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Many dream of botox at home – basically, a natural alternatives to botox. I’m proud to announce that I’m about to share a natural botox recipe with you that will knock your socks off!

Even though it seemed to me way back in the day – that grandma had a remedy for most everything – I don’t think grandmas of long ago spent much time on themselves and especially on skin care.  I know my grandma didn’t.

I’m pretty much the same way – I can’t even begin to tell you the last time I had foundation makeup on.  I’m guessing it’s been several years since I last tried foundation makeup and I’ve come to the conclusion that Geezer picked me out of a big long lineup of made up cuties 54 yrs ago – and I didn’t wear make up THEN – so I’m not going to worry about it NOW.  He said “Let’s you and me become one and grow old together!”  So YES – we’re DOING that!  🙂 But now don’t try to come between me and my latest find for a magical homemade skin care routine that I can make in the kitchen that claims it will take years off of my face.

Today, I’m sharing a natural Botox alternativeBotox at Home I’m calling it – and now what could be better than that?

I’ve never had real Botox and wouldn’t even consider it.  But let me tell you – I’ll bet this natural Botox in a bowl is just as good as the stuff you pay mega dollars for and I can say that – because I’ve used this homemade botox recipe and was amazed at the results.

Now if I’d just be consistent in my quest for natural beauty – oh ugh – me and time management!!!

I was even able to talk Geezer into letting me do a Botox at Home facial on HIM when I did mine.  This wasn’t a first for Geezer.  He loves being pampered and if I come up with a new facial recipe and if I’ll wait until he gets to his recliner in the evening – he’s all mine to do with as I please  – even if that includes a bowl of goo I’ve whipped up in the kitchen and a couple of very hot/wet wash cloths.   Geezer has had dozens of facials over the years and while he doesn’t care squat about skin care – he loves the attention.

Let me just share this simple and easy homemade botox recipe and you can try it and see what YOU think.

How To Make Botox at Home

You will need:  

2-3 carrots  ( I used just 2 small carrots and ran them through our Champion Juicer)  –  

1 tbsp sour cream  –  

1 tbsp corn starch.

In a blender – throw in your finely diced – almost minced carrots and make them into a puree.  You may have to slice them really thin to make them go kind of liquid – but this is going to be worth your trouble.  

If you have a juicer – just run them through the juicer like “I” did. THEN – pour 1/2 cup water in a pan and let it come to a soft boil.  

Set it off burner and add the cornstarch and stir to dissolve.  Then add the tbsp of sour cream and 5 tbsp of carrot juice or puree and stir well.  

Let that all cool (and I set mine in the fridge because I was anxious to try it)  

When cool – put it on your face and leave it there for about 20 minutes.

Instructions say that you have to do this 3 days in a row to see the dramatic results.  And I can honestly say – I did have dramatic results.  

But to keep those results – you have to keep on using the homemade Botox … 

YOU WILL NOT BELIEVE it when you wash that homemade Botox off your face.

Botox at home - Love Home and Health

You may not look 10 years younger – but you will look TONS better.  It just brings life to your face.  It gives a softness unlike anything I’ve ever used.

When I washed it off my face – even the very first time – my under eye bags from all my nights of insomnia, had lifted quite a bit – many of my lines had just plumped up and gone POOF off to the land of disappearing wrinkles.  My pores closed up.  I literally DID – look younger.  I even shocked the dickens out of MYSELF.

Botox at home - Love Home and Health

Botox at Home and the Geezer

I expected to see a difference on my own face with this experiment – because I’ve done enough of these home facials to know – most of them work to some degree.   And I really take pretty good care of my skin, so I decided I needed to also try this on someone with rougher – tougher skin than my own – so I asked Geezer – who as I said – has willingly set through many a facial experiment with me.

SO – we were about to do this at home for the first time the other night and Geezer said “Who GAVE you this recipe?  Because it seems like that carrot juice would stain your face like it does our drinking glasses when we juice.”  He said “You’d better put it on the back of your hand for 20 minutes first and make sure someone isn’t trying to play a dirty trick on you.”  SO I DID!!!   🙂   But no – my hand didn’t turn orange – so here we went on our romantic evening of playing in homemade Botox.

WE FELT LIKE TEENAGERS!!!   And we both had dramatic results.  I really think Geezer had better results than “I” did – because he has more weathered skin than I do from his decades of working out doors.

Botox at Home – Results

It’s well worth your time.  I will be using this stuff on and off all the time.  I kept the remainder in the frig and used it for over a week and it was fine to keep it that long.  I’ll make a new batch later today and get back on it.  But let me add this about that  🙂

If you’re going somewhere and you want to look younger right then – and who doesn’t – you can literally use this before going out and your face will be dramatically improved even that one time.

After any at home facial – I do a quick egg white mask for 5 minutes or even less and wash that off and then put on a little coconut oil.

Skin Care Books

One of my favorite skin care books is “Your Best Face Now.”

Not only does it give simple and easy facial yoga exercises – it has lots of little gems about Chinese medicine and skin care and how our ‘organ type’ says so much about us and how we should be eating and doing for perfect skin.

I guess we need a review of that book – we’ll see if we can do that – but I HIGHLY recommend this book for any interested in turning back the clock – naturally.

I don’t know how YOU feel about aging.  But AGE is Just A NUMBER in Round Knob Canyon. We’re trying to age gracefully – without growing old!  THAT’S the TRICK!

HOMEMADE BOTOX in a BOWL!!!  If you’re wondering how we’re keeping love alive in Round Knob Canyon – just read the blog.

ForGET trying to keep up with the Jones – BE WHO YOU ARE!!!  And GROW where you are PLANTED!!!  We may almost be hermits

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Have You Read:
How to Look 10 Years Younger in a Flash!?

– but we have more fun than most couples that are out and about half a dozen times a week.  AND we’re looking so much YOUNGER these days –   :8)skin care


UPDATE:  February 15, 2016

I ran into a very close friend the other day and she was asking what kind of skin care I use.  I told her I make my own homemade skin care and one thing led to another and I told her about my Botox at Home recipe.  She immediately wanted to write it down – but then called me a couple times after we talked in person – to ask questions about how to make it so I finally told her I’d make her a small batch and run it to her.  I did that and she used it for 3 days and was so thrilled with her results she came running to me to let me see.  She said people were already asking her what she was doing.   🙂

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Now this friend has those deep wrinkles that a lot of women get and she has lots of them.   She was a sun goddess in her younger years and thru most of her adult life too – and it was really showing.  But I’m telling you the truth – this Homemade Botox is really helping.  NOW I KNOW if she stops using it – those wrinkles will come right back.  It’s all about how bad you want to look good … lol

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These homemade skin care facials are no problem for me – because I’m a recluse and they only take a minute when you know what you’re doing.

SO Geezer can say ‘I’ve got to run to Lowe’s – let’s wrap it up and go to an early supper in about 30 minutes and kill 2 birds with one stone.” And I can slap on some of my magical foo foo and be ready to hit the door … I just do one of these quick facials while I tidy and get ready – it’s that simple.

My friend has also been putting this on the backs of her hands – which I hadn’t even thought of – and her hands are looking amazing.

She’s getting compliments out the wazoo – because her skin was in such bad shape – and SHE IS THRILLED and keeps calling me to thank me.  🙂

Get Your Best Face Now!

Now I say she has aged skin – but let me tell you – she’s a shopper and a dresser and wrinkles or not – she always looks like she just stepped off the front of a magazine. 

Get Your Best Face Now: Look Younger in 20 Days with the Do-It-Yourself Acupressure Facelift Now!

But HEY – if you need a good skin care – SAVE your $80 + and try the carrot, sour cream, corn starch –  BOTOX at Home!




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    Thank you for posting this! I am dying to try this. I don’t have a juicer but I have a Vitamix that will pulverize the carrots into a juice or a puddle of goop.

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