Did You Know There is a Do It Yourself Cardiac Bypass!

We share a lot of information at Love, Home and Health on “reversing Heart Disease”.  There are many steps that can be taken to begin reversing heart disease and we’re going to cover one of those today.  What we’re talking about today is a “do it yourself cardiac bypass”!  Sounds kind of scary doesn’t it?  But it doesn’t sound nearly as scary as a bypass done in a hospital operating room.
So let’s talk about heart health and reversing heart disease this morning and things we can do to help ourselves make our heart and arteries healthier!

Reversing Heart Disease With A Do It Yourself Cardiac Bypass – Walking

WALKING!!!  When Billy had his scare with his clogged arteries back about August of 2011 and flunked his stress test, Dr Patel said “Now if you were anyone else, I’d be sending you to Western Baptist for a heart cath!  But since you’re married to a quack doctor and I know she’s going to take good care of you and make you do what you need to do, I’m sending you home to walk and I want you to walk 30 minutes every day even if you have to work up to that 30 minutes.

Because walking absolutely can build it’s own bypasses if you walk daily.  And if a patient has the time to wait and will do it, that’s the safest way to deal with clogging arteries anyway”  Now this was according to Dr Patel.  He actually said this to us and he’s my cardiologist.

I had heard this many times before in my studies of healing the body naturally.  But I wanted to know what trials and reputable hospitals/doctors said about it, so I went on a search on the net to find out.  AND it turns out that it really is true.

For this to work – you have to be in good enough shape to walk and then have the willpower to make yourself do it – daily.  This has even been done by folks with really bad hearts that had to start out very small.  One lady I know of – could only walk 2 to 3 minutes when she started.  She ended up walking 30 minutes twice a day and lost over 50 pounds.  But her heart really was so bad in the beginning – she literally had to start out with baby steps in her home rehabilitation.

Walking can also lower your blood pressure, raise your good cholesterol and lower the bad.  It will decrease your chances of having a blood clot by increasing the volume of plasma in the blood, which is what thins the blood.  It helps to reduce stress, lift the mood, decrease your appetite, and for older folks. – it increases their chances dramatically of remaining independent for many more years.  PLUS it gets you out and one with nature if it’s where you can walk outdoors.  Now wouldn’t it be worth if just for that one benefit?


Reversing Heart Disease With A Do It Yourself Cardiac Bypass – Diet

I’ve read that the Mediterranean diet is one of the healthiest for the heart.  And I believe the Paleo or the Caveman Diet is going to pass up the Mediterranean Diet for super health benefits.  But I think what we really need to do in the way of diet is just cut out sugar, dairy and high carbs – eat lean protein only and sparingly.  Have just a tad of a good oil daily and cut out all junk food and make that a treat instead of the norm.

I’ve read that to eat healthy and be healthy we need to eat ‘cave man style  and that seems to be the one coming to the front of the line.   And that sounds good to me!

Good exercise is not just being active.  You need to do aerobic walking on a treadmill OR just in front of the TV during the evening news will be good enough.  But walk at a very brisk walk almost just short of a run.  Walk – walk – walk those legs – cause walking’s so much fun.  Use your hands, your wrists, your fists – and keep them on the run.

And just something as simple as drinking V8 juice can be so good for you and your heart.  It’s loaded with potassium and calcium and is made from tomatoes, carrots, celery, beets, parsley, lettuce, watercress and spinach.  Just great veggies all loaded with nutrients that we need.  But look for it in glass bottles and always get low sodium.

Our Food and Drink:  The Pros and Cons For Cardiac Bypass

Juice, eat raw … eat whole foods and ditch those processed foods.  Poisons are just all around us.
Take for instance a simple Coca Cola or Pepsi … Check this out below …

From Natural News: Cancer causing chemicals found in cola coloring ingredient.
Apparently the “caramel coloring” used to color regular and diet colas isn’t natural coloring. Surprised? Instead of using natural ingredients, cola colorings are made from chemical compounds that mix sugars with ammonia and sulfites at high temperatures.
Combine these chemical “colorings” with the toxins in aspartame, neotame, sucralose, and acesulfame-K, and you might think twice about downing that can of colored soda pop. Maybe you can drink a clear soft drink in a glass bottle that’s made with pure cane sugar, like Reed’s Ginger Ale.  Try it and you might just enjoy that clear cola in the old-fashioned way.  And speaking of that ammonia in Coca Cola – YUCK!   Have you ever wondered what gives Coca Cola that hot ‘bite’ that makes it so delicious?  Well – gads – it’s evidently something not only not good for us – but possibly even poisonous.  And look how much some folks drink.   I’m very blessed to have acquired a taste for Water with Lemon and unsweet tea.  And I’ve even read that there are scary things in some of our tea bags we steep.   There is DANGER – EVERYWHERE, Will Robinson.

SO if you want to be healthy and even have a healthy heart – change your diet to low fat, low carb – leave off sugar totally and have very little dairy – and walk, walk, walk.   We must learn to eat to live and stop living to eat.

Doesn’t this all sound super good?   Now all we have to do is make ourselves WALK!!!  And watch what we eat – add more healthy whole foods and cut way back on the junk.  It’s that easy …

Let’s get healthy together!    Peace and love of love – from me to all of you –

Heart Health

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