The Old Man and the Dirty Shoes

I LOVE the story of The Old Man and the Dirty Shoes – I hope it will touch your heart like it has mine.

“His alarm went off and it was Sunday again!  He was sleepy and tired and Sunday was his only day to sleep in but he knew he had to go to church or he’d feel guilty all week long.

He got there and into his pew just in time for opening prayer but as he bowed his head, he noticed the shoe of the man next to him touching his own shoe.  He signed to himself, “So much room.  WHY must he let his dirty shoe touch mine?”

It bothered him greatly!  This old man’s dirty shoe soul touching his own.  But it didn’t seem to bother the old man any.

The nicely dressed man bowed his head and began to pray along as the preacher prayed.  As the nicely dressed man reached out to God, he said “Our Father – this man with the dirty shoes – he has no pride.  His shoes are dusty and even very worn. Why my goodness, he even has holes in the sides and here he’s worn them into Your house. But I’m here Lord in my Sunday finest and thank You for all of my many blessings!  Amen”
The nicely dressed man tried to focus on the preacher who was still praying – but his thoughts kept going to the old man with the dirty shoes that were touching his brightly shined shoes.  “Aren’t we supposed to look our very best when we come to the Lord’s house?”  the nicely dressed man was thinking to himself.
The song service began and wouldn’t you just know it.  The old man with the dirty shoes sang loudly at the top of his lungs like he had the voice of an angel.  His voice was almost lifting the rafters and his hands were raised high like he was rejoicing.

“Rejoicing about WHAT?” the nicely dressed man was wondering – it appears he has nothing!   “WHAT is he THINKING – drawing all this attention with his clothes in disarray and his loud voice in song?”  The nicely dressed man was totally bewildered.It was now time for the offering and the citified man threw in a big wad of cash.  He watched as the old man reached deep into his pockets but what he pulled out only made a ‘clink’ in the collection plate as the little piece of silver hit the tin.

The sermon just almost bored the citified man to tears – and he assumed it was the same for the old man with the dirty shoes because tears rolled down his cheeks as the preacher preached his sermon.

It was now the end of the service and time to meet and greet all new visitors and show them all some good Christian love.

The city man didn’t really want to do it but since the old man was right there beside him – he felt he must.  So he reached over and shook his hand.  The old man’s hand felt wrinkled and rough and his skin was dark and weathered from working outdoors.  And that hair could have really used a good comb or brush.  But the city man thanked the old man with the dirty shoes for coming.

The old man said “Well thanks, My name’s Charlie and I’m glad to meet you, my friend.”  There were tears in the old man’s eyes but he had a wide grin that went from ear to ear.

“Let me explain” said the old man, wiping tears from his eyes – “I’ve been coming here for months and you’re the first to say “Hi” to me.  The old man continued on.  “I know that my appearance is not like all the rest of you – but I really do try to always look my best.”  “I’m always clean and I polish my shoes before my very long walk to church – but by the time I get here they’re just so dirty and dusty like chalk.”

The citified man’s heart filled with pain as he tried to hide his own tears.

The old man went on “I apologize for daring to sit so close to you because I know by the time I get here I really look a sight.  But I just thought if I could just touch someone today maybe our souls would also unite.”

The citified man was now wiping his own tears and he said “Oh you’ve touched me, Charlie and you’ve taught me that the best part of any man is found in his heart.  And I’m so glad to make you my friend”

Amazing People and Stories

There are amazing people that have amazing stories all around us.  If only we’d take the time to watch and listen.

This was one of those amazing stories!  I found it on the internet years ago when I was doing the Encourager Newsletters – but that kind of story is just right down my alley  🙂

Peace and love from the canyon.  Let’s all look for the good in all the people we meet today.  I love you all gobs and thanks so much for stopping by!

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