Apprentices of Solomon Wickey, Naturopathic Doctor – Here’s The List

I’m getting many emails and facebook messages wanting to know if I had a list of apprentices of Solomon Wickey.  I have a short one and will share – although I can’t necessarily vouch for any of them.  But let’s get right down to brass tacks.

I’m sure you’ve heard by now that Amish healer Solomon Wickey passed away in the night last Sunday night.  I had an email from someone that said they followed my blog because I occasionally write about Solomon and they said they lived near him.   I knew he had been in ill health for a while and kept wondering to myself just why he couldn’t heal himself.   But I was finally told he passed because of complications that resulted from a brush fire where he had done irreparable damage to his lungs.


Many are wanting to know if there will be someone take over Solomon’s practice.   I have no idea if there will be anyone in his immediate area – but I do know he had many study under him over the last couple of decades.  Keep in mind though – that Solomon felt he was chosen by God to heal the sick.  He would pray over people that came to him – on top of all the other things he did.  I doubt that many – if any – of those listed below could be considered “faith healers.”


The first to come to mind is DAVID – and that’s all he’s known as  🙂  David was the one I would contact when I had someone wanting an appointment with Solomon.  David was the one that over saw most of Solomon’s appointments and other things.  David also studied under him for 12 years and he is now traveling parts of the country doing his own healing sessions.  You can contact DAVID through his facebook page – You can private message DAVID or post to him and tag him and he will answer you back fairly quickly.


Donna Perkinsons is another apprentice of Solomons to come to mind.  She has a real passion for healing and getting to the bottom of illnesses just like Solomon did and has always been interested in holistic health and wellness.  After Solomon healed Donna’s husband after conventional doctors couldn’t – Donna decided it was time to learn what she could from Solomon if he would teach her.  SO she approached him and he was more than willing to put his time into teaching her if she would put all she had into learning.  Solomon taught Donna …what Solomon

Donna Perkinson: Solomon apprentice
Donna Perkinson: Solomon apprentice

called “The release method” of healing and
that’s a little woo woo for me to try to explain but it worked for Solomon to help him bring about his miracles so it’s ok with ME.  I’ve heard Donna is extremely good and accurate and if “I” was needing anyone for this type of natural healing – I’d definitely go to Donna.  She’s located in North Vernon, Indiana and that’s about an hour south of Indianapolis.

Someone else who knew Solomon and his family personally through going to him themselves has also been emailing me and has sent me a list of people who have studied under him and who will be following in his footsteps.

I’ve already had several emails  from people looking for an alternative natural healer since Solomon is no longer with us.

SO I was going to post this next week and research each of these but I’m just going to go ahead and post it and YOU can research. I plan to research several of them and I’m asking that anyone reading this blog that goes TO any of these people who studied under Solomon to please let me know how it went with their appointments with any of these other people.  I’ll keep YOU posted as “I” hear back – if I do.

So here’s the list – it is NOT an endorsement of any kind of any of these people.  I know nothing really about any of them but I sure wouldn’t hesitate to look into one or two of them if I needed this kind of assistance.  If YOU try one of these personally – we’d LOVE to know your thoughts on their efficiency, accuracy, etc.

Solomon Wickey Apprentices

Contact Information as of August 2013


Grabill, Indiana
Sam Schwartz (Solomon’s son-in-law and trained by him)
Contact by mail … include SASE
15931 Rupert Road – Grabill, IN 46741

Gas City, Indiana
Jill Mast, C.H., PDMT
(765) 677-0070 – Natural Wellness

Madison, Indiana
Gigi Straub, LPN
(812) 273-8991 – Complementary Health Therapeutic Massage Massage/128214863856011

Noblesville, Indiana
Katherine Lehman, ND, CNHP, DTR
(317) 773-5286 – Rivers Edge Natural Health

North Vernon, Indiana
Donna Perkinson – The Herbal Solution (on facebook) for her days and times she’s open and for other helpful information.

189 E Hwy 3 and 7        –         phone 812-200-9592

Waveland, Indiana
Jacque Hudson, CNHP
(765) 435-3040 – His Glory Herb Shop

Florence, Kentucky
Tracy Dozier, LMT & Herbal Consultant
(859)-586-0111 – Go Beyond Medicine TM

"Solomon Wickey's Specific Healing Diet Plan - love, home and health"
Read Amish Healer, Solomon Wickey’s Specific Healing Diet Plan!
Clemmons, North Carolina
Bill Burnham, NES Practitioner
(336) 778-1950 – Integrative Life Solutions

Solomon Wickey

Holistic Health

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  1. Please add my name to the list. I spent 25 years studying with Solomon. I also do what he did.
    Shauna Brastock, D.C
    (317) 882-3280
    by appointment only

    Thank you so much.

    January 28, 2015
    • Kay Comer said:

      Shauna … Where are you located? I’m so glad to meet you. Do you have a blog?

      January 29, 2015
  2. Paula Bailey said:

    In May 2014, I was diagnosed with Stage III Rectal Cancer. As soon as I was diagnosed, I started praying for guidance as to what to do. Before I had any treatment, I was told by several people, (all within a couple of days so to me, this was my answer from God), to go see Donna Perkinson. I was in so much pain from my tumor that I could not sit, I had to lay down on either side but could not even lie on my back due to the pain. To go anywhere, I had to lay down in the back seat of the car. I couldn’t even lay on the table at the radiologists to get set up for my readiation, I had to take morphine just to do this simple task. I contacted Donna immediately and she got me in for a session asap. When I left, (mind you I had never done such a thing prior to this), I actually sat up in the car for the drive home with No pain! Donna treated me with Solomon Wickey’s Cancer treatment. I did his cancer diet and herbs that he recommends as I also did chemo & radiation. After 6 weeks o chemo & radiation and then 6 weeks off, I had surgery, They removed my tumor and rectum and I now have a colostomy. I know I would not be here if it were not for Donna’s therapy. I am 7 months post-op and I still see Donna and do therapy with her and am back to a normal healthy life. My oncologist wanted me to do 6 months of “preventative” chemotherapy and I refused. They got all of my tumor and lymph nodes were clear as well as the margins of the tumor. I believe in God’s treatment and that he provides us with the healing we need and will only do natural healing from now on. I thank my Father God every day for my healing and for sending me to Donna.

    April 21, 2015
    • Kay Comer said:

      Oh WOW Paula … Thanks so much for sharing your story. Solomon was amazing and I’ve heard Donna is the next best thing. GOOD FOR YOU !!! If you’d like to share you story on my blog I’d be glad to send you a short questionnaire and we’ll sure do that. People need to feel inspired with hope and you could do that for many. Just let me know and if you’re on fb you can even send me a message there…I’d LOVE to do your healing story and your experience with Donna … this could help so many in so many ways 🙂 Paula do you live in Indiana near Donna or did you have to travel to see her? Thanks so much for sharing ….

      April 23, 2015
  3. kelly klamm said:

    please help me with some herbs for my father. He is 80 and his legs are swelled very hot and scaly red.

    October 30, 2015
    • Kay Comer said:

      Kelly … If his legs are very swelled he really needs to see a doctor. It could be connected to the heart and you don’t want to take a chance with that. I’d take him to the Emergency Room if they’re very swelled. If they’re hot – it could even be a blood clot. SO please don’t take a chance.

      October 31, 2015
  4. Jennette Miller said:

    Sam Schwartz is in KY now.

    February 19, 2016
    • Kay Comer said:

      Do you know where in Kentucky, Jennette? Solomon was such a great loss. I’m sure the others are pretty good but there will never be another Solomon Wickey. 🙂 Thanks for reading and hope you’ll stop by often. Kay

      February 20, 2016
    • jennifer boots said:

      I am looking for Sam, can you help me find him…..I don’t know if Sollys wife if still doing the Nature sunshine herb shop. I was blessed to study with him for a while and Frank. But I am looking for people who have Sollys codes……can anybody help me please. 850-368-0435 In Christ our Lord, thank you……

      September 8, 2016
      • Kay Comer said:

        Hi Jennifer … Yes I’m in contact with a couple of people that worked with Solomon. This is the fb page link for Herbal Solutions of North Vernon, Indiana and she studied under him for about a year or more – driving back and forth and she uses his codes….
        I also have the contact info for DAVID that was his right hand man for years … but I’ll have to find that and get back to you …. where are YOU located?

        September 8, 2016
  5. Carol said:

    This will be my first visit as looking for natural remedies for my osteoporosis and digestive issues. Hoping most can be done with diet rather than pulls. How does this list of specialist compare to Jake Swartz/ who was recommended ?

    October 3, 2016
    • Kay Comer said:

      Hi Carol – Jake may be good in some people’s opinion – but I’ve heard that unlike Solomon – he is really into making money. One friend who recently went to him – ended up spending a few hundred dollars on just that one visit by the time she bought his herbs, etc. I would consider “David” – who was Solomon’s assistant for about 12 years. He’s now traveling the country and seeing people in convention centers in motels – etc. And it’s possible he already comes near you and if not he would consider setting up a meeting place if he could – in a town more near you.

      I do want you to know though – that diet and lifestyle can make a tremendous difference in your health and even your ache’s and pains. TREMENDOUS!!! 🙂 If you’re on pinterest – that’s a WONDERFUL place to look for good info. Just type in Osteoporosis to study about healing that naturally and “digestive issues” to study about that.

      A really good probiotic is probably your first step – and I recommend the NOW brand on amazon … or you can possibly find it at your local health food store.

      Here’s a link to my own personal fb page and you’re welcome to send a friends request and message me personally any time. I also post almost daily on that page.
      And this is the link to our love, home and health facebook page … we’d love it if you ‘liked’ that page and followed us there also. 🙂

      AND – Here’s the link to “David’s” facebook page and you can private message him and he will message you back. He charges nothing – but accepts donations when you visit. A friend just recently went to him and said he’s wonderful and so knowledgeable.

      Keep in touch if you’d like 🙂 I’d love to know how you progress .. Kay

      October 3, 2016
  6. Brendan Sellaro said:

    Hi Kay,
    Thank you for the information. I have a quick question regarding these apprentices. I have been struggling with gastrointestinal problems for years and had a recurring C. diff infection. I am trying to get my health back, but recently took a bad turn. I am going in circles with my doctors and diagnostic labs I do come back negative for C. diff. Yet I feel that something is going on.

    Would one of these apprentices be able to diagnose my illness and tell me what is wrong just by looking at me, or are they just going to offer a program that may help. I apologize for the confusion. I have never looked for this sort of help before, but I am in a really bad place right now. I need someone to tell me what is going on in my body and give me ways to improve it. My great aunt often went to Solomon Wickey and thought he was fantastic. Can these people help me? Thank you for your help and the enlightening article.

    December 10, 2016
    • Kay Comer said:

      Brendan – You came to just the right place. Can you go to amazon and order Nature’s Sunshine Probiotic? And I’ll put the link at the bottom of this post. It’s $20 and you should feel improvement within days. But I really need to know more about your actual diet and lifestyle. If you don’t mind – send me a facebook friends request and let’s talk one on one privately in facebook messenger. I think I can help you without any cost to you except buying just 1 or 2 things anywhere you want to buy them. I charge nothing – sell nothing and I’ve studied holistic health and wellness for 40 years.

      I can’t vouch personally for any of Solomon’s apprentices. I DO KNOW that “DAVID” who studied under Solomon for 12 years – is now traveling throughout Indiana, Ohio and Northern Illinois I think .. on a monthly basis…seeing some of Solomon’s patients and even taking on new ones. But I can tell you for a fact – he would tell you to take Nature’s Sunshine Probiotic.

      But let me try to help you first at no cost … send me a friends request and private message and we’ll see if we can’t get you lined out in record time. 🙂 Here’s the link to my personal facebook page … click this and send me a friends request and we’ll go from there ..

      And here’s the amazon link to the Nature’s Sunshine Probiotic. If you can afford it – pay the extra for overnight shipping … but if you can’t it should be ok because it’s so cold outside. This DOES need to be kept in your frig once you get it. You can click here to order OR call your own health food store closest to you and ask if they can get it .. but YOU DO NEED this particular one. It’s the best there is.

      And here’s the link to David’s facebook page. If you live in Indiana … he is at different locations in your state during the month. But we should be able to help you just you and I … Here’s David’s fb page link – scroll around to find his schedule if you want to go that route –

      Ok .. send me a friends request and let’s get you well … Kay

      December 11, 2016
      • Brendan Sellaro said:


        Thank you so much for your concern. I sent a friend request to you on Facebook, so hopefully we can talk soon. I appreciate your recommendations and help. It’s been a rough road and I hope I can get back on my feet and figure out what is going on.


        December 11, 2016

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