Do You Suffer From Depression, Anxiety and More?

Do You Suffer From Depression, Anxiety and More?

You don’t have to answer this question below – many people don’t like to tell their personal secrets – and often times – we shouldn’t. 🙂 But do you suffer from depression and anxiety – lack of energy or just have no plain old get up and go?

Do you find yourself moping around for no good reason and every now and then – it will dawn on you how much valuable time you’re wasting – just worrying and being snappy and then you’ll think – WHOA??? Is there an ANSWER for this? 🙂

Well – YES – there is for most of you and it’s a fairly simply one.

For this reason or that – and at this age and that – our hormones – whether we’re male or female – just get outta whack. Unless you’re a health nut – it’s just almost inevitable.

How To Beat Depression, Anxiety and More

I’m sharing today – the supplements that I take myself – that I feel keep me balanced and if I miss more than 2 or 3 days – I can really tell it. Because I find myself feeling down, moody, emotional, anxious about nothing and everything – and literally sobbing or blubbering over a mean – dirty mugger on the news – who in all actuality should have been beat till HE was black and blue himself – but I’m upset and weeping because he’s dirty and bleeding himself and I’m telling Billy how sad that is and he probably had a bad childhood … and he has no hope for a real future – blah blah blah. When this happens – Billy will say “You’ve missed your vitamins for a few days, haven’t you?” 🙂

Few of us were born with nutrient deficiencies. But our diets and even our insanely busy lifestyles – just cause a depletion of the nutrients our bodies need – to run as smoothly as they should.

IF you are suffering from depression, anxiety, restlessness, and other signs of emotional instability – your body absolutely should – respond to the supplements I take on a regular basis. AND you should feel a good improvement in just about 3 days.


The Exact Supplements I Take Daily For Energy and Wellbeing

I take Vitamin B Complex, Calcium/Magnesium/Zinc Combo, Vitamin D3, B12 Sublingual and Zinc. And I order most of these from amazon.

These supplements all work together to balance your hormones and you will feel almost an immediate and positive change in your body when you combine them and take them daily.

Vitamin B Complex – I buy Solgar Mega B Stress Capsules and I take 3 a day and ALWAYS with just a little food. One – 3 times a day. Your urine will be bright yellow when you take this – but that’s OK. You will also notice an improvement in your hair, skin and nails fairly quickly. Your nails will immediately start to grow harder and longer. I LOVE this stuff!!!

Calcium/Magnesium/Zinc – I buy the brand called Finest – at Walgreens – BECAUSE it’s a good quality and they often have a 2 for the price of 1 sale. And I’m also a tightwad 🙂 In doing research on the heart about 2 yrs ago – I found that some people who die instantly of a heart attack are simple deficient in magnesium. BECAUSE magnesium regulates the heart rate – BESIDES balancing our nervous system. SO I asked my own local cardiologist if this was true and he said YES! And went on to explain – The bottle says 1 tablet 3 times a day – but we only take 1 daily.

Vitamin D3 – 1000 Units – I buy Nature’s Bounty and that brand is also available at Walgreens. If I’m extra swamped and running low – I’ll often order it from amazon – but also buy it at Walgreens now and then. Some people have messaged me and said they are taking 2500 and more units a day – and I feel that’s too much for most of us. 1000 is PLENTY if you take it daily.

B12 Sublingual – I buy the brand called B Total and I order that from amazon. It comes in a twin pack of 2 small bottles in one box and you put it under your tongue – swish for 30 seconds and swallow. You shouldn’t eat or drink anything for 15 minutes before or after taking a B12. Now I’ve tried other brands – but this is by far the very best in MY opinion. One dropper a day is all you need.

Zinc – I buy Nature’s Bounty and teeter between Walgreens and amazon. I truly am a recluse – and if I don’t know I’m going to need to get out for anything in the next few days – I just order from amazon. We have the prime membership – which gives us no shipping and most things are here within 36 hours.
Now you’re probably wondering WHY I have the little homemade bottle of Zinc in the photo – lol   Someone local asked me about zinc for a skin issue – and when I told them about it – they said “I REALLY need to get on that – so next payday – I’ll order some.” Their issue was worrisome to them – so I told her to just come out and get mine if she wanted and I’d take a few out to hold me till I could get my order in.  Billy said “You WHAT?”  I said “Well she needed it now and her payday was 2 weeks away.”  UGH – MEN!!!   But – YES – I DO goofy things like that. I’m like a drug dealer of VITAMINS. lol  But I literally love to help people and I hate to see someone suffer or do without – when I can help in some small way.


Remember when we went to Florida about 3 years ago and I came home with a crate full of Royal Bee Skin Healing Cream? Then I bought those little condiment cups at Walmart and gave a half bushel basket of that stuff away. Women were pulling in our drive and picking up their little ‘sample cup’ to try before they ordered – because it WAS $35 a jar and Billy was saying “It’s a good thing the neighbors know us well – or the cops would be here to see why so many women are running to our door and quickly leaving.” I was even leaving it on the desk by the front door if I wasn’t going to be home. SO YES!!! I share and share freely – even my vitamins. I HOPE – THAT is not illegal. 🙂
That Royal Bee Skin Healing cream is ALSO on amazon and PRICELESS!!!🙂 I got a super deal on the box full of jars in Florida – because we hit it off with the sellers and so many ordered from him after trying my sample – he was sending me jars for ‘free’ 🙂

All I can tell you is that at 70 years old – I have energy out the wazoo. And I credit that to first the Lord – and then to my diet and supplements.

Amazon – The Only Way To Shop For ME

Here’s our amazon link and if you’re wanting to order any of this from amazon – we’d sure appreciate you using our affiliate link. It will cost you not one penny more – and will help the growth of our blog. Just click the link below and type in any of the above and it will take you right to it … then you keep typing in to find the others if you want them all.

I can honestly tell you – there are about 8 local women on these very supplements – that have contacted me for advice on depression and anxiety – and this combo above has worked for all of them.
There is nothing in any of them to increase your metabolism – like some of the MLM products running through facebook that say they are all natural and are not. THESE – really are just nutrients that our body NEEDS on a daily basis and because of our diet, lifestyle and degree of stress of the average person – most of us are just deficient in.

Disclaimer:   I AM NOT A DOCTOR – I AM A QUACK  –  LoL

NOW – I’m not a doctor – as you all well know. I’m sharing what “I” do.  SO it’s always good to talk with your doctor about adding anything – especially if you take prescription meds.  But these are all very safe and needed nutrients that our bodies need to function properly.

More Home Remedies!

I’ve had more private messages asking about depression and anxiety remedies since Christmas – than I think the whole year previously.
Billy takes these same supplements and Kim does too. And those that have used them have had amazing results. And THEN if you add the lemon water with celtic sea salt daily – HOLY MOLY!!!   🙂
I could talk forever – as you can see – about the benefits of this combo – but I AM WAY too long on this post –
Feel free to message me with your individual issues if you want to and our amazon link is here and above.

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