would line all those sacks in a row – somewhere in our classroom – oh my GOODNESS.

It was so much fun – and then there was the anticipation of wondering what kind of valentine we’d get from this one and that one – 🙂

I’m swamped beyond measure already this morning – trying my BEST to have one of my junk book journals ready for Kim to video by the end of the week – SO – let’s just go on to my photo’s for today – and I’ll try to be a little more inspiring tomorrow – ok?  🙂  Now some of these valentine’s are in big frames in our laundry/exercise room and others are in a big vintage scrapbook – I LOVE these Valentine’s – and there are tons more frames and filled scrapbook pages – but I just wanted to give you a quick peek …

Peace and lots and lots of love – coming to you this Valentine’s Day week – from Round Knob Canyon –

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