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One of the things I’ve been giving a lot of thought to over these last 4 weeks of recuperating from this broken leg, is the health of those in my family that will listen to me.

I’ve studied natural healing and living since 1977 and I have probably 10 or 12 of the best videos ever made ON healing the body naturally, but I have never EVER seen one other video that has made the impact on me that Fat Sick & Nearly Dead has.



"Fat Sick and Nearly Dead and Juicing in Round Knob Canyon - love, home and health"
Now this video has a hideous name … but it’s supposed to be a wake up call for us.  Most of us ARE -FAT -SICK -and nearly dead or quickly working our way in that direction.

I hope you will watch this trailer for the video.  I saw this trailer about a year ago and

I’ve been studying lately about the best ways to improve blood circulation – not only that, but  naturally improve blood circulation!  I’ve been having some numbness and tingling when I sit in one place for too long and often that can be a problem with poor circulation.

SO where do I go to do that? Where would I find this very valuable information on how to improve circulation?   My books and the internet and only relying on very reputable resources!   And when I did that – WHAT to my WONDERING EYES should APPEAR? Juicing for Blood Circulation!



Improve Circulation at www.LoveHomeandHealth.com

Nutribullet Review @ www.LoveHomeandHealth.com

 NutriBullet Review

The day we ordered the NutriBullet was one of the most shocking days of my life!  We were waiting for the early morning news one morning about a month ago and the NutriBullet infomercial was on and I noticed Geezer was extra quiet, but in a minute he said “I’ll bet you’d like that juice gadget there … you can order you one if you want to.”

I said “WHAT??? You are VOLUNTEERING to let me BUY something?”

He said “Well we know juicing has real benefits because we’ve seen them for ourselves and that looks
quick and easy and if you want one … just order one.”

There are as many Juice and Juicing Recipes as there are people …  As most people begin juicing, whether it be as an occasional treat or…

Champion Juicer Review

I’ve just got to give you my Champion Juicer Review … I began with a Champion Juicer and I will end with a Champion Juicer … I gave about $220 for this juicer in the 1980s and it still works like a charm and is used a few times each week!

I hear people complain about the time it takes to juice and clean up your juicer and the mess. But if you think and prepare ahead it’s no more time consuming than fixing pop corn for evening television viewing.

Champion Juicer Review @ www.LoveHomeandHealth.com