Food Cravings and What They Mean – If You Crave This Your Body is Lacking This

Food Cravings!   Something all of us have experienced – but few understand.  If we could just understand why we crave certain foods – we could possibly win the war on weight loss.  If we understood cravings – maybe we could even follow a healthier diet – or stick closer to our ideal weight.  Why DO we crave chocolate, for example?  Why do we crave fried foods?  Why do we crave crushed ice and so many things that really don’t seem to have any explanation at all.

Today’s we’re talking about – “Food Cravings – If you crave THIS – your body is lacking THIS”!

As a general rule – we crave certain foods because our body is lacking a nutrient or nutrients it needs.

If we could just figure out the mystery of what our body is lacking – we could remedy that situation and stop craving those high calorie foods – and remedy that deficiency in a healthier way.

Cravings are our body’s way of letting us know we are lacking particular nutrients!   Once we supply those missing nutrients – our cravings for that particular food will stop.

Most all of us have a craving of one type or other and all of those cravings mean ‘something’ is missing from your body that you desperately need.
I hope you’ll think about your own cravings and give this some thought too.

Cravings, Our Liver and Our Digestion

THIS physical problem is no different from any other.   All of our problems start in the gut and liver.   If we don’t have a healthy liver and a digestion system that’s working properly – we’re not going to be or get healthy – no matter what we do.

SO always first and foremost – start working on the liver and digestion.   We highly recommend Liver Smart Milk Thistle for the liver – and Nature’s Sunshine Probiotic 11 for digestion.  Just doing those 2 things are going to give you a good jump start on the road to better health.   And we take these daily – they’re just part of our daily life because we know how important they are.

NATURE'S SUNSHINE Probiotic Eleven Capsules, 90 CountNATURE’S SUNSHINE Probiotic Eleven Capsules, 90 CountLiverSmart; European Milk Thistle Plus 5 Additional Liver Supporting Ingredients - 60 CapsulesLiverSmart; European Milk Thistle Plus 5 Additional Liver Supporting Ingredients – 60 Capsules


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How I started learning about cravings

In about 2008, a colon problem that started out slow for me … started going to the serious side and our own doctor had no answer and we were frantically searching for answers outside of conventional medicine.

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I knew there was an answer besides major surgery from a conventional doctor – but we couldn’t seem to find anyone who could help me FIND that answer.   The 2 conventional doctors I went to – only wanted to treat my symptoms.  I knew treating the symptoms was only putting a band aid on the problem and I knew I was going to have to find someone who could help me get to the bottom of my symptoms – and treat the cause – eliminating my problem altogether.

So I got on the internet and researched naturopathic doctors in St Louis and Nashville because we’re right smack dab in the middle between them – and just a couple hours from both.

That’s when I found Dr Jackie in St Louis.

Dr Jackie was a little chubby black woman about 4’11” and she had the biggest smile and an even bigger poofy/short ponytail and a very friendly manner and a laugh that just pulled you right in.

On my first visit to Dr Jackie – she took me into her office and we shook hands and she said “We’re going to heal your body without surgery and there is no doubt about it.  So I just want to get that very clear right now.  But we’re going to start off by me asking you a very important question and the answers you give me to those questions will set us on the path to your healing.  The first thing I need to know,”  Dr Jackie went on – “is “WHAT do you crave in the way of foods?”

I said “Well I crave anything fried”  She said “BINGO!!!  We’re already over halfway there.  Consider yourself almost healed already – that should have TOLD you – your body is lacking OIL – but it needs to be a healthy oil”

Dr Jackie knew instantly – just by knowing what foods I crave – what was wrong with my body.  And after several visits to 2 local conventional doctors – I learned that within 5 minutes of entering her examining room and it turned out she was exactly right.

So 12 weekly visits later – we had our last visit with Dr Jackie and oh my goodness – I was almost saddened to not have to go back because the geezer and I just both – loved her to pieces and she was teaching me about my own body and I was learning volumes weekly.

What We Learned About Our Own Body’s Cravings

Towards the end of the 12 weeks, Dr Jackie talked to the geezer and me both about us moving to St Louis for just 6 to 8 weeks because she said my current knowledge of natural healing and the body and how it works and how fast I’m able to absorb her teachings – coupled with my personality and eagerness to help people – she wanted to train me to be a health coach and she said if we’d move to St Louis for just a couple months so I could train under her – she’d set up a satellite office in Metropolis and she’d have me making $70 an hour right off the bat.  The local office would simply be an evaluation office and folks in this area could make a short drive for a diagnosis – to see if they wanted to make the long – and often overnight trip to St Louis for treatment by a licensed professional.

cravings collage

That was SO tempting and the geezer and I DID talk seriously about it.  But I couldn’t imagine the geezer having 12 to 14 hours a day to kill in a big city when he hates cities and we were already retired and I just didn’t really ‘want’ to move to St Louis for even 2 months. OR work outside our home.  This was even before the birth of the blog – and once the blog came to be – it evolved into me being able to help folks from right here in my home office just by sharing ways to diagnose ourselves and use home remedies – and I was so thrilled.

Cravings - If You Crave This Your Body is Lacking This - love home and health

Cravings, Food Addictions – What They Mean and How To Cure Them

I learned volumes from Dr Jackie and probably the first and main thing I learned was that when we have symptoms of this and that and especially if you have specific cravings … it’s most often because our bodies are lacking a crucial nutrient.  And just the simple act of supplying that nutrient back into our cells … will often remedy a situation that even looks rather grim to most folks.


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7 Day
Detox Programby Tanya Alekseeva

Most all of us have craving of one type or other and most of those cravings mean ‘something’ is missing from your body that you desperately need.

I hope you’ll think about your own cravings and give this some thought too…

The chart was created by Tanya Alekseeva, a Wellness Coach who specializes in Raw Food

Nutrition and Detoxification options.

Tanya works with a variety of clients ranging from corporate organizations through to individuals and schools, to educate and ensure they achieve their most desired well-being and ultimate health objectives.

She is the founder of Better Raw .

She travels nationally and internationally providing seminars, workshops, detox programs and one-on-one coaching.

If YOU have a health issue that you just can’t seem to find the answer for – SOMETIMES it just a matter of calming down – taking a step back – and passing the symptoms – to get to the ROOT of that problem.







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Food Cravings Explained

Why am I craving cheese?

If you’re craving cheese you could have an essential fatty acids deficiency or a calcium deficiency.

Essential Fatty Acids Deficiency

To remedy an essential fatty acids deficiency, you need Omega 3’s (EPA and DHA).  You can get omega 3s from flax oil, ground flax seeds, chia seeds and walnuts.

Barlean’s Flax Seed Oil

Flaxseed oil is nature’s richest source of vegetable-based vital Omega-3 fatty acids.  It’s a good substitute for fish oil, high in lignans (which protects against breast and other estrogen related cancers), slows down the development and spread of melanoma, it’s a natural laxative and just a must have for folks concerned with their health!  We like Barlean’s 100% Organic Flax Oil because it is known as the “world’s freshest”!

We like Barlean’s 100% Organic Flax Oil because it is known as the “world’s freshest”!


Barlean's Organic Oils Fresh Flax Oil, 16-Ounce BottleBarlean’s Organic Oils Fresh Flax Oil, 16-Ounce BottleBarlean's Organic Oils Lignan Flax Oil, 250 CountBarlean’s Organic Oils Lignan Flax Oil, 250 Count

Calcium Deficiency

Sesame seeds, broccoli, kale, legumes, mustard and turnip greens are a good way to start correcting a calcium deficiency

Why am I craving pasta, white bread and pastries?

If you’re craving pasta, white bread and pastries you could have a Chromium deficiency.

Chromium Deficiency

A chromium deficiency can be restored by adding onion, romaine lettuce, tomato, cinnamon, grapes, apples and sweet potato to your diet.

Why am I craving bread and toast?

If you’re craving bread and toast you could have a Nitrogen Deficiency.

Nitrogen Deficiency

A nitrogen deficiency can be restored by foods containing proteins!  Add green leafy veggies, nuts, seeds, legumes and grains to you diet.

Why am I craving Red Meat?

If you’re craving red meat you could have an iron deficiency.

Iron Deficiency

To remedy an iron deficiency start with Vitamin C for iron absorption.  Add beans, legumes, unsulphured prunes, figs (and other dried fruits), seaweed, spinach and cherries to your diet!

Why am I craving Popcorn?

If you’re craving popcorn you could have Stress or Hormone Fluctuations.

Stress Hormone Fluctuations

Vitamin B is a big help for stress and hormone fluctuations! Meditation and breathing exercises can also help.  Add lots of leafy greens to your diet. (Read more on the amazing benefits of vitamin B here!)

Why am I craving Potato Chips?

If you’re craving Potato Chips you could have a chloride deficiency or an essential fatty acids deficiency.

Chloride Deficiency

To remedy a chloride deficiency add celery, olives, tomato kelp and Himalayan sea salt to your diet.

Essential Fatty Acids Deficiency

To remedy an essential fatty acids deficiency, you need Omega 3’s (EPA and DHA). You can get omega 3’s from flax oil, ground flax seeds, chia seeds and walnuts.

Why do I crave crushed ice?

Are you always walking around with a glass of crushed ice in your hand?  If so – then your body is probably deficient in iron.

Iron Deficiency

So why don’t you try munching on prunes, figs and other dried fruits.  Try a cup or two of beans daily and a big spinach salad.  You can also supplement with iron – but I’d do that only under a doctor’s care.  But just adding those few foods daily – should show you a little improvement in just a few days.

Why do I crave chocolate?

If you crave chocolate it’s often a magnesium deficiency.

Magnesium Deficiency

Being too low on magnesium is something you should address because low magnesium can affect heart health.  It can also give you headaches and even migraines and those awful muscle spasms.  We definitely don’t want to be low in magnesium – but chocolate isn’t the best place to get it.  Try adding just 3 brazil nuts daily to improve a magnesium deficiency.  That will give you your much needed selenium AND a good dose of magnesium.  Also eat more nuts, beans, greens … and see if you don’t feel a difference in days.

There are just so many ways to correct our own problems.  But first we have to know our body and know what those cravings mean and then supply those much needed nutrients back into our body.

Food Cravings ExplainedIf you have a craving – do some research to see what that particular craving means.  And there are off the wall cravings too – like wood and dirt and other weird things.  THOSE cravings are called Pica – and they can be from an emotional issue OR it could be your body is lacking one or more nutrients it desperately needs … RESEARCH your own CRAVINGS!

Now we’re sure not doctors here at Love, Home and Health – so if you have a particular issue – we strongly advise you to talk to your own doctor.  But if you seem to be spinning your wheels – just take a deep breath and walk yourself through some research – because more often than not – Nature DOES have a remedy!

It’s a Wrap – But Let’s Do This – Stopping Food Cravings

Besides just starting the day off on the right foot with a little balance of protein, fiber and good carb – let’s do this – too.

If you will just start your day with the recommended healthy breakfast above – and add to that – a good milk Thistle (and we recommend Liver Smart)  and then also take Nature’s Sunshine Probiotic – OH MY GOODNESS – you will feel an improvements in 2 days.  Now that’s if you don’t spend the day downing lots of sugar and junk food.  For 2 days – eat healthy – eat lighter than you usually do and take the Milk Thistle and Probiotic.  You can also take another Probiotic and Milk Thistle with a 2nd meal of the day.  Just start your day with a balanced and healthy breakfast – one Nature’s Sunshine Probiotic and 1 Liver Smart Milk Thistle.   And yes there are other supplements on the market by other companies.  But at our house – we don’t experiment – we use only tried and true and these are just unbeatable brands.

NATURE'S SUNSHINE Probiotic Eleven Capsules, 90 CountNATURE’S SUNSHINE Probiotic Eleven Capsules, 90 CountLiverSmart; European Milk Thistle Plus 5 Additional Liver Supporting Ingredients - 60 CapsulesLiverSmart; European Milk Thistle Plus 5 Additional Liver Supporting Ingredients – 60 Capsules


Let me ask a favor – if you enjoy reading Love, Home and Health – would you please share this post on your own facebook today – and even other forms of your social media?   We ALL have friends and family that struggle with food cravings!  We ALL have friends and family that struggle with weight control.    YOU CAN HELP THEM TODAY – by sharing this post.  And anyone can private message me with questions on my personal facebook page.



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  1. Desert Sprague said:

    My mother craves Root Beer like crazy. Not just soda or something fizzy, just Root Beer. She only drinks tea sweetened with Sweet N Low, a cup of coffee with Sweet N Low, and, on occasion, a Diet Coke. She can’t drink regular sodas, like Coke or Dr. Pepper because the sugar content makes her stomach hurt, so why is she craving Root Beer?

    July 1, 2015
    • Kay Comer said:

      Not every single thing we crave – is due to an imbalance. 🙂 I believe with the root beer – it would just be the craving for that unique flavor – which is either out of this world to most – or yuck. 🙂 We happen to love root beer although I don’t buy it that often.

      I’m 68 and in the olden days – root beer was made from sassafras and sassafras in itself has health benefits. But I don’t really know of a deficiency that would cause one to crave it. I think now – they’ve gone to an oil with sassafras flavor but just not sure. If I get some time in the next couple days I’ll research this and post to you again. 🙂 Thanks SO SO much for reading…

      July 2, 2015
  2. Mahdi mokhtar said:

    I do eat three cups of ice a day so do I have any kind of deficiency

    July 29, 2015
    • Kay Comer said:

      If you’re ‘craving’ that ice – you probably have an iron deficiency.

      July 30, 2015
  3. alisa thomas said:

    May I please have the full name, address or website for Dr. Jackie. It sounds like she is exactly the doctor I’ve been lookin for!

    September 3, 2015
    • Kay Comer said:

      Hi Alisa … YES absolutely. We are just now trying to remember her last name because we called her Dr Jackie from day one and this was several years ago. If you’re in the St Louis area … this may help … she was on Manchester – on the 2nd floor of a building with a porch on the front upper floor. It was a very nice area and there was a bakery just to the right a few doors down from her. She did have a website and I’m trying to find it … but so swamped today and have to move on to other things for now. I’ll get back to you as soon as I can get this info for you … hopefully later today ….thanks for reading …

      September 4, 2015
  4. Jeanne said:

    Is Dr. Jackie still a practicing naturopath? I’m very near St. Louis and would love to have a good naturopath.

    January 28, 2016
    • Kay Comer said:

      I’ve looked and looked for her online. I’m wondering if she no longer has an office. It was on Manchester Avenue and in a long building with several offices and a bakery and she was on the 2nd floor. That floor had a porch across the front. I can’t even remember her last name but we just loved her to pieces … I’ll try to look her up again today – but if you’re in the area you may be able to just drive thru and find it if it’s still there….Thanks for reading and hope you stop in often. Kay

      January 29, 2016
  5. Damarise said:

    Chocolate I have a dad craving for that what can I eat in place of it

    February 2, 2016
    • Kay Comer said:

      Hi Damarise … Craving chocolate is usually a sign of magnesium deficiency. I highly recomment the Seven Minerals Sea Salt OR make your own magnesium oil with Ancient Minerials Magnesium … it’s quick and easy and a little cheaper. You can also add walnut halves – 4 or 5 about twice a day and other nuts and seeds. Also green veggies … you can stop that craving asap 🙂 Thanks for reading …. stop by often, Kay

      February 4, 2016
    • Kay Comer said:

      Hi Damarise … Craving chocolate is usually a sign of magnesium deficiency. I highly recommend the Seven Minerals Sea Salt OR make your own magnesium oil with Ancient Minerials Magnesium … it’s quick and easy and a little cheaper. You can also add walnut halves – 4 or 5 about twice a day and other nuts and seeds. Also green veggies … you can stop that craving asap 🙂 Thanks for reading …. stop by often, Kay

      February 4, 2016
  6. Latania said:

    My friend likes to eat tissue and she started this habit when she was pregnant now her daughter has developed this same habit. What is she deficient in?

    February 7, 2016
    • Kay Comer said:

      Oh goodness Latania – Unusual cravings of non food items is called Pica. And just like craving specific foods – it’s strongly believed that Pica cravings … or cravings for things like paper, dirt, charcoal, wood and other unusual things – could be a sign of one of two things. It could be a hormonal disorder that occured during pregnancy or it could be a nutritional disorder. I’d recommend she get on a good iron supplement and you can get those at Walmart for just a few dollars. I’d also highly recommend a GOOD Vitamin B Complex supplement and she can get that from amazon or a Health Food Store. She’s need a GOOD Vitamin B Complex and I recomment Twin Labs or Soloray Mega B Complex Stress Tabs. On the B Complex she should take 2 a day – morning and evening and ALWAYS eat something before taking them. B Complex will make the urine very yellow but that’s normal. I REALLY think the B Complex will help her. It will also make her feel better in general. PLEASE feel free to message me again and keep me posted 🙂 Thanks for reading and hope you stop by often. I’d get that B Complex right away and get her going on it … good luck .. Kay

      February 8, 2016
  7. Stephanie said:

    So by the chart the foods I crave cheese salty and beer would be calcium. What is the best way to get calcium?

    February 7, 2016
    • Kay Comer said:

      Hi Stephanie – I’d recommend a good calcium/magnesium/zinc supplement and you can get one at Walmart. Sunflower Seeds are also high in Calcium and so is spinach and yogurt. You can add a little raw spinach to most foods – we do that. Even on hamburgers, etc – with your lettuce or whatever OR instead of lettuce. But you probably need a good supplement also. Thanks for reading and hope you stop by often … kay

      February 8, 2016
  8. Kimi H. said:

    You seem so knowledgable so I want to pick your brain a little. I am a 32 yo mom of a 2.5 yo and 1 yo. My babies are ALWAYS sick- colds, fevers, yucky noses, etc… And of course they share this with me. So generous. I took them to their doctor who said what we are experiencing is normal for this time of year and for them being in day care. Seriously? Normal? Always being sick is normal? No way right? Any insight? I’m a health coach and personal trainer so I like to think that my family eats relatively healthy.

    February 10, 2016
    • Kay Comer said:

      No that is NOT normal or expected! 🙂 That is a DOCTOR speaking and he makes his LIVING off of people that believe they HAVE to be SICK a few times a year .. lol WHERE would their swimming pools and cars go if we all started eating healthy and taking care of our bodies? 🙂

      Our youngest is 41 and she was catching the tummy flu each February FOR SOME REASON – we have NO CLUE why in FEBRUARY – but she ended up in the hospital twice with it because once she starts vomiting – it usually takes a shot to stop it. The last time they told me she was critical – because at about age 37 – she didn’t want to call mommy and tell me that she was vomiting and couldn’t stop and she got too dehydrated and weak before she called. FINALLY she did and when I got to her and she only lives 10 minutes from us … I had to physically dress her and almost carry her to the car to take her to the ER. It took them 8 hours to get the vomiting stopped even with the shots. SO I started researching – building up the immune system to the umpteenth degree and found the answer was KIWI fruit. 🙂 I started taking her tons of Kiwi and asking her to eat 3 a day. She started doing that and she hasn’t vomited since and that was about 4 years ago. KIWI is believed to be stronger than Oranges, etc on building up the immune system.

      But even now – 4 years later – and she’s in a home with her own old Geezer now 🙂 … but every now and then I ask if she’s had any tummy bugs or feels one coming on when a flu bug is “going around”. She still eats kiwi almost daily but is now down to about 1 a day … but that has really built up her immune system.

      IF I WERE YOU 🙂 I’d start feeding them both Kiwi daily – as small as they are – just one would probably be enough – but if you can and they like it – a couple would be better thru the flu season especially. You can also mix Kiwi with banana if they don’t like the tartness of the kiwi.

      I’d also make a game somehow out of washing their hands – because of the toys, etc they’re touching at daycare. If you can make it a game – they’ll get gung ho on it … maybe make them both a jar with their favorite cartoon picture and their name on it and for every time they wash their hands during the day – give them 1 penny for their jar. Tell them to wash their hands often at daycare .. and have big sis to help little sis … and ask them to keep up with how many times they wash their hands. They won’t remember exactly – but you can bet they’ll wash them a LOT more often than they would otherwise. LoL
      If you’re a health coach – you know to back WAY off on sugar, right? They should have very little sugar – especially during the winter/flu months when colds and flu are on the rampage. If you could get them used to LOVING Kiwi 🙂 You’re pretty home free – because that stuff is AMAZING when it comes to building the immune system. Good luck … and hope you stop by often … Kay

      February 11, 2016
  9. Marie said:

    How about craving white dirt?

    February 12, 2016
    • Kay Comer said:

      An unusual craving such as dirt or paper, etc … is called Pica. It ‘can’ be a missing nutrient problem – or it can be an emotional problem. Knowing the person really well – should answer that problem for you. I highly recommend Vitamin B Complex … and we use Twin Labs or Soloray Mega Stress … for anyone with a craving – whether that’s sugar, fried foods or one particular food. Vitamin B Complex is almost a miracle supplement. It’s good for all the cells in our body and also good for skin, hair and nails. It’s also SUPER for anxiety and mood disorders. Add B12 sublingual (a liquid you put under your tongue) .. once a day and BINGO … you’re on your road to recovery. Take Vitamin B Complex twice a day for the first 2 weeks. SOME you can always take twice a day … so read the bottle instructions. B12 only once a day under the tongue and don’t eat or drink anything for 15 minutes before or after……on the B Complex .. DO eat something just before you take it … Thanks for reading and hope you’ll stop by often. Kay

      February 13, 2016
      • Theresa said:

        How much of Vitamin B12 do you recommend taking?

        February 23, 2016
        • Kay Comer said:

          I’m SO sorry I thought I answered this yesterday – I must have moved on too fast before it posted. WE take Soloray Vitamin B Complex STRESS tabs and we take 1 morning and evening. We also take the B Total B12 sublingual which means you squirt it under your tongue and hold for 30 seconds and then swish and swallow. You will feel a difference within 3 days if you do both. The B’s are so crucial too healthy cells and also for anxiety, depression, mood swings, mental clarity, hair, skin and nails – brain fog – energy level and SO SO much more. You can read more about the B’s at this link and also find our amazon links if you’d like to order the exact one’s we take. The B Total comes 2 bottles in a bot … use only one dropper a day and do that in the morning – because if you’re lacking – which most ALL of us are – you will feel it go into your cells and perk you up. It IS a completely natural lift from replenishing a nutrient your body is lacking. It isn’t anything at all like taking Ginseng and other ‘lifters’ … this is only replenishing nutrients your body needs and is lacking … You will feel SO much better 🙂 Yell if you have any more questions ….

          February 25, 2016
  10. Deb said:

    The entire chart is cut off on the left side. So the problems are not there for you to see. Towards the bottom way too many ads most cover over the top of the entire thing. If you have it separate and set for android please email it to me thank you.

    March 27, 2016
    • Kay Comer said:

      Thanks Deb – We’ve had a major crash on our blog and working frantically to get it all back to speed. Does it look any better to you today?

      March 29, 2016
  11. Lucy Lou said:

    This is simply amazing sometimes the remedies are right under our fingertips – but the medical community wouldn’t make big money with our ailments. They are lining their pockets with our “ignorance.” It is time we reclaim our own power to heal ourselves and that is doable at the click of a button – thank god for the age of information, if you stay ignorant, then that is your choice and you have nobody else to blame but yourself. Join the community of people that want to empower you to take charge of yourself and how to heal yourself. United we stand – United we are strong- United we conquer. United we are victorious. Today is the day to make that decision. Thank you all for everything that you do. Best wishes and more power to you all.

    April 3, 2016
    • Kay Comer said:

      WOW Thanks so much Lucy Lou. And I LOVE your NAME!!! 🙂 I’m very passionate about healing our bodies naturally. We DO use mainly home remedies at our house. I just had my blood pressure to spike again today for the umpteenth time in 2 weeks – and I finally just went in the kitchen and juiced 5 carrots and 2 stalks of celery and it was down in 5 minutes – LITERALLY – YES!!! Juicing works that fast on many things and BP is one of them … I hope you’ll stop by often and thanks for reading …

      April 4, 2016
  12. Robo said:

    My hair has been falling out for months. I have tried all types of supplements and it’s still coming out and is thin. What can I do to stop and reverse the hair loss? I am depressed because of it and don’t want to go anywhere or be seen because of my “once beautiful” thick, long and healthy hair. I’m also stressed, and I know that will add to hair loss. Please help if you can.

    April 28, 2016
    • Kay Comer said:

      Hi Robo – The first thing you need if you can get it is a good B Complex Vitamin and I recommend Soloray Mega B Stress Capsules … and I order mine from amazon. They’re good for your anxiety and stress and if you take 3 a day with food – you should feel a difference in about 3 days. Be sure and have a little food before them. I’d also add B Total and that’s a B12 cherry liquid that goes under your tongue. Take one dropper of that a day and don’t eat or drink for 15 minutes before or after it.

      These will also help with your hair. The B’s are crucial to healthy hair, skin and nails. I’d also start using Mane and Tail Conditioner and I get mine at Dollar General or Walmart and it’s about $3. IF you can mix a little castor oil with it and wrap a towel around your hair for about 30 minutes about 3 times a week … you should see a difference in a couple weeks or so … it’s hard to rinse off and I use Neutrogena Shampoo on the days I use castor oil. It just makes your hair thicker … I only use it on occasion because at 69 I should start getting thinning hair before long and don’t want to do that .. lol If you can also – take Nature’s Bounty Mini Fish Oil Gel’s and take about 6 or 8 a day UNLESS you’ve been told not to take a blood thinner for some reason. That will also help you in many ways … hair, skin, nails, arteries, heart health, brain fog .. just lots of ways….PLEASE message again if you have any questions and please please feel free to find me on fb and send me a friends request if you want personal – free help 🙂 Here’s my facebook link and I’ll be more than glad to follow along with you … You can relieve the stress AND have a healthy head of hair again 🙂 Hope to hear back from you ….

      April 28, 2016

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