Jump Start Weight Loss Success with Miracle Soup Diets for Fast Weight Loss!

Soup Diets for Fast Weight Loss

A Miracle Soup Diet – Now HOW can that be?  We’re going to explain that today .. We’re big fans of Soup Diets for Fast Weight Loss!
It’s a great way to get a few pounds off or to  jumpstart a longer term weight loss program!  The grand thing about the two soup diets I’m going to share with you is that either one will absolutely help you lose 7 to 10 pounds in just one week!

The soups are both VERY filling and packed with nutrition and just absolutely good for you!

These soups are so healthy – in fact – that they could be considered as a good way to detox if you had them for your snacks and one meal a day.

Why Do Soup Diets Work So Fast?

Both soups are loaded with low carbohydrate, low fat, low calorie ingredients and that’s one of the things that causes me to recommend soup diets for fast weight loss.

Carbohydrates (as a general rule) turn to sugar and bloat… so the lower, the better.

During the week you’re eating one of these soups to lose that 7 to 10 pounds you’ll be leaving off your sugar, dairy, high carbohydrate foods, fat and salt.

Just leaving off sugar, dairy, high carbohydrates, fat and salt will cause you to immediately lose that fluid retention that most of us have.

So the face gets a little thinner and the tummy goes down just a tad and we think “OH WOW … A MIRACLE in a SOUP Bowl”

But no, that was just fluid – but it’s a great jump start and encouragement!

You’re going to have to get rid of about 8 to 10 pounds of fluid before you get into your blubber storage.


Why Soup Diets Work - Love Home and Health

“Soup Diet” Plan

Soup Diet Eating Plan - Love Home and Health


A light but high protein breakfast – like boiled eggs or veggie omelet

Soup for lunch and supper

Healthy snacks mid morning and afternoon and evening

You could even have a little soup for any of those snacks.

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We’re big fans of Soup Diets for Fast Weight Loss!

It’s a great jump start to any longer term weight loss program!  Soup Diets also makes a great detox!

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