A Testimonial: See What Lemon Water Can Do For You

A Testimonial: See What Lemon Water Can Do For You 

Just bopping in with a quick read – because THIS is IMPORTANT!!!  🙂 
Below is a post by Linda of Mayfield, Ky  –
We’ve been talking about the amazing health benefits of lemon water the last week or so and I just had to share her comment.
Linda K.: I already feel a difference even without the salt. My uncle just passed away at 92 years old and my grandmother who lived a long life both drink a glass of hot lemon juice every morning. They swore by it. And my uncle was in incredible health right up until the end.


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Better head to Big John’s if you live close – and stock up on those lemons that are 2 for $1 right now. ONE local woman told me she bought 4 dozen … lol because they only go to grocery every week or two. 🙂 If you don’t live near here – just get them where ever you

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can – and you do NOT need organic.

I’m hearing reports of gout going away – migraines and arthritis clearing up – one man hasn’t had an insulin shot in almost a week. (Now DO NOT leave off diabetic meds if you’re not supposed to adjust them yourself – work with your DOCTOR on this!!!)

We’re restoring our health with a simple LEMON – daily!!! Now WHAT could be BETTER than THAT?
Thank you Lord – for Lemons!!!
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